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MEN – Gods Of Men – End Of The Weekend: Abraham Al Malek & Malek Tobias

Abraham Al Malek & Malek Tobias at Gods Of Men


Data Released: May 10, 2015

Malek Tobias, and Abraham Al Malek, two gorgeous men passionately kiss and fuck each other to pure ecstasy.


BelAmiOnline – Jean-Daniel, Andrei Karenin & Rhys Jagger

Jean-Daniel, Andrei Karenin & Rhys Jagger at BelAmiOnline


Data Released: May 10, 2015

We decided to title this clip our fantasy 3way, as it is certainly the fantasy of many to be together with the likes of Rhys, Jean-Daniel and Andrei all at the same time. If there is one other boy who could be taking on Marcel for his crown of ‘King of the Bottoms’ from our current team of boys, it is certainly Rhys Jagger. No matter how big the dick we ask Rhys to take, he ends up being able to handle it with ease and ecstasy. Lets see how he gets on with 2 of them!


CorbinFisher – Brant Bangs Quinn, Bareback

Brant & Quinn at CorbinFisher


Data Released: May 10, 2015

Ripped, long-cocked, and horny as fuck- there are few things hotter than watching Brant give it to Quinn! You got to love that Quinn has no qualms about gagging on dick, he puts his all into it every time! He looks up at Brant with his gorgeous hazel eyes as if to ask for permission to pleasure him beyond belief, but we know better. Quinn is going to do what he wants. Even when he bottoms, Quinn likes to challenge his partner. Yet Brant is more than well suited for the challenge. When Quinn gets too demanding, Brant covers his mouth and slams into his ass to satiate him. He switches between that and choking Quinn and it’s all Quinn could do to not come right there and then! Quinn takes in the view of Brant’s gorgeous and toned body from below as he gratefully takes his much deserved pounding. Upside down, Quinn cums directly into his own mouth then asks for Brant’s load too!


CorbinFisher – Todd Fucks Sophia & Brayden, Bareback

Todd, Sophia & Brayden at CorbinFisher


Data Released: May 9, 2015

With the help of coed Sophia, Todd tries his hands on his first bisexual endeavor with Brayden- who we all know is an incredibly talented bottom! From the smiles on all their faces as Pete interviews them, you can tell that everyone is excited to get involved in some action. Although Brayden can’t touch Sophia and is limited to watching her and Todd get it on, he slides in wherever he can to get Todd (and himself) as turned on as possible. He rubs on any parts of Todd he can get his hands on, licking his toes as the other two make out, Then telling Todd exactly what he wants to see before working his way down to suck his cock! Getting to enjoy all the perks of being the alpha male, Todd takes full charge of the situation. As he fucks Sophia doggy-style, right over Brayden’s face, he commands that Brayden lick his balls underneath him. After Brayden’s been plenty teased, Todd finally takes Brayden’s ass and proceeds to make him cum just before dumping his load over him! If we had any doubt, now we know, Todd’s a natural stud!


BlakeMason – Ross Drake & Jack Green

Ross Drake & Jack Green at BlakeMason


Data Released: May 10, 2015

Jack Relentlessly Humps Ross!

The moment we finished with Jack’s solo wank we were planning his first fuck. Ross was eager to get on the cock of the gorgeous young man, and we were happy to give him that chance. Jack is relentless in his humping once his stunning dick is in that hole, thrusting into Ross with a constant drilling – we might have to nickname him Jack Hammer! He certainly does the job for Ross, making him cum over himself, then getting Jack’s thick cream splashed up his torso to finish!


HardBritLads – Jason O’Connor & Ryan Westwood

Jason O’Connor & Ryan Westwood at HardBritLads


Data Released: May 10, 2015

Sexy cocky chav lad Jason loves getting his huge dick serviced, and his cock is rock hard from the start with the anticipation of getting serviced by hot insatiable hung bottom, Ryan Westwood, who was eager to try and deepthroat Jason’s 8.5 incher. After some very horny mutual nippleplay and bulge groping, on the sofa, Jason lays back and Ryan gets to work on that hung cock, sucking deep and slow, getting it really wet with tons of spit and choking on it as it hits the back of his throat. He gets a helpful push from Jason to get the last two inches. Jason doesn’t let up but neither does Ryan, as he does it over and over till the tears are flowing. It gets pretty noisy, very sloppy, and incredibly horny. Jason stands now, gives Ryan a good facefucking then gets his cock deep down Ryan’s throat again. …

BulldogPIT – Mathew Davids & Dolan Wolf

Mathew Davids & Dolan Wolf at BulldogPIT


Data Released: May 9, 2015

New to the wrestling scene, Mathew Davids is being taught some of the basic pinning positions of wrestling by tutor Dolan Wolf. The older, hairy man takes real pride in his work and doesn’t let his protégé go, even when teaching! Making sure Mathew knows his place and remembers it well, it’s not just his arms and legs he’s grabbing, but his growing bulge too! Held down with Dolan’s spandex covered crotch in his face, Mathew struggles to get one over on his master but it’s not going to happen. …

Str8Hell – Paul Hunter & Rado Zuska, RAW

Paul Hunter & Rado Zuska at Str8Hell


Data Released: May 8, 2015

Paul and Rado RAW – RAUNCHY

Rado Zuska is one very studly guy. He knows what he likes and he likes Paul Hunter. He has him chained at the wrists and naked, but for a jock strap. He kisses the handsome Paul and plays with his nipples. He also slaps on Pauls great chest as both the oiled bodies rub against each other. Rado pushes Paul to his knees, where he can suck on some rock hard cock. Rado’s dick is throbbing as it fucks into Paul’s eager mouth. He pulls out and slaps that throbbing cock against Paul’s face before fucking the mouth some more. Then Rado wanks himself as Paul laps at his tight balls. He fucks the cock back into Paul’s mouth, slapping his handsome face too. Then Rado lays Paul down and gives him a blow job too. He sucks on Paul’s rock hard cock, taking it deep into his mouth, all the while slapping on that hot body and face. …

MaleReality – George Basten & Paul Fresh

George Basten & Paul Fresh at MaleReality


Data Released: May 7, 2015

Gay Massage 4: George Basten, Paul Fresh


DirtyTony – Brian Strowkes & Marten James

Brian Strowkes & Marten James at DirtyTony


Data Released: May 6, 2015

Brian Stowkes has been wanting to get down to some deep tissue action with buddy Marten James for a while now. So when Marten decided to lay back after a long day to relax, Brian realized this was his chance. He slides off Marten’s shoes one by one, and starts massaging his foot like he was fingering a violin. Then he teases them with his tongue and Marten’s nipples get hard fast. He slowly works the tension out of both feet, but then, both studs realize they have a lot of other areas that need some soothing as well. Marten takes over and works his way down from Brian’s nips, then slides off his pants and goes straight to Brian’s butt crack, running his tongue around the edge of Brian’s hole before letting it dive past the sphincter. Brian arches his back to take it all in, so to speak. …


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