CockyBoys: Cory Kane, Kris Karr


Data Released: Oct 20, 2016 (CockyBoys: Cory Kane, Kris Karr)

Kris Karr and Cory Kane have been flirting on Twitter for a few weeks and the sparks are about to start a fire. Kris saw the scene Cory did with Ricky a while back and all he could think about when he saw the scene was “Who is that guy with that big uncut cock?” He immediately contacted Cory and asked him if he would let him “fill him up” to which Cory of course replied with “I would gladly do that!” and since then it’s been non stop flirting and sexting. Finally, the day has come for the guys to meet in beautiful Montreal and explore not just the city but their bodies too. …

Kris is very nervous about how the day is going to go because he wants it to be perfect and he admits that he feels it’s all happening because he decided to take that first step and send that message to Cory so he’s now also taking control and being the dominant top for the day. First, the boys go out and rent a couple of bikes to ride around town for a bit and enjoy each other’s company. But it turns out Kris is not that great of a bike rider so he suggests they go back to their place and try a different kind of fun activity, one that doesn’t require them wearing any clothes. Once they’re back at the apartment, the guys waste no time at all. Kris unbuttons his jeans and his cock lands right onto Cory’s face who is already waiting eagerly with his mouth open to get a taste of Kris’ big cock. As Cory begins to suck on Kris’ 8 inch monster, Kris also unbuttons Cory’s pants so he can grab that big uncut cock he’s been dreaming of for weeks now. But Cory is hungry and wants to get fucked pronto so he turns around to show Kris his ass. When Kris sees Cory’s hairy ass he dives in with his tongue and gets to work. He opens up Cory’s tight hole with his mouth and makes sure it’s wet and ready for his big cock. After some more sucking and rimming, Cory is ready to mount his little ass on top of Kris’ big cock and slide himself right down on it. As he bounces up and down his rock hard cock hits his abs as he’s unable to hide his pleasure any more. But Kris is still in dom top mode so he bends Kris over and starts plowing him from behind doggy style. For the grand finale, Kris puts Cory on his back so he can jerk him off to completion while also plowing his brains out at the same time. Unable to hold it in anymore, Cory shoots a massive load all over his chest which makes Kris shoot his load all over Cory as well. After a bike ride and a rough afternoon fuck, the boys are finally exhausted as they lay in bed covered in cum and sweat. Those few weeks were sure worth the wait!




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