Str8Hell: Petr Cisler, Petr Zuska (RAW, DUTY BOUND)

Data Released: Apr 8, 2016

Petr Cisler is hanging, by his feet, from the ceiling. He is also gagged and his wrists shackled. His balls are tied too. Petr is struggling to release himself as Petr Zuska arrives and begins to whip him. He walks around his captive and whips him making him moan. Then he spanks him too and pulls on his cock and balls. He lowers Petr C to the floor and then moves the clip from ankles to wrist so that he can be held by by the wrist. As he is pulled pulled up we can see that Petr C enjoys the treatment, as his cock is rock hard. Mr Zuska continue his whipping, all over, including cock and balls. His pants are bulging, so he must be so turned on by what he is doing. …

Lowering his pants Petr Z’s throbbing cock is released and he pushes his prisoner’s mouth onto it. He whips him until he sucks on the cock. Petr Z fucks his dick deep into the mouth making Petr C gag. Then Petr C is moved again shackled by wrists and ankles, with his hot ass on view. That ass gets spanked as we enjoy looking at the hole. Soon Petr Z has a finger deep in that hole making Petr C moan loudly. He fucks the hole with his finger, then replaces that with a fat dildo on a stick. When the hole is loosened up real good Petr’s cock slam in there, going deep. He fucks that ass real good as Petr C wanks himself. As he gets fucked by that throbbing cock Petr C shoots his hot load over his belly. Then he is released and turned over to be fucked even harder. Petr Z’s dick pounds that hole and then pulls out to shoot a nice, creamy load all over it.




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