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MEN (Gods Of Men): Warmed (Brandon Evans, Diego Sans)


Data Released: Dec 24, 2016 (MEN (Gods Of Men): Warmed: Brandon Evans, Diego Sans)

Diego Sans and Brandon Evans share an intimate moment, loving each other’s raging cocks and tight welcoming holes. It’s time to get down and dirty.


SeanCody: Brysen, Nixon: Bareback


Data Released: Dec 24, 2016 (SeanCody: Brysen, Nixon: Bareback)

Ever since Nixon came to us back in September, we knew we had to get that ass of his fucked at some point. Who better to do the deed than big-dicked Brysen, a newbie just like himself! Nixon was a little nervous, but after a nice hike in the great outdoors, he was ready to take some dick. Brysen tried to ease his mind, “I’ll be gentle…to start.” He smirked. This goes without saying, but Nixon enjoyed every inch of that dick!


CorbinFisher: Steven, Henry and Jace’s Cum Swap (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 24, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Steven, Henry and Jace’s Cum Swap)

Yesterday we got to see 2 guys and a girl go at it on this couch for a hot bisexual scene. Well the boys think that they can do better, so three horny CF studs take advantage of their three hard cocks, three hungry mouths, and each other’s willing holes! Rock hard Steven (both in body and in cock) bounces back and forth between Jace and Henry’s dicks. …

FuckerMate: Raw Milky XMas (Carlos Leao, Klein Kerr)


Data Released: Dec 23, 2016 (FuckerMate: Raw Milky XMas: Carlos Leao, Klein Kerr)

As children we all wanted to see Santa Claus close up and touch his long white beard while receiving a nice gift directly from his hands. But once we grow up, how do we imagine him? Our sexy Spanish stud Klein Kerr for example, would like to meet a nice black Santa Claus, with a long piece of meat between his legs, in place of the long white beard and to be his obedient reindeer! …

GayRoom (Shower Bait): Deck The Balls (Seth Santoro, Arad Winwin)


Data Released: Dec 23, 2016 (GayRoom (Shower Bait): Deck The Balls: Seth Santoro, Arad Winwin)

Arad Winwin sneaks and finds Seth Santoro lathering up after a romantic gift exchange.


MenAtPlay: The Stag (Denis Vega, Flex)


Data Released: Dec 24, 2016 (MenAtPlay: The Stag: Denis Vega, Flex)


HardKinks: Under Total Control (Evan Bull, Josh Milk, Robbie Rojo)


Data Released: Dec 24, 2016 (HardKinks: Under Total Control: Evan Bull, Josh Milk, Robbie Rojo)

A young photographer comes to take some pictures to two porn actors but ends up being assaulted by them. Robbie and Josh wants to play with their new slave and humiliate him without mercy. Tied up and unable to resist these two Alphas.


CockyBoys: The Stillest Hour, Part 2 (Colby Keller, Levi Karter, Will Wikle)


Data Released: Dec 23, 2016 (CockyBoys: The Stillest Hour, Part 2: Colby Keller, Levi Karter, Will Wikle)

Norman (Will Wikle) is a highly committed psychotherapist in New York City whose life, whether he knows it or not, has been reduced to a cyclical pattern of idealistic perfection and strict personal routines. His professionalism and obsessive habits are soon tested when one of his clients, a headstrong and independent artist (Colby Keller) details-through series of sexually provocative sessions-a budding relationship with an impressionable millennial (Levi Karter) who appears to be stalking him. …

ChaosMen: Ron, Sean Peyton: Serviced


Data Released: Dec 24, 2016 (ChaosMen: Ron, Sean Peyton: Serviced)

I love this Serviced video! At first blush, it is much like any video with a straight guy being serviced. Disclaimer, I just go with whatever sexuality they say they identify with. You and I both will form an opinion, but my guess is Ron has to be at least Bi. Ron was worried about this shoot, but once on set, he was super turned on. He glances around a fair bit as we are filming, distracted by me moving about, but not a glimpse at the straight porn playing for him. A couple of the glances were looking at me, and I believe he was worried he might cum too soon. …

BrokeStraightBoys: Ronan Kennedy Fucks Shawn Andrews Raw


Data Released: Dec 23, 2016 (BrokeStraightBoys: Ronan Kennedy Fucks Shawn Andrews Raw)

Shawn Andrews takes initiative with Ronan Kennedy, unzipping Ronan’s pants and freeing that huge cock as he wraps his soft lips around it and sucks it until it’s hard. After Shawn chokes on Ronan’s massive prick, he strokes it with his hand and makes that big dick even bigger before straddling Ronan and slowly easing that thick member into his tight ass. …


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