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MEN (Drill My Hole): Call Me Daddy (Dennis West, Leo Sweetwood)


Data Released: Oct 10, 2016 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Call Me Daddy: Dennis West, Leo Sweetwood)

Dennis West is on the hunt for someone young, dumb, and full of cum. Leo Sweetwood is just the guy to fulfill his desires. Once both men are primed with a blow-job and a rim-job, Dennis fucks that tight young ass with his pulsing cock. He fills Leo with pleasurable pumps until both shower their cum onto each other.


MEN (The Gay Office): Business Trip (Diego Sans, Seth Stark)


Data Released: Oct 9, 2016 (MEN (The Gay Office): Business Trip: Diego Sans, Seth Stark)

Diego Sans has just enough time between conferences to fuck his boy Seth Stark, who was eagerly awaiting his return.


MEN (Drill My Hole): Pop Star: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 2 (Johnny Rapid, Wesley Woods)


Data Released: Oct 8, 2016 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Pop Star: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 2: Johnny Rapid, Wesley Woods)

Johnny swings by in his Lamborghini and picks up Wesley Woods for some discrete fun. Ready to get right down to business, Johnny commands Wesley to suck his dick while he primes that hot juicy ass. A hot finger fuck later and Johnny is ready to pump Wesley’s tight ass full of cock.


SeanCody: Nixon, Sean: Bareback


Data Released: Oct 8, 2016 (SeanCody: Nixon, Sean)

Newbie Nixon just can’t get enough, so he’s back for some more ass! Sean has a bit of a crush on the muscle stud. He likes everything about him, especially “his core and his arms”, and as they were throwing the football around, Sean just enjoyed the view of the hottie in front of him. “I wanna throw it to him, but I just wanna see him standing there…” Sean couldn’t wait to take Nixon on in the bedroom, and begged for more as Nixon gave him exactly that, and then some…ending with a nice facial. Nixon is definitely a keeper!


CorbinFisher: Nash and Matt Tag Harper (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 8, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Nash and Matt Tag Harper)

Whether he’s topping or bottoming, Harper is aggressive and can handle whatever kinky fantasy we throw at him. Well today we’re throwing two big, hard dicks for him to suck and take up his ass. Nash and Matt don’t hold back either. They take turns using his mouth and ass, splitting him open and pressing down on him relentless until he blows – but it’s not just Harper that’s put to work. …

LucasEntertainment: Brandon Wilde’s Bareback Premiere With Dylan James


Data Released: Oct 10, 2016 (LucasEntertainment: Brandon Wilde’s Bareback Premiere With Dylan James)

Don’t be fooled by Brandon Wilde’s sweet, boy-next-door face. He might look like an adorable all-American guy, but behind that face he’s a sex-hungry porn star skilled at servicing dick. For Brandon’s bareback sex premiere, he plays out a fantasy of working in an office with a tall, strong, and dominant boss that uses his body after hours. Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Dylan James is more than happy to play out Brandon Wilde’s fantasy. …

DirtyScout 51 (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 10, 2016 (DirtyScout 51)

This had to be the shiest boy I have ever met in my office. At the first sight he looked very poor. To my surprise he didn’t complain, he lived in a small apartment in Prague and was happy with what he had. I think his main problem was the lack of ambition. His salary demands were very low, he didn’t think ahead at all. I had no idea how he could get by. Judging by what he said to me, he was from a bit dysfunctional family, which probably was the cause of his behavior. His shyness started to be annoying so I shifted our conversation to more interesting topic. He was very young and frightened, perhaps that was why he was willing to do all my favorite things for such a low price. And I couldn’t wait to see this cutie swallow my hot cum.


AlphaMales: Butch Hairy Ballbusters (Carlo Cox, Butch Grand)


Data Released: Oct 10, 2016 (AlphaMales: Butch Hairy Ballbusters: Carlo Cox, Butch Grand)

This is a real ball buster! Having been sent back to prison, surrounded by testosterone-driven men, Carlo Cox gets down and dirty with a hairy prison guard – Butch Grand – whilst we’re also treated to the governor fucking himself with a dildo before a great spunking on his desk. Back in the shower room, Carlo delves deep inside his hole and he can’t get enough of his hairy body, licking it up and down without coming up for breath. This is a fucking great end to a film bound to get you so hard you’ll think your knob will never go down!

ActiveDuty: Chase, Jason (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 9, 2016 (ActiveDuty: Chase, Jason)

If ya want sexy, this is it! There’s so much chemistry between Chase and Jason, I’m not surprised this one ended with a couple serious explosions. This time, Chase is the one taking a pounding! Jason was thrilled to find this out and it shows. This was Chase’s very first time being fucked in the ass and we’re overjoyed he chose to do it here with us.Once they got good ‘n’ goin’, Jason leaned right on over and took Chase’s fat dong between his lips and went right into some nice bobbin’ and suckin.’ …

MormonBoyz: Elder Ence, The New Name (with President Nelson) (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 9, 2016 (MormonBoyz: Elder Ence, The New Name with President Nelson)

Coated in sweat and oil, Elder Ence lays on the table staring up at President Nelson’s large, chiseled frame. The imposing man’s throbbing ten inches lies just out of reach of his tongue and the boy arches his neck to get a lick. The brethren summoned Ence here early this morning for his Second Anointing. When he received the note in his missionary apartment, instructing him to return to The Temple, his heart began to beat faster. He loved fucking other boys. But the knowledge that he would once again be handled and controlled by the powerful older men of The Order excited him in ways hard to describe. …


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