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MEN (Drill My Hole): Peepers, Part 3 (Michael DelRay, Phenix Saint)


Data Released: Sep 22, 2016 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Peepers, Part 3: Michael DelRay, Phenix Saint)

Phenix Saint can’t help but fantasize about Michael Del Ray but it isn’t long before the fantasy becomes reality. Once caught jacking off in his closet, Phenix makes the move to get Michael’s mouth on his cock. What starts as a quick BJ turns into an ass-pumping good time.


SeanCody: Brandon, Kristian: Bareback


Data Released: Sep 22, 2016 (SeanCody: Brandon, Kristian)

Remember Kristian? That cutie from a year ago? Well, he’s back for his first sex scene with the one and only Brandon! These two studs got along really well, it seemed as though they’ve been buddies for a long time. They couldn’t stop making jokes and just fooling around in general, until it came down to business… Getting along outside of the sack is one thing, but having sexual chemistry is another…and man, do they ever! Kristian enjoyed every second of Brandon’s cock inside of him, and was left with a huge smile on his face after Brandon blew his loads all over him!


CorbinFisher: Dane and Ellis Fuck (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 22, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Dane and Ellis Fuck)

Check out Dane and Ellis as they get together and have some fun.


Staxus: Raw Rodeo, Sc.1 (Angel Lopez, Zac Drogba) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 22, 2016 (Staxus: Raw Rodeo, Sc.1: Angel Lopez, Zac Drogba)

We’ve a very sneaking suspicion that a very healthy proportion of our fans are gonna be half in love with new boy, Zac Drogba, by the time he’s finished giving his boots a good polish at the start of this horned-up escapade – even though, let’s be honest, most of us would probably prefer him to be polishing a rather intimate part of his anatomy instead! …

RawFuckClub: Big Sex Club Orgy, Part 2 (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 21, 2016 (RawFuckClub: Big Sex Club Orgy, Part 2)

Cast: Alessio Romero, Matt Stevens, Brian Bonds, Jon Galt, Sean Duran, Fernando Esteban, Vic Rocco, Trey Turner.
The orgy continues as the 8 hot fuckers pound each other’s holes with huge raw cock. Brian Bonds gets his slutty ass in the sling for the gang bang of his life and ends up with loads dripping from his wrecked hole.


NextDoorBuddies: I’m Getting Married (Roman Todd, Jake Davis)


Data Released: Sep 22, 2016 (NextDoorBuddies: I’m Getting Married: Roman Todd, Jake Davis)

With a knock on the door, teacher Jake Davis is suddenly confronted with a blast from his not so distant past. As Roman Todd stands in his doorway, a flood of memories comes back to Jake. After some meaningless small talk, Jake grills Roman about the purpose of his visit, and Roman shocks Jake with a wedding invitation. As Jake reads it, he shakes his head, barely able to process the reality in front of him. He asks Roman what this means for the two of them, and Roman tells him it’s over and can’t happen anymore. Jake takes Roman by the hand and tells him he’d like to send him off one final time. …

HotHouse: The Trainer (Sebastian Kross, Jonah Fontana)


Data Released: Sep 22, 2016 (HotHouse: The Trainer: Sebastian Kross, Jonah Fontana)

After a great workout, trainer Sebastian Kross stretches out his client, Jonah Fontana, focusing on his tight glutes and hamstrings. Their cocks bulge inside their gym shorts. Running his hand along Jonah’s ass, Sebastian works to relieve all of the tightness and stress in Jonah’s bulging muscles. In preparation for a massage, Jonah removes his workout gear and lays out on the bodywork table. Sebastian oils up Jonah’s shoulders and works the knots out of Jonah’s back. As he works his way down Jonah’s body, Sebastian removes his shirt. When Sebastian starts working Jonah’s bubble butt, Jonah reaches a hand out and touches Sebastian’s bulging cock. …

HelixStudios: Guitar Hero (Tyler Hill, Colton James)


Data Released: Sep 22, 2016 (HelixStudios: Guitar Hero: Tyler Hill, Colton James)

Strolling through the park the adorable Tyler Hill sees sexy new comer Colton James strumming the guitar. Everyone knows guitarists are like the Pied Piper for cock so naturally Tyler goes right up and starts chatting with the stud. Of course Tylers thinking “If this guy can play the guitar this great imagine what he could do to MY axe!” Once the boys get back to the apartment Colton’s magical hands get to work on Tyler’s beautiful bronze body! Showing off his own musical talent, Tyler plays a little skin flute on Colton’s massive member. …

ExtraBigDicks: Uniform Exposure (Sasha Alexander, Mike Maverick)


Data Released: Sep 22, 2016 (ExtraBigDicks: Uniform Exposure: Sasha Alexander, Mike Maverick)

Sasha is at work putting a few things away when it happens again with his pants. His pants keep rubbing against his cock making it hard and he starts to rub himself while nobody is in the room. While he’s getting himself nice and hard Mike comes walking in which startles Sasha. Mike doesn’t think anything about it until he brushes up against Sasha by accident and feels something hard and pointy. Sasha apologizes for it but now Mike wants to see it. Sasha pulls out his big hard cock and Mike gets on his knees to service it. …

BrokeStraightBoys: Dakota Ford And Oliver Saxon Raw


Data Released: Sep 21, 2016 (BrokeStraightBoys: Dakota Ford And Oliver Saxon Raw)

Dakota Ford has been gone for a while, but he’s making his first appearance back in the studio with newbie Oliver Saxon. Oliver admits that he’s a little nervous, but Dakota comforts him and they get their scene started, kissing a little before Oliver works his way down to Dakota’s huge cock. Oliver takes Dakota’s dick out and sucks that long shaft, sucking the balls and letting Dakota facefuck him before getting some oral of his own next. …


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