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Staxus: Willing Courier, Sc.3: Pill-Popping Blond Gets His Arse Popped and Creamed By Hot Pal! (Casey Flip, Martin Rivers) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 10, 2017 ()

Having a boyfriend who’s a courier has its benefits – not least of all the fact that he can bring you all kinds of exciting things in his delivery sack at the end of his delivery round. Which is something that young newbie, Casey Flip, discovers when Martin Rivers drops in to present the fellow with a little surprise. …

WilliamHiggins: Nikola Donoval, Filip Sebek (RAW, FULL CONTACT) [4K Ultra HD]


Data Released: Aug 9, 2017 (WilliamHiggins: Nikola Donoval, Filip Sebek)

Nikola Donoval is relaxing on a nice summer’s day with a plate of fruit. He is soon joined by Filip Sebek and all thoughts of the fruit are forgetten as the two friends start kissing. Nikola is quickly sucking voraciously on Filip’s rock hard cock. He really works that cock well. Then he climbs over Filip so they can suck each other in a 69. Nikola wants more though and turns Filip over so that he can fucks his tight ass. …

TitanMen: Swap (Liam Knox, Steve Roman)


Data Released: Aug 9, 2017 (TitanMen: Swap – Liam Knox, Steve Roman)

Steve Roman hops in the shower-water cascading down every inch of his furry muscles. Beefy Liam Knox joins him for a kiss as their groins grind. He buries his face in Steve’s massive pecs, bicep and pit as the two grunt. Steve pins Liam against the wall and licks down to his jock ass, spreading his cheeks and diving his tongue inside. …

NextDoorRaw: Open House (Michael Del Ray, Jackson Traynor)


Data Released: Aug 9, 2017 (NextDoorRaw: Open House: Michael Del Ray, Jackson Traynor)

Just killing time on a lazy Saturday, Michael Del Ray and boyfriend Jackson Traynor stumble upon an open house showing at a gigantic house. With no real intention to buy, they show themselves around as the property manager tends to business in another room. Upon entering the kitchen, Michael gets a sneaky little idea in his head and convinces Jackson to go for it right there in the kitchen. …

ManRoyale: Mystery Man Gloryhole (Alex Mecum, Jeremy Spreadums)


Data Released: Aug 9, 2017 (ManRoyale: Mystery Man Gloryhole: Alex Mecum, Jeremy Spreadums)


JasonSparksLive: Tony Torres and Brogan Reed BAREBACK Flip Fuck in Syracuse


Data Released: Aug 9, 2017 (JasonSparksLive: Tony Torres and Brogan Reed BAREBACK Flip Fuck in Syracuse)

Extreme cuteness alert! New porn model find Tony Torres is just about as cute as they come. This sexy twink is about to embark on study abroad but before he heads off to Florence (totally jealous) he’s going to indulge in a flip flop fuck session with our mountain of muscle Brogan Reed. First Brogan rims Tony’s tight hole and then fucks him – but big dicked Tony turns the tables and fucks Brogan’s muscled mounds just as intensely.


GuyBone: Chip Young and Ryan Powers Flip Raw


Data Released: Aug 8, 2017 (GuyBone: Chip Young and Ryan Powers Flip Raw)

When I have a hottie like Ryan Powers in my possession for a couple weeks, I film as much as I possibly can with him, not only to beef up my scene stockpile, but also because there’s no guarantee when I’ll see him again. This is the case with him and Chip flip fucking bareback. I had to spread Ryan’s scenes out so they weren’t all released back to back and I’ve been so unbelievably eager to share this hot, raw romp with you! They were so fucking hot together, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!


CzechHunter 313 (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 9, 2017 (CzechHunter 313)

I was looking around a mall for teenagers but it was hard to find any. It’s summer so most of them were sleeping off hangover or working part-times. Then I spot two very young looking boys. Jakub and Andrej were classmates finishing high school next year, so freshly 18 years old. I offered them a lift in exchange for a little interview. …

CockyBoys: Camp CockyBoys (Colby Keller, Sean Ford)


Data Released: Aug 8, 2017 (CockyBoys: Camp CockyBoys: Colby Keller, Sean Ford)

Camp CockyBoys! It’s a new series that plays on the nickname for the Cocky Boys country home and which takes advantage of the biggest ever gathering of models for our 10th Anniversary Pool Party! Or as one veteran CockyBoy says “There’s a plethora of delectable creatures all walking around at any time”. It’s a seemingly endless, fun and joyful summer of swimming, canoeing, hiking, etc as well as quiet times getting to know one another. …

ChaosMen: Jerome, Soren: Serviced


Data Released: Aug 9, 2017 (ChaosMen: Jerome, Soren: Serviced)

For those wondering, I finally had two models that arrived with running shoes so we could do a video that would please fans of seeing guys have sex in their sneakers. I am sure some are bewildered, while others will say, “It’s about time!” While filming this, I didn’t realize Soren looked so nervous. But upon editing this video, I could see how anxious he was. Jerome is in his environment and he took charge. …


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