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BaitBuddies: Greek Love (Toby Springs, Geoff Gregorio)


Data Released: Jul 7, 2016 BaitBuddies: Toby Springs, Geoff Gregorio

It’s been about a year since our hot bait boy Toby Springs has been here and each time he comes back he’s more and more experienced in gay for pay porn. Lucky for him, he has a girlfriend or as he calls her a “friend with benefits”, that is completely fine with him having sex with other men! At Toby’s ripe young age of 24 he has plenty of sex to go around! Caruso brings in a 34 year old Greek exhibionist Geoff Gregorio. He’s 34, 5’6”, 130 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair, and a fat 7” dick! Geoff loves sex and loves having an audience watching him fuck! He’s pretty much done it all sexually except having sex with another dude. You can imagine Geoff’s reaction when Caruso walks back in the room to break the bad news. Sadly the girl has friction burns and can’t make it. With only one option left and double the money offered, Geoff agrees to give it a try…


BaitBuddies: Jay Alexander, Mike M


Data Released: Jul 14, 2016 BaitBuddies: Jay Alexander, Mike M

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen Jay but he’s back and ready to explore a little more. He’s been playing around with his girlfriend’s dildo that he found in her nightstand drawer. After he had his first gay encounter he’s become more open minded and curious about sticking something up his ass. Caruso did tell him that if he came back that he would have to get fucked! So, here he sits waiting for the real thing! Caruso brings in Mike and introduces him to Jay. Jay’s face lights up as he stares at the guy who’s about to pop his man cherry! Mike is from New Jersey and says he loves to fuck so he figured he’d give porn a try so he could get paid for what he loves to do. Mike is hot! He’s 6′ tall, 170 pounds, smooth dark skin, brown eyes, black hair, and a fat 7.5” cock! Both guys work out so their bodies are rock hard and ripped and their asses are just a solid!…


Alphamales: Hairy Hunx (Butch Grand, Ray Stone)


Data Released: Aug 8, 2016 Alphamales: Butch Grand, Ray Stone

Favourite hairy hunk Butch Grand opens the show at the Hoist with fellow thick dicked muscle bear, Ray Stone. Feasting on each others throbbing cocks, these horny men are after dick and know exactly where to get it. Getting each other’s shafts dripping with spit, Butch needs to feel ass, and lubes up his mates butt ready to take his nicely curved dick all the way inside. Watching these two hairy hunks get it on it going to make you rock hard and thrusting away.


Staxus: Bareback Gym Buddies 2, Sc.2 (Kellan James, Victor Rozas)


Data Released: Aug 7, 2016 Staxus: Kellan James, Victor Rozas

Gym Buddies Enjoy A Flip-Flop Workout With Oodles Of Hot Jizz!
Kellan James and Victor Rozas are a couple of handsome mates keen to work up a sweat together – but their opening press-ups and squat-thrusts are nothing compared to the sexual workout that promptly follows their opening gym antics. For having engaged in a hard cardiovascular romp of the traditional kind, the two buddies are quickly turning their attention to each other’s cocks; with the ever- horny James making a beeline for Rozas’s handsome, uncut dick, before the roles switch and Rozas takes a lengthy slurp on his pal’s nicely upturned shaft. …

FrenchTwinks: France VS. Canada: 4 Points Per Hole


Data Released: 2016 FrenchTwinks: France VS. Canada: 4 Points Per Hole

Cast: Camille Kenzo, Anthony Sollis, Theo Ford, Zavier Sibley, Jake Washington, Skylar Dallon, Zac Hunter, Sasha West.


EyeCandy: Forbidden Games (Bareback)


Data Released: 2016 EyeCandy: Forbidden Games

Nothing is taboo as it pertains to man on man intercourse! From drawing your man’s penis within the convenience of the master suite, to ramming your natural cock-up a good butt within the outdoors where anybody can easily see one to a four-way string pull and fuck program within the locker areas, these men are incredibly sexy and discover every chance to throw-down using their buddies and allow it to tear!


BarebackBoys: Slip ‘N’ Slide


Data Released: 2016 BarebackBoys: Slip ‘N’ Slide

No need for lube – just pre-cum, spit and force! Horny Bottoms need raw dicks and dominant twink tops crave bareback holes; so what better way to pass the long cold british winter than fucking like animals! So sit back, grab your cock and watch as these slutty twinks slip n slide their dicks balls deep!

RagingStallion: Unloaded: Night Has Fallen (Double Penetration)


Data Released: n/a

Cast: Dominic Pacifico, Austin Wilde, Brandon Lewis, Cameron Adams.
Shady characters Austin Wilde (non-sexual role) and CameronAdams have left the scrapyard and night has fallen. Two young men-Brandon Lewis and Dominic Pacific-wander in, drinking some beers.Brandon heard a rumor from some of his friends at school thatDominic gives a great blowjob and he entices him to a hot spot in theyard to try him out. After an awkward moment Brandon slyly whipsout his cock for Dominic. How many beers does it take to get a gayman to suck a cock? None. Dominic worships Brandon cock provingthat he does give an excellent blowjob. …

RagingStallion: Mirage: Grand Finale Scene (Double Penetration)


Data Released: n/a

Cast: Huessein, Tamas Eszterhazy, Dirk Jager, Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard, Matthieu Paris.
The grand finale of ‘Mirage’ is a massive scene – featuring sixmen – Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard, Huessein, Matthieu Paris, DirkJager, Tamas Eszterhazy – and 15 cum shots. It starts as the Arabsforce Steve Cruz to orally service each of them – and they makecohort Jake Deckard watch the whole thing! Jake simmers in angeras Steve is humiliated over and over again. Then one by one theyfuck Steve, Jake becomes more and more enraged. …

RagingStallion: Snap Shot: Surprise (Double Penetration)


Data Released: n/a

Cast: Adam Killian, Landon Conrad, Jayden Grey.
Jayden Grey continues his investigative meandering until he’s surprised by Adam Killian and abducted. The ruffian drags the frightened photographer to his waiting partner-in-crime, Landon Conrad. Adam forcefeeds his stiff dick into Jayden’s mouth while Landon snaps away, filming the young shutterbug’s submission. But Jayden manages to cope and soon he’s got both their cocks down his throat without any resistance. The lusty threesome move and groove into different combinations sucking cock and eating ass, with the young interloper getting worked over and roughened up. …


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