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MeninosOnline: Iziz, Andy Star


Data Released: Sep 30, 2016 (MeninosOnline: Iziz, Andy Star)


MEN (Drill My Hole): Mail Order Husband, Part 1 (Brendan Phillips, Rafael Alencar)


Data Released: Sep 28, 2016 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Mail Order Husband, Part 1: Brendan Phillips, Rafael Alencar)

Rafael Alencar’s long schlong fits right at home first in Brendan Phillips wet mouth, then up inside his warm hole. It takes a real man to weather anal bombardment by Rafael’s massive piece of meat-and Brendan is more than up for the challenge.


SeanCody: Samuel, Curtis: Bareback


Data Released: Sep 29, 2016 (SeanCody: Samuel, Curtis)

Our sexy southern boy Samuel is back, and this time to fuck some ass. The experienced Curtis was more than happy to oblige. To warm up before the actual workout, Samuel and Curtis played some basketball out in the hot sun with no shirts on…there’s something about hot, sweaty men playing with balls that just drives us crazy, in a very good way! Samuel really gave it to Curtis, and of course Curtis welcomed every second of it…especially when slurping up every drop of Samuel’s hot load in his mouth! Samuel really got spoiled for his first time with a guy, so I explained why, “I think he gives the best head on Sean Cody, from what I’ve heard.” Samuel beamed, “I would agree!”


CorbinFisher: Daniel Gives It To Alex (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 29, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Daniel Gives It To Alex)

Talk about a ground and pound! Daniel grinds Alex, his has bounce and rolling in the air. Then he kneels forward and shoves his swelling cock into Alex’s face and thrusts into his hungry mouth. Flipping over, the guys eat each other like they got an all-you-can- eat pass in the ass buffet! Hard and ready to fuck, Daniel does not take it easy on Alex. Of course, Alex gives absolutely zero inclination that he wants anything less. …

CockyBoys: One Erection Finale: It’s Madness! (Allen King, Colby Keller, Kody Stewart, Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Tayte Hanson)


Data Released: Sep 29, 2016 (CockyBoys: One Erection Finale: It’s Madness! Allen King, Colby Keller, Kody Stewart, Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Tayte Hanson)

When documentary filmmaker Jake Jaxson first set out to expose the truth behind boy band sensation New Direction, he never expected the amount of interpersonal drama and the juicy secrets he’d uncover! With band member Allen King abruptly quitting the group, the boys set out to relaunch their brand by hiring legendary drag queen and pornographer Chi Chi LaRue to direct their new music video along with the clan of gay porn stars he has in tow. The motives of the band members, who’ve always identified as “straight,” quickly come into question as they slowly reveal their true selves…

NextDoorBuddies: What Are Friends For? (Michael Del Ray, Lance Ford)


Data Released: Sep 29, 2016 (NextDoorBuddies: What Are Friends For?: Michael Del Ray, Lance Ford)

With his most recent relationship crumbling, Michael Del Ray recounts all of his laments about his girlfriend to best buddy Lance Ford over a couple of beers. Michael asks Lance if he has the same problems with the guys he dates, and Lance tells him that there’s heartache on both sides. ‘Yeah,’ Michael counters, ‘but I hear at least guys give better head.’With that, Lance seizes the opportunity to cash in on a fantasy he’s harbored for years, and that’s to have Michael’s meaty cock all to himself. Boldly, he makes move, getting up and brushing Michael on the leg. …

BrokeStraightBoys: David Hardy, Junior Fernandez (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 29, 2016 (BrokeStraightBoys: David Hardy, Junior Fernandez)

David Hardy helps Junior Fernandez out of his clothes as they prepare for their scene together, and when David starts placing kisses on Junior’s soft lips they really get things heated up! David spreads Junior’s ass open and buries his face in it, licking Junior’s tight hole with his tongue, rimming and fingering it as Junior moans softly under David’s expert touch. After David gives Junior some amazing oral action he’s ready to be on the receiving end and Junior goes down on him, sucking David’s big dick and balls and letting David ram his cock down Junior’s throat until these guys are ready to fuck. …

BearFilms: Jack Power, Tommy Chance, Zach Wolfe


Data Released: Sep 29, 2016 (BearFilms: Jack Power, Tommy Chance, Zach Wolfe)

Bearded cub Jack Power is busy making out with goateed silver daddy Tommy Chance. The chunky cocksucker is soon on his knees, servicing Tommy. But Jack’s got a surprise for his “daddy” who’s sure he will love whatever it is Jack’s got planned. When Tommy returns the favor, Jack calls in his surprise. Enter Zach Wolfe, a pierced, inked, bearded hipster chub who immediately drops to his knees to suck Tommy’s daddy cock. What follows is a tag-team, spit-roasting scene with Jack Power and Zach Wolfe taking turns playing cubbie in the middle, with the horny hairy trio fucking like rabbits until they jizz some big loads!


CockSureMen: Marek Tanker Barebacks Stan Simons


Data Released: Sep 29, 2016 (CockSureMen: Marek Tanker Barebacks Stan Simons)

Muscle hunk Marek Tanker feels out daddy Stan Simons body on the bed. Soon they both pull out their hardening pricks. Stan stands on the bed while Marek, kneeling, blows him. Marek lays on the bed and Stan gets his turn to suck dick. Marek’s leg goes up and Stan rims his hole. Marek then gets between Stan’s legs and he fucks him bareback with his raw cock. Marek plows him hard and both men moan in lust. Marek bends over and kisses Stan as he continues to plunge his raw cock deep. …

MaleReality: Gay Massage #05 (Rudy Bodlak, George Basten)


Data Released: Sep 29, 2016 (MaleReality: Gay Massage #05: Rudy Bodlak, George Basten)

While Rudy is enjoying a cold drink at a resort he is staying at, a young masseuse offers him a complementary massage. Rudy’s main goal is to get a ‘Happy Ending’.



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