GuyBone: Dustin Cross tops Shane Rook Raw


Data Released: Oct 11, 2016 (GuyBone: Dustin Cross tops Shane Rook Raw)

Hairy hottie Dustin wowed viewers with his debut scene topping Lance, so it only makes sense you’d all be clamoring for more. Here he is, topping Shane bareback in his second sexy scene. The two guys had heard about each other through mutual bud Lance Bennett, and both had filmed their own scenes with him already. Suppose it was only a matter of time until Dustin and Shane got together. And get together they did! Lance had excited them about each other so well, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. …

That’s more fuck for your buck! Starting in jeans and bare feet, the guys made out and tussled around the bed. Hands roamed and bulges swelled inside their denim barriers. Shane urged Dustin to remove his shirt and all that glorious fur came spilling out. Shane tossed his own shirt aside to reveal his very sexy ink and nipple piercings. He helped Dustin out of his jeans, instantly moving his mouth down to the furry fellow’s underwear. He nibbled on his throbbing package through the fabric. Then it was off with his own jeans, showing off the hot jockstrap beneath. Dustin’s fat uncut cock was free before I knew it and Shane had climbed on top of his costar to suck that swelling shaft. Dustin moaned, as he should, when that skinny punk swallowed his junk. Shane’s bearded mug and stretched lobes looked bro as hell as he gulped down Dustin’s rod. Creating the same big brother, little brother vibe he had with Lance, Dustin eagerly put Shane’s enormous erection between his lips and sucked. Those nice, big balls loose and dangling over the waistband of Shane’s jock got me very invested in the scene. Soon, they were both completely naked, totally hard, and horny for each other…




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