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MEN (Drill My Hole): Fire Island Fuckfest, Part 2 (Roman Todd, Tobias)


Data Released: Aug 5, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Fire Island Fuckfest, Part 2: Roman Todd, Tobias)

It’s summertime and the lads are heating up the coastline. Tobias puckers his hole for a strong pounding from Roman Todd’s dick. He humps his rod down to the hilt, setting Tobias’ desire for cum off the charts.


SeanCody: Daniel, Barron: Bareback


Data Released: Aug 5, 2017 (SeanCody: Daniel, Barron: Bareback)

After getting just a taste of Sean Cody on his first visit here, Barron came back wanting more…and who could blame him? Daniel was more than happy to show the new guy a good time, and after seeing each other for the first time, they skipped the formalities and went right to the sweaty fun! By the end of it all, Barron was drenched in cum, and Daniel marveled at his cum-covered bottom… “You fucken rocked it!”


CorbinFisher: Beau Gets Fucked (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 5, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Beau Gets Fucked)

Beau has been contemplating this moment for a while, and truly goes for it for his first bottom scene. He drives his mouth down and around Rocky’s huge cock and aims to get it as far down his throat as he can. All the while his cock points straight up – hard as a rock! Rocky wants him as horny as can be for what’s to come, so he puts Beau’s ass up in the air and flicks and plummets his tongue against his hole until Beau’s moans turn into whimpers. …

WilliamHiggins: Igor Galek, Peter Lipnik (Screen Test, RAW, FULL CONTACT) [4K Ultra HD]


Data Released: Aug 5, 2017 (WilliamHiggins: Igor Galek, Peter Lipnik)

Igor Galek’s Screentest see him joined by Peter Lipnik. They sit on the bed and chat for a while, to find out a little about Igor. Then Peter reaches and starts to feel Igor. He kisses him too. He opens Igor’s jeans and takes out his cock. Then Peter removes his tee shirt and begins wanking Igor’s cock. They keep up the kissing too. Peter kisses Igor’s chest and then starts to suck his cock as well. …

FalconStudios: Route 69 (Johnny V, Nate Stetson)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2017 (FalconStudios: Route 69: Johnny V, Nate Stetson)

Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway have been riding on fumes, luckily the happen upon and lone gas station in the middle of the desert on Route 66. The smoking hot gas attendant equipped with his very own 70s handle bar mustache, Nate Stetson offers to fill them up, the pair eagerly agree. When Nate notices that the car is running a little hot, he has the guys pop the hood where he and the mechanic, Johnny V, take a look at what’s wrong. After discovering that the dip stick is missing, Johnny drives the car into the garage where all the suggestive car talk gets Nate revved up. …

BrokeStraightBoys: Damien Nichols barebacks Justin Dean


Data Released: Aug 4, 2017 (BrokeStraightBoys: Damien Nichols barebacks Justin Dean)

Justin Dean takes charge as he and Damien Nichols start making out, Justin trails kisses down his chest and abs and takes Damien’s big cock out and wraps his lips around it. Damien watches as Justin gets him hard with that skilled tongue and then takes off his own pants to let Damien get a taste of his meat, too! …

BoyNapped: Using Tyler Makes Mickey Explode! (Tyler Underwood, Mickey Taylor)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2017 (BoyNapped: Using Tyler Makes Mickey Explode!: Tyler Underwood, Mickey Taylor)

Mickey arrived laden with cum and needing to get off so badly. He still took his time when he found Tyler blindfolded and tied down on the bed. The boy had no idea what was going on, but he could feel the ice, the chilled water over his body, the warmth of Mickey’s mouth. Finally Mickey can’t take it any more and uses the roped to lift the boy’s legs up, giving him perfect access to that hole. …

DebtDandy 203 (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2017 (DebtDandy 203)

This sweet boy had just turned 18. The day before he threw a wild birthday party. Apparently he had a great fun and so did his guests. He woke up with hangover and started cleaning up the apartment. At some point he realized that all his money was gone. One of his friends stole it! Our boy got 25 000 from his grandmother to buy his first car. …

JasonSparksLive: Cade Maddox and Spencer Daley Bareback in Cincinnati


Data Released: Aug 2, 2017 (JasonSparksLive: Cade Maddox and Spencer Daley Bareback in Cincinnati)

It’s an all American buffet of hotness this week when we introduce Cade Maddox to y’all and pair him up with sexy Spencer Daley. Both these guys are currently on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour and it’s a credit to the tour just how many new porn stars have been discovered and the two guys are definitely going to be names that everyone will know soon. The devour each other’s mouths as they kiss. …

BreedMeRaw: Hans Berlin, Michael Roman (Part 1) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 2, 2017 (BreedMeRaw: Hans Berlin, Michael Roman, Part 1)

Was the end of the week and Michael Roman was still a horny slut. He started texting his buds to see who wanted to come over and dump a load in his ass and his first bite was Hans Berlin. Hans walked in and there was Michael eagerly awaiting to get his face fucked and get that German cock hard for his slut ass. …


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