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MEN (Drill My Hole): It’s Cumming (Gabriel Clark, Mick Stallone)


Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): It’s Cumming: Gabriel Clark, Mick Stallone)

An asteroid is coming and earth is doomed! Mick can’t help but think about the one he let get away and so he uses what little time they have left to find him and fuck the shit out of him one last time.


MEN (Gods Of Men): Like A Song (Topher Di Maggio, Wesley Woods)


Data Released: Jan 25, 2017 (MEN (Gods Of Men): Like A Song: Topher Di Maggio, Wesley Woods)

Topher Di Maggio and Wesley Woods hit it off, suck it out, and pound it up.


SeanCody: Brysen, Cole: Bareback


Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (SeanCody: Brysen, Cole)

The passionate Brysen is back to fuck Cole’s tight ass! It seemed as though Brysen was in love, “He’s adorable though! What’s there not to like about him?” Cole blushed a little, but he knew Brysen just wanted to get into his pants and slide his big dick in that hole of his… Cole didn’t fully know what he was getting himself into, but he wasn’t complaining when he was left covered in Brysen’s cum and sweat by the end of it all…


CorbinFisher: Quinn Swallows Sebastian (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Quinn Swallows Sebastian)

If you want to see what makes the difference between hot and steaming – check out this video! Quinn and Sebastian aren’t having sex to get off here, they’re doing it to get closer to one another in this intimate and sexy encounter. 69-ing, Quinn and Sebastian smother their beautiful faces against each other, Sebastian focusing on Quinn’s dick and Quinn focusing on Sebastian’s hole. …

KristenBjorn: Casting Couch #364 (Aitor Crash, Donato Reyes)


Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (KristenBjorn: Casting Couch #364: Aitor Crash, Donato Reyes)

We recently discovered a Casting from 2012 which, for some unknown reason, was never posted! This is Donato Rey’s porn debut, shot before he made films with us (and others), and before he got the elephant tattoo above his cock.


HelixStudios: Huge Raw Talent (Nathan Reed, Corbin Colby) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (HelixStudios: Huge Raw Talent: Nathan Reed, Corbin Colby)

Corbin Colby is a spectacular gift to porn lovers everywhere, and his package ain’t bad either! The kids got the biggest, most beautiful dick in recent porn history. Nathan Reed in on his knees in no time reeking havoc on the hot studs huge hog. The twink devours the full course of cock, slurping and gagging along the way. …

TimFuck: Hans Berlin, Alex Killborn, Carlos Alexander (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (TimFuck: Hans Berlin, Alex Killborn, Carlos Alexander)

Welcome to the jungle. Predatory muscle hunks Carlos Alexander and Hans Berlin corner their quarry – twinkly cockslut Alex Killborn. The two men get their paws on Alex and don’t let go. They give this kid a proper working over, tossing…


ExtraBigDicks: Don’t Keep Me Waiting (Lex Ryan, Cameron Kincade)


Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (ExtraBigDicks: Don’t Keep Me Waiting: Lex Ryan, Cameron Kincade)

Lex Ryan is home in bed looking at porn on his phone stroking his big cock through his underwear when he decides to call Cameron Kincade. He has wanted to fuck Cameron for a while, but Cameron has been hesitant because of the size of Lex’s cock. He tells him he will be gentle and to get his ass over to his house right away. Cameron enters the bedroom and Lex already has his cock out and is stroking it. …

NextDoorBuddies: Cock Virgins (Jack Hunter, Jay Austin)


Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (NextDoorBuddies: Cock Virgins: Jack Hunter, Jay Austin)

While fellow swimming buddy Markie More helps himself to a sandwich, Jack Hunter aggressively tries to help himself to Jay Austin, jumping him and demanding a kiss. Jay responds, but Jack isn’t done with his frisky approach, asking Jay to suck him off. Jay’s certainly never engaged in such behavior but something about Jack’s cock entices him, so long as Markie doesn’t hear them downstairs. …

BiLatinMen: Sparks, Rome


Data Released: Jan 26, 2017 (BiLatinMen: Sparks, Rome)



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