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MEN (Drill My Hole): The New Landlord (Dennis West, Jimmy Durano)


Data Released: Aug 31, 2016 (MEN: Dennis West, Jimmy Durano)

Dennis West is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his apartment. His new landlord Jimmy Durano has just served him an eviction notice. Jimmy has something in mind that will help him forget the notice he just served-something specific involving his rock hard cock penetrating Dennis’ tight ass. Who knew keeping your rent controlled apartment could be so…pleasurable.


MEN (Drill My Hole): Porn Crush (Diego Sans, Dylan Knight)


Data Released: Aug 30, 2016 (MEN: Diego Sans, Dylan Knight)

Ever crushed on a porn star? You’re not alone. Diego Sans fills bottom boy Dylan Knight with his throbbing member in ‘Porn Crush’, a scene sure to make you and your eager hole envious.


CorbinFisher: Cain and Zeb’s Morning Wood (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 30, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Cain and Zeb’s Morning Wood)

This is what everyone wants to wake up to! Cain and Zeb are spooned together in the bed. They slowly wake up. Cain’s already got a raging hard-on. Zeb quickly takes advantage of Cain’s morning wood and sucks his massive cock. Cain has Zeb sit on his face where he rims Zeb good and deep. Zeb sits down on Cain’s dick. He rides it like there’s no tomorrow, grinding back and forth and even side-to-side on Cain. Zeb’s enjoying getting his hole filled so much, he turns sideways to let Cain fuck him that way. Both guys get turned on watching themselves in the mirror. Cain fucks a big load out of Zeb, which shoots all over Cain’s cock. Zeb slides back down on it until Cain’s ready to cum. Cain blows his load and finishes Zeb off with a creampie before they decide to go back to sleep.


MenPOV: DL Hookup (Taylor Reign, Mason Lear)


Data Released: Aug 31, 2016 (MenPOV: Taylor Reign, Mason Lear)

Straight guy on the DL gets lured into gay sex by cute jock free balling at the park.


WilliamHiggins: Wank Party 2016 #08, Part 2 (RAW, WANK PARTY) [4K Ultra HD]


Data Released: Aug 31, 2016 (WilliamHiggins: Wank Party 2016 #08, Part 2)

Cast: Bradley Cook, Libor Lisek, Mirek Madl, Miro Matejka.


HelixStudios: Takin’ It Raw (Logan Cross, Ryan Bailey) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 30, 2016 (HelixStudios: Logan Cross, Ryan Bailey)

Logan Cross is one lucky boy! One of the hottest guys on the Helix roster, Ryan Bailey is giving every inch of his full attention to this rippling, tight assed twink! The boys both get riled up as Ryan tastes every square inch of Logan’s tight torso before they each swallow one another whole with some serious deep throat action. Ever the perfect top, Bailey then buries his face in Logan’s beautiful bubble butt. He knows to prepare his work area for the serious raw dicking the kids about to get. Bearing down and holding on to a chair, Logan braces himself for for Ryans righteous, condom free cock! …

GuyBone: Bareback Otter Romp (Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte)


Data Released: Aug 30, 2016 (GuyBone: Damon Andros, Dusty Williams, Stephen Harte)

GuyBone knew they had to go big in honor of their 5th year, and what’s bigger than a bareback 3way with a trio of hot otters who have all worked for several studios and wanted to cum together for ours? Not much is bigger, that’s why this was the perfect anniversary scene! We got Damon Andros, Stephen Harte and Dusty Williams to have a raw romp for us and they clearly had just as much fun celebrating our milestone as we did! In fact, they were having so much fun together, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!


RawFuckClub: Brian Bonds, Sean Duran (Flip Fuck Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 31, 2016 (RawFuckClub: Brian Bonds, Sean Duran)

Sexy Brian Bonds and muscle stud Sean Duran can’t get enough cock or ass. The two horny fuckers plow each other’s holes raw and take each other’s loads.


RandyBlue: Maxim Cermak, Rick Jonas (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 31, 2016 (RandyBlue: Maxim Cermak, Rick Jonas)

Maxim Cermak is reading a book. Rick Jonas is getting a snack. But with the stares they are giving each other. It is pretty obvious that they are not going to be doing these activities for very long. They start to feed each other blueberries which morphs into a serious makeup session. Then they start taking clothes off to reveal their amazingly ripped bodies. Maxim is the first to suck dick as he slurps down Rick Jonas’ huge uncut dick. Then Rick Jonas jumps into it by sucking off Maxim. After some hot sucking, Rick sticks his dick deep and raw inside of Maxim. They fuck in a variety of positions before finally Rick fucks the cum out of Maxim. Then Maxim bends over and sucks down all of the cum shooting out of Rick’s hard cock. Be sure the check out this hot Euro fantasy at Randy Blue Universe.


NextDoorRaw: Cum Filled Getaway (Scotty Zee, Gabriel Cross) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 31, 2016 (NextDoorRaw: Scotty Zee, Gabriel Cross)

For vacationing lovers Scotty Zee and Gabriel Cross, a weekend getaway at a remote vineyard B&B is just what the doctor ordered to cure them of their city restlessness, and once they arrive at the grounds, they discover an even more enchanting layout than they anticipated. Strolling the property, they remark how large the estate is, and simultaneously realize they are all alone at the resort, so Scotty asks Gabriel if he’s into a little skinny dipping. Gabriel approves and after an intimate time at the pool, the two young lovers retreat back to their room. …


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