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MEN (Super Gay Hero): Star Wars 5: A Gay XXX Parody (Aspen, Wesley Woods)


Data Released: Dec 17, 2016 (MEN (Super Gay Hero): Star Wars 5: A Gay XXX Parody: Aspen, Wesley Woods)

In A Gaylaxy Far Far Away… Poe is captured and stripped bare by Kylo Ren. Poe may not have what Kylo is looking for… but he does have a hard cock and a tight ass. A ferocious fuck breaks out between these two enemies, each taking turns invading the other’s tight ass.


SeanCody: Hunter, Lane: Bareback


Data Released: Dec 17, 2016 (SeanCody: Hunter, Lane: Bareback)

Lane was automatically drawn to the vibe Hunter was giving off, and Hunter was really digging Lane’s tattoo, so we knew that this was a good match…all it takes is that one thing. They both ran with it, and Hunter started off by eating Lane’s cute little ass and then sticking his dick in that tight hole, hitting all the right spots. Hunter has a dirty side, so combining that with Lane’s wild nature, you get a cum-filled, cum-licking, cum-swapping fuck session!


CorbinFisher: Jayden and Ellis Fuck (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 17, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Jayden and Ellis Fuck)

It’s been fun watching Jayden come out of his shell. It’s been even better that it’s been with some CF’s hottest studs! Ellis finds himself on the receiving end of Jayden’s big dick, and both guys could not be happier with that arrangement. Ellis, in particular, seems to completely crave getting Jayden’s dick inside him. Both guys are insatiable fiends the moment it starts, with Jayden and Ellis both commenting on how amazing each other feel. Jayden and Ellis fuck all over the bed, challenging each other to take it deeper, fuck harder, and get kinkier. Eventually the guys have to shoot their loads, and as hot as Ellis’s abs look on a daily basis – they look even better smeared in cum!

TimTales: Tim Kruger, Ken Summers (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 15, 2016 (TimTales: Tim Kruger, Ken Summers)

It’s storming here in Barcelona. There is thunder outside…and inside! Tim Kruger shows Ken Summers his dark side. He takes possession of his hole like no one before. He fucks him deep all over the dining table and living room. Check out for Ken riding that massive cock. That little guy knows how to take cocks!


HardKinks: Christmas Feet Slave (Angel Cruz, Jean Favre)


Data Released: Dec 16, 2016 (HardKinks: Christmas Feet Slave: Angel Cruz, Jean Favre)

Christmas is coming and Angel wants a dog slave who sucks his sweaty feet and to fuck him without care. Wish fulfilled, this year we have given Jean as a present to do with him what he’ll want.


FuckerMate: The Raw Biker (Zander Craze, Ken Summers)


Data Released: Dec 16, 2016 (FuckerMate: The Raw Biker: Zander Craze, Ken Summers)

This week we bring you a second release with our new mate Zander Craze and power bottom Ken Summers. We caught them on the street, right after Ken, riding his bicycle in hot and sexy sporty clothes, came across Zander, talking on the phone. Our Italian newcomer Zander doesn’t waste time eating and fingering Ken’s ass for his pleasure and Ken answers obeying his man. You can’t miss how those guys enjoy each other with a hot passionate fucking!


ColbyKnox: Feels Good To Give (Chandler Mason, Mickey Knox)


Data Released: Dec 16, 2016 (ColbyKnox: Feels Good To Give: Chandler Mason, Mickey Knox)


BrokeStraightBoys: Tanner Valentino and Ronan Kennedy Flip Fuck


Data Released: Dec 16, 2016 (BrokeStraightBoys: Tanner Valentino and Ronan Kennedy Flip Fuck)

Even though the scene between Tanner Valentino and Ronan Kennedy is a condom scene, these guys are still hot as fuck and ready to get it on. They spend some time making out, kissing each other until Ronan reaches for Tanner’s cock and frees it from his boxers, handling that huge dick and then letting Tanner unleash Ronan’s prick next before they get into some oral. They suck each other’s massive cocks, making those dicks grow even bigger as they struggle to fit them down their throat. …

WilliamHiggins: Filip Vacek, Bened Faust (RAW, CZECH UP)


Data Released: Dec 17, 2016 (WilliamHiggins: Filip Vacek, Bened Faust)


UKHotJocks: Anthony Naylor, Matt Anders


Data Released: Dec 16, 2016 (UKHotJocks: Anthony Naylor, Matt Anders)

Cottaging or cruising mens toilets is as old of a British tradition as afternoon tea, bank holidays or steak and kidney pie! Sometimes there is no other reason to visit the loo than to go scouring for some cock! Occasionally a mens room gets a reputation for cruising, hence the ‘cottage’. Fresh faced and eager Jock boy Anthony Naylor has been here before, he walks in tentatively, systematically checking each stall on his way to the urinal, no opportunity missed, he is alone, so he parks up in a prime spot and waits for for whomever might troll through the door and join him. …


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