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MEN (Super Gay Hero): Sense 8: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 2 (Hector De Silva, Sunny Colucci)


Data Released: Aug 8, 2016 MEN: Hector De Silva, Sunny Colucci

Sunny Colucci and Hector de Silva find themselves together in the same room, though they live thousands of miles apart. The guys use their Sense 8 abilities to an orgasmically satisfying climax.


SeanCody: Sebastien


Data Released: Aug 8, 2016 SeanCody: Sebastien

Sebastien is that tall, dark and handsome man that everybody wants…top that off with being an all-around nice guy, what more do you need? A nice, big dick? Check! He grew up playing basketball, which explains his great body, and likes to show off his skills…along with his other assets. “I like showing a few other things off as well…” Watching him play basketball with that bulge in his shorts was pretty fantastic. He couldn’t wait to show us his dick and jack off…his cumshots are pretty incredible! Sebastien was surprised too, “It’s like a cum factory down there!” That’s one way to describe it!


LucasEntertainment: Ibrahim Moreno Takes Raw Cock From Alex Kof


Data Released: Aug 8, 2016 LucasEntertainment: Ibrahim Moreno, Alex Kof

Ibrahim Moreno’s brief hiatus from bottoming has come to an end. (He’s perfectly good at fucking ass, though – see him in action with three other guys as they breed Devin Franco’s ass in an unforgettable gang bang.) He breaks in his butt with the big uncut cock of Alex Kof, who is always up for a raw fuck. If you check out 10:10 in the video, you’ll see why Ibrahim is so good at bottoming. Alex is nearly 10 inches in the pants, and Ibrahim loves taking every inch into his hole.


GayHoopla: Handsome Clark Bates FUCKS Uncut Twink Neal Peterson


Data Released: Jul 8, 2016 GayHoopla: Clark Bates, Neal Peterson

Clark Bates was on a mission to destroy Neal Peterson’s ass. He wanted to be the best fuck Neal has ever had. Of course Neal’s amazing blowjob had Clark rock hard quickly. Clark was all horned up and slid it into Neal’s loose ass and never looked back. He pounded away so hard, we literally had to cancel Neal’s next scene scheduled for the following day. If you’re into seeing a beautiful masculine man go to pound town, watch Clark Bates beat it up.


DylanLucas: Yes Coach (Damon Andros, Max Henry)


Data Released: Jul 8, 2016 DylanLucas: Damon Andros, Max Henry

Max and Coach Damon are out at the park practicing for the next tournament coming up. Damon watches on as Max does what he does best and that’s flips, spins and being flexible as all hell. Coach Damon loves what he is seeing and the skill coming from Max is amazing. They head back to Damon’s place where they grab a drink to cool off and discuss how excited they are. Max wants to shower up but Coach Damon wants him to wait because he likes the smell and sweat on a young athletic boy. Coach begins to rub Max across his chest and then lifts his arm up to get a nice whiff of his pit also while licking it. Damon loves to lick pits and it sure is turning on Max. …

DarkRoom: Big Dick Frenzy (Angel Garcia, Alejandro Torres) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 5, 2016 DarkRoom: Angel Garcia, Alejandro Torres

You can always point out cock-whore when you see one and Angel Garcia is the biggest of them all. The minute sexy, Spanish top Alejandro Torres pulls his huge cock out of his pants Angel wraps his lips around it, prepping it for his ever-eager ass. After fucking Angel senseless Alejandro uses his hole until he’s ready to unleash his spunk.


CorbinFisher: Rocky


Data Released: Aug 8, 2016 CorbinFisher: Rocky

Rocky didn’t come to CF to NOT have himself a good time! He has plans, and the first step is to show us what he’s working with. He’s a natural on camera and not afraid to pop off his shirt, throw it across the room, and flex his washboard abs and strong arms. He also has an incredibly sexy and gravely voice. That, paired with a body that has been chiseled and sculpted to it’s peek, had me excited to check out how his muscle that isn’t typically worked out at the gym is built (unless the gym is here at CF, where we make sure that muscle is well worked)! …

ColbyKnox: Ain’t Love Grand (Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 5, 2016 ColbyKnox: Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox


ColbyKnox: Game On (Colby Chambers, Corbin Colby)


Data Released: Jul 29, 2016 ColbyKnox: Colby Chambers, Corbin Colby

Colby and Corbin are friends from school who love playing football and getting dirty. Both rough and tough boys, they enjoy the hard work and body contact involved. Most the time these two are able to focus on the game and not each other, but today Colby could not help but notice Corbin’s huge cock through his nylon shorts. Once Colby sees a dick that big he just can’t help but have in on his mind. After a few hours of practice Colby finally sees an opportunity to swallow that dick. Striking while the iron’s hot, they start fucking around right there in the workout room.


CockSureMen: Ryan Cage Barebacks Oscar Kovak


Data Released: Aug 5, 2016 CockSureMen: Ryan Cage, Oscar Kovak

Oscar Kovak lays on a towel on the floor while Ryan Cage oils him down. They are both wearing only towels. Oh oh. What could possibly go right? Soon Ryan is massaging Oscar’s hot buttocks. They’re so hot Ryan has to go down for a taste. As he works his way up licking Oscar’s butt and back, Ryan’s towel slips off showing his hard cock. Ryan sucks on Oscar’s meat then turns him around to fuck him bareback. Oscar guides Ryan’s raw cock into his eager hole. Ryan kisses Oscar as he pounds away. Ryan kneels and Oscar swallows his uncut cock, getting a taste of his own ass. Ryan wants to get back to bareback fucking so he sits down and Oscar straddles him. Ryan pushes his raw cock deep into Oscar’s ass. Oscar’s rod jumps up and down as he rides Ryan bareback. Oscar gets on his knees and Ryan plows his ass raw. Ryan pulls out and shoots his load on Oscar’s ass, then puts his wet cock in seeding Oscar Kovak. As Ryan Cage kneels, Oscar stands and spills his juice onto Ryan’s chiseled chest.



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