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MEN (Str8 to Gay): Did I Just Do That? (Dennis West, Lucky Daniels)


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Did I Just Do That?: Dennis West, Lucky Daniels)

Dennis West is surprised to learn what he did last night…. Rather WHO he did last night: Lucky Daniels.


CorbinFisher: Tanner Cums In Cameron (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Tanner Cums In Cameron)

Tanner’s a hot Southern stud that loves to have sex and we (and Cameron) are stoked to have him get into some action here. Tanner’s got such an incredible, rock-solid body and a thick, juicy cock. Cameron has one of the best bubble butts in history and ripped abs just begging for cum on them. Tanner and Cameron make out on the floor and that gets them so turned on, Cameron has to hop on and ride Tanner’s dick. Tanner and Cameron fuck hard, with Tanner kissing Cameron every chance he gets. Cameron shoots all over his abs and chest and Tanner blasts his load deep inside Cameron’s ass.


UKNakedMen: Jack Green, Mickey Taylor


Data Released: Nov 21, 2016 (UKNakedMen: Jack Green, Mickey Taylor)

Hotter than Hades, our new set is christened by stunning, real-life boyfriends Mickey Taylor and Jack Green. You’ve seen Jack taking a dick like pro and Mickey’s no slouch in the fuck-department, so we put them together with those extra layers of kink – luv, chemistry and passion, twisted! Mickey and Jack get straight down to some seriously hot face sucking, dick licking and arse eating, and of course they’re deliciously uncircumcised. …

RandyBlue: Rick Jonas, Billy Rock (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (RandyBlue: Rick Jonas, Billy Rock)

Rick Jonas is looking out the window. Billy Rock comes up behind him and starts to rub up against him. Rick turns around and they start to make out. Billy is tall and stands over Rick as he wraps his arms around him while they kiss. Then they start to remove each other’s shirts. Each reveal perfectly muscled bodies. Billy is ripped with no body fat. And Rick has hot and bulging pecs and biceps. Soon they get totally naked and their dicks get hard. Billy goes down to blow Rick first. …

LatinBoyz: Katracho, Jesse


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (LatinBoyz: Katracho, Jesse)

LBZ model Katracho called us last week saying he met a cute 18 year old at his gym that was interested in modeling for us so he brought him over. He’s cute and and has a really nice body but he was super nervous during his photo shoot and asked for some ‘help’ from Katracho getting hard. We’re not sure what kind of help he expected but he ended up getting fucked nice and hard, and in the end what was supposed to be a solo photo shoot ended up being a hot Amateur Action scene.

HotBoys: Emmanuell, Part 2 (Italo, Gustavo Lyra) (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (HotBoys: Emmanuell, Part 2: Italo, Gustavo Lyra)


Helixstudios: Show Off (Justin Owen, Sean Ford) (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (Helixstudios: Show Off: Justin Owen, Sean Ford)

If you’re going to make an ass-play video, it HAS to be done with a spectacular ass. Sean Ford looks like he was created in a lab by a gay scientist obsessed with perfection. With his flawless caramel complexion thats probably never ever had a blemish of any kind, complemented by his naturally red full lips and an ass so smooth and round he truly is the epitome of perfection. We’ve sent hunky Justin Owen in to absolutely WRECK Sean’s hole in the HOTTEST ways imaginable. …

DirtyScout 57 (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (DirtyScout 57)

This one was simply perfect on every level. Gorgeous, nice, well-spoken and mannered, he almost made me feel nervous. As soon as we started talking about his job experience, my hopes started to fade. He returned from Belgium recently where he used to have a pretty good job. I couldn’t expect to meet his salary, not to mention the fee would hardly be a problem for him. And then he admitted being bisexual. …

ChaosMen: Braden, Ledger: RAW


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (ChaosMen: Braden, Ledger: RAW)

Braden emailed me and reminded me that he was a great Power Bottom and that he was eager to get fucked on film. With Ledger showing some great topping skills, I figured he would be perfect for Braden. Braden is great at sucking dick and he starts by servicing Ledger. Ledger sits back and lets him have total access to his cock. Ledger returns the favor, showing more and more skill at sucking another dude’s dick. …

TwinksInShorts: Trent Tarzan, Tom Uli (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (TwinksInShorts: Trent Tarzan, Tom Uli)



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