BaitBuddies: Jason Barr, Anthony Jones


Data Released: Sep 15, 2016 (BaitBuddies: Jason Barr, Anthony Jones)

Jason Barr returns as this week’s bait. You may notice that he’s changed his appearance a little by growing some facial hair which looks great on him! Jason is a champ and he loves nothing more than men in general but a hair man with a big cock is his optimal choice! We bring in Anthony and introduce him to Jason. Anthony was born in Texas but raised in Alabama so he has a little southern in him. Anthony says he’s here to do porn because after dancing in clubs in his underwear, he was told by several people that he would be great for porn. …

Caruso asks him what he thought about dancing in front of guys and if he was bothered when they touched him. His reply was “No, because I always went home and took a hot shower at the end of the night!” Jason couldn’t help but to laugh! Anthony says he loves boobs and loves motor boating! Unfortunately for him, he won’t be getting any boobs to motorboat today! Caruso has both guys stand up and strip down. Both have big bubble butts as well as big uncut cocks! It isn’t long before it becomes quite apparent why Anthony was made for porn. This guy is sporting a really fat 9 inch cock that will make your mouth water! Jason can’t keep his eyes off of it! Caruso breaks the bad news that the girl can’t make it so the only option to make money today would be to have sex with each other. After a little hesitation, Anthony agrees to give it a try. Jason reaches over and grabs on to Anthony’s thick cock and starts stroking. The thought of messing with a guy starts to get to Anthony and his cock goes soft. Jason leans over and starts sucking on it. It’s just a matter of seconds until he’s hard as a rock again! After some kissing and cock play it was time to move on to some fucking. We were anxious to see if Anthony’s cock would even fit in Jason’s tight hole. Anthony pushed and pushed into he worked it all the way in and started to fuck Jason. Again the nerves got to Anthony and he went soft. He decided he couldn’t continue to fuck a dude but he could jack off with him. Anthony pulls out and both guys start jacking until they both shoot 2 huge hot loads!




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