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Staxus: Raw Builders, Sc.4 (Mark Fontana, Mike Fontana)


Data Released: Aug 20, 2017 (Staxus: Raw Builders, Sc.4: Mark Fontana, Mike Fontana)

Pretty much everyone who knows him will tell you that Mark Fontana is a dirty-minded punk, who will take any opportunity that comes his way to get his cock out; but even so it still seems to come as something of a surprise to his pretty namesake, Mike Fontana, when the lad discovers Mark having a surreptitious wank in a quiet corner in the middle of the working day. Still, Mike’s attitude is promptly akin to accepting that if you can’t beat them then you might as well join them; and drawing up a plastic bucket to sit on, the lad pulls out his own aching knob and begins to enjoy some much-needed self- stimulation himself. …

MEN (Str8 to Gay): Daddy’s Secret, Part 1 (Johnny Rapid, Myles Landon)


Data Released: Aug 19, 2017 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Daddy’s Secret, Part 1: Johnny Rapid, Myles Landon)

By day, Myles Landon is the picture perfect father. That is until his son finds a picture of Johnny Rapid in his room. Unbothered with his son’s quest to uncover his dirty secret, Myles ravenously slams Johnny’s open hole with his thick veiny cock.


SeanCody: Kaleb, Lane: Bareback


Data Released: Aug 19, 2017 (SeanCody: Kaleb, Lane: Bareback)

Lane was trying to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the pool, but Kaleb, being the playful guy he is, cut that short by jumping in and crashing the party of one. Lane didn’t complain one bit, though… one look at Kaleb in a speedo and that was all it took to get on his knees and ready to please! “Play my butt like a drum!” Kaleb couldn’t wait to eat Lane’s ass, but was ready to go deeper, “This ass needs to get fucked… really hard!” That wouldn’t be the first time, nor will it be the last!


CorbinFisher: Jace Snowballs Baker (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 19, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Jace Snowballs Baker)

There’s nothing quite like splashing around in the pool with your buddies to get the blood pumping for Jace and Baker. Here, of course, innocent fun in the sun can’t ever stay that way – after only a few rounds of “an epic cockfight” in the pool with Quinn and Dane, swimming trunks come off and Jace and Baker start looking for an excuse to sneak back into the house together. …

CockyBoys: Frankie Valentine, Taylor Reign


Data Released: Aug 18, 2017 (CockyBoys: Frankie Valentine, Taylor Reign)

It’s time for the Camp CockyBoys Workout! Camp CB offers fun and recreation and for the fitness-minded there’s a jungle gym..which Taylor Reign converts into circuit training station for his daily workouts: “I’m always trying to do things that hit as many muscles as possible”. Frankie V gets up earlier than he’s accustomed to join Taylor, ostensibly for personal training but Taylor gets the message when Frankie reaches into his shorts. And Taylor is more than happy to have some fun before AND during their workout…however little there is of it. …

FalconStudios: Route 69 (Ryan Rose, Fane Roberts)


Data Released: Aug 18, 2017 (FalconStudios: Route 69 – Ryan Rose, Fane Roberts)

Dustin Holloway and Fane Roberts stop at a diner on ‘Route 69’ for a quick bite to eat but when Fane gets a look at the waiter, Ryan Rose, he knows there will be more on the menu than just his lunch. Dustin excuses himself to hit the bathroom and when he’s away, Ryan explodes a soda all over Fane, soaking his shirt and jeans. Embarrassed at his own clumsiness, Ryan helps Fane out of his shirt and starts cleaning him up by patting down his pants. …

DudesRaw: You Know What They Say! (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 17, 2017 (DudesRaw: You Know What They Say!)


DarkAlleyXT: Antonio Miracle Fucking Fabian (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 18, 2017 (DarkAlleyXT: Antonio Miracle Fucking Fabian)

Antonio Miracle takes great pleasure in breaking Dark Alley XT newcomer Fabian as he ploughs his thick dick into Fabian’s tight little asshole. Antonio makes a meal out of Fabian’s delicious ass (in every sense of the word) before forcing him to choke on his raw meat until they both can’t help but shoot their hot loads everywhere.


RawFuckClub: Cum Bucket Slut (Seth Knight, Alejandro Vez, Sean Knight) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 19, 2017 (RawFuckClub: Cum Bucket Slut: Seth Knight, Alejandro Vez, Sean Knight)

Hungry cock-sucker Sean Knight only takes dick two at a time To help feed his appetite, Alejandro Vez joins Seth Knight and both men feed Sean big cock before they take turns deep inside his ass and blow loads.


TimTales: Jake Cook, Damien Crosse (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 15, 2017 (TimTales: Jake Cook, Damien Crosse)

Raw fucking doesn’t get more intense than this! Timtales Exclusive Jake Cook is on fire. Damien Crosse and him are fucking (almost fighting) all around Tim’s place. It’s incredibly hot! I was just standing there with my camera trying to follow them. They just couldn’t stop raw fucking each other. Spitting, slapping, breeding in such intensity! I could barely focus.



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