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Staxus: Cum Harvest, Sc.2 (Clyde Walton, Lukas Drake, Mike Branco, Ray Mannix) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 11, 2016 (Staxus: Clyde Walton, Lukas Drake, Mike Branco, Ray Mannix)

Outdoor Cock-Action For Solo Twink & His Three Spunky Mates!
The bees are buzzing, the butterflies are fluttering – and young Lucas Drake is out on a nature walk, enjoying the delights of the Czech countryside. Like most boys his age, however, it’s the joys that his ever-attentive cock gives him that concentrates his senses most keenly – as eagerly demonstrated when he sits back in the great outdoors and fantasises about what it would be like to get a very oily massage from three very eager helping hands! …

MEN (Drill My Hole): Stepdick, Part 2 (Dirk Caber, Vincent Diaz)


Data Released: Sep 10, 2016 (MEN: Dirk Caber, Vincent Diaz)

Vincent wakes up horny as fuck, and wants nothing more than to have Dalton Briggs help relieve him of his morning wood. Unsuccessful in waking Dalton from his slumber, Vincent takes matters into his own hands. He’s in for quite the surprise when Dalton’s stepdad Dirk hops into the bottom bunk with him for some discrete fun while Dalton snoozes up top.


MEN (Str8 to Gay): His Royal Highness, Part 1 (Connor Maguire, Wesley Woods)


Data Released: Sep 9, 2016 (MEN: Connor Maguire, Wesley Woods)

The Prince has made it to Sin City, and it is time for a royal fuck. Captain Wales wastes no time hooking up with his security guard after he gets his best mate out of the hotel room to scope out the party scene. Harry mounts up and plows Wesley Wood’s tight pink hole with his royal cock to completion.


SeanCody: Shaw, Daniel: Bareback


Data Released: Sep 10, 2016 (SeanCody: Shaw, Daniel)

A bouncing ball and sweaty shirtless men? Count me in! Clearly, Shaw and Daniel hit it off right from the get-go. Playing basketball was a great way to start the day, seeing as how sweat and bouncing balls is all they needed to get them all horned up! With Daniel saying “You want some of this?” and Shaw responding eagerly “Yeah, let’s fucking do this!”, we knew this was going to be a hot fuck session. Daniel’s wild side is exactly what Shaw needed to let loose and enjoy the ride… I think it’s safe to say that both Shaw and Daniel were left wanting more while being surrounded by so much cum!


CorbinFisher: Sebastian Tops Jayden (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 10, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Sebastian Tops Jayden)

It wasn’t until this scene that I noticed that Jayden and Sebastian could be brothers. When they’re kissing for a moment I lost track of who was who. Then again, I was a bit distracted from how into it they are. Kissing that passionately gets Jayden rock hard and Sebastian is there ready to take care of the hard-on for him. Sebastian has fun playing and pulling on Jayden’s uncut cock which leaves Jayden breathing heavily, doing all he can not cum right there and then! …

MenAtPlay: Bullfighter (Denis Vega, Jessy Ares)


Denis Vega returns to MENATPLAY this week, however this time he also takes over the director’s chair for a special feature. Denis reprises his roll as the famous bullfighter Manuel Vega, but despite being a national sex symbol, Manuel hides a secret. And everyone wants to know what that secret is, including celebrity reporter Jessy Ares – and weakened by the handsome interviewer’s aura Manuel gives him exactly what he wants. Jessy strips the matador from his sexy costume like he’s stripping away his cover, and the usually domineering xxx becomes the sub in a deep ass-pounding that has his moaning with pleasure. And free from all pretence Vega finally gets to see what hard and passionate man-on-man sex really feels like. Oh and BTW no animals (or men) were hurt in the making of this scene.

BulldogPIT: The Pet (Johannes Lars, Matthew Anders) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 9, 2016 (BulldogPIT: Johannes Lars, Matthew Anders)

Leather-clad daddy Matthew Anders loves his new toy, and his new toy loves him. Caged and chained, pet-boy Johannes Lars is at the service of his master, and is on his knees ready to do as he’s told like any good slave should. Pushing his thick uncut dick through the bars, Johannes laps at the shaft like sucking on a lollipop. Devouring as much as he can through the strong metal struts. After playing with his smooth pink hole, lubing it up with spit and tasting his boys long thick dick, bearded Matt wants more from his boy and leads him out of the cage and still bent inside, slides his raw dick deep inside the milky-white boy, pulling on his chain collar as he gets him to back up onto him, proving what a cock-hungry pet he really is to his master. …

UKHotJocks: AGGRO: French Oppression (Teddy Torres, Gabriel Phoenix)


Data Released: Sep 10, 2016 (UKHotJocks: AGGRO: Teddy Torres, Gabriel Phoenix)

French lad, hot n’ hairy newcomer Teddy Torres takes no prisoners. A sensual but hard and firm lover, he walks into the AGGRO pit with a clam demeanour. Gabriel Phoenix is an excitable and very willing sub, eager to please. The sub/Dom relationship between the two is palpable, burning hot with passion and intensity. Starting slowly and squaring up, Teddy immediately takes the lead, grabbing Gabriel’s face and spitting in his mouth, it sets a precedent for the action about to come. …

GayRoom: Dicked Down and Dirty (Darin Silvers, Griffin Barrows)


Data Released: Sep 10, 2016 (GayRoom: Darin Silvers, Griffin Barrows)


RealityDudes (Str8 Chaser): Rocke


Data Released: Sep 9, 2016 (RealityDudes (Str8 Chaser): Rocke)

Rocke is this seriously hot dude I stumbled upon in the woods. He’s pretty chill and easy-going which made it easier for me to offer him a little payout in exchange for a peek at that impeccable body. With his bulging muscles covered in tattoos and the perfect amount of hair, I just couldn’t wait to see more of him so I offered him more cash. He agreed and I got us a room where I got to try that perfect tight ass first hand, and it was all worth it.



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