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MEN (Drill My Hole): Sometime Bottom (Adam Bryant, Topher Di Maggio)


Data Released: Dec 6, 2016 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Sometime Bottom: Adam Bryant, Topher Di Maggio)

Adam Bryant has only ever bottomed once, and is nervous about his second time. He hires Topher DiMaggio to work his hole, taking the time to open him up before taking his ass and pumping it full of his cock.


CorbinFisher: Scott Gets Some Ass Brayden (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 6, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Scott Gets Some Ass Brayden)

Scott gets some ass! And its Brayden’s ass! Perhaps “Scott gets some ass” doesn’t describe the action here so much as “Scott takes some ass,” because he’s really intent on getting that hot dick of his deep inside Brayden from the second the cameras started rolling. We’ve seen, I think, a new level and degree of enthusiasm in Scott as of late and it’s resulted in his being at the center of some incredibly hot action. This video is no exception – he’s passionate and intense and Brayden is right there with him every step of the way! They kiss, they suck, they fuck, and then they keep on fucking some more until Brayden feeds Scott his load and takes Scott’s all over his ass!


HelixStudios: Breakin’ In, Scene Three (Lukas Grande, Zach Taylor) (Bareback) [4K Ultra HD]


Data Released: Dec 6, 2016 (HelixStudios: Breakin’ In, Scene Three: Lukas Grande, Zach Taylor)

The cock crazed criminals are back for more! More booty that is! Tattooed super hunk Lucas Grande makes excuses to get adorable cutie Zach Taylor alone. Once the bedroom door closes Zach is on his knees worshipping Grande’s grand cock and giving some loving attention to his beautiful balls. Lucas gets Zach on all fours and goes to town on his tight ass! Spanking, sucking and kissing the cutie’s crevice. Once his belly is full, Lucas lays it down; lavishing twinkie Taylor with long hard, bare back strokes! …

RandyBlue: Brick Moorewood, Anthony Bond (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 6, 2016 (RandyBlue: Brick Moorewood, Anthony Bond)

Anthony Relationship and Packet Moorewood are simply visitors who achieved on the black staircase. Occasionally the very best intercourse is between two visitors. One sleek and slim. One prominent and big beefy. Together these attractive Pounds spark the bed room up. Anthony can’t get rsquo & Packet;s garments off quickly enough. He really wants to observe this beautiful guy difficult and completely bare. …

PrideStudios: Pay Up Or Else (Toby Springs, Dustin Steele)


Data Released: Dec 6, 2016 (PrideStudios: Pay Up Or Else: Toby Springs, Dustin Steele)

We observe Dustin resting in a table in a candle lit factory, smoking a smoke and counting cash. A telephone call is made by him to somebody who owes cash to him and centered on his tone we all know this may be guy’s kind that you don’t wish to fuck with. As he moves about checking the different levels of cash he’s gathered, a carrier of money starts and gets really annoyed to find out a lot of simple dollar costs. …

TwinksInShorts: Massage (Shane Hirch, Nick Vargas) (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 6, 2016 (TwinksInShorts: Massage: Shane Hirch, Nick Vargas)

If you should be a hostess, individuals arrived at you to create them feel much better. In the course of time, nevertheless, the main one providing the massage will require one herself. What would you? If you should be attractive hottie Nick Vargas, you look for dark-haired barter and beefy piece Shane Hirch. Shane wastes very little time obtaining his fingers slick with gas, operating the painful muscles of Nick. …

BiLatinMen: Max and $


Data Released: Dec 5, 2016 (BiLatinMen: Max and $)



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