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MEN (Big Dicks At School): Cross Check, Part 3 (Dylan Knight & Paul Canon)


Data Released: May 31, 2015

Big dicked athlete Paul Canon injures his knee during practice. His teammate, Dylan Knight, offers to walk him back to his dorm room and make sure he’s comfortable, and boy does he do a good job. Dylan helps Paul undress out of his sweaty uniform leaving him in nothing but his jock strap. There’s a new team slut and it doesn’t take long before Paul convinces Dylan to skip class and keep the sweat going.


CorbinFisher: Brayden Tops Ellis (Bareback)


Data Released: May 31, 2015

Brayden and Ellis had never met before today, but Brayden was looking forward to the meeting! Looking at Ellis, with his gorgeous light eyes and All-American good looks, we know that Brayden is in for a good time, and with Brayden taking the lead, we know Ellis is too! Brayden gets right down to business by taking Ellis’s foot in his mouth and then his dick. Completely comfortable in the alpha position as he is in taking orders, he puts his dick in Ellis’s mouth and toys with him from above. The guys are ripped, handsome, big dicked, and making the most of their introduction! First Ellis rides Brayden but soon Brayden has Ellis on his stomach with his hand wrapped around his neck. Moving into his favorite position, Brayden makes Ellis cum while on his back while he looks down at his gorgeous body. Watching the sexy young man blow his load makes Brayden explode as well!

BlakeMason: Time To Test A New Guy! (Tony Parker & Jason Domino)


Data Released: May 31, 2015

After we filmed Jason for his first wank solo he was really eager to get back into the studio for a full-on fucking, and when we suggested Tony he was more than happy at the prospect. The guys have some real chemistry as they kiss and reveal their big dicks for some shared sucking, but there’s no doubting it’s the fucking Tony gives him all over the sofa and the floor too that has him pumping his load from his big dick. Tony finishes himself off and douses his new friend with his own cum in a great finale. Looks like Jason is here to stay!


Staxus: Jace Reed, Lukas Leung, Roman Smid, Ryan Torres, Sam Williams (Bareback)


Data Released: May 31, 2015

Sam Williams Gets Used Like A Fuck Rag By His Horny Buddies!


HelixStudios: Caught With Your Pants Down (Troy Ryan & Greco Rai)


Data Released: May 31, 2015

Troy has a special surprise that he wants to show Greco. What could it be? The boys venture away from the city streets, deep into the woods to reach Troy’s secret secluded spot. Once there, Troy undoes his shorts to reveal a thick, hard cock for Greco to stretch his mouth around. But Greco is craving the comfort of a soft bed, so the worked-up boys return home so that Troy can squeeze in his fat rod and pound Greco’s hungry twink hole.


ActiveDuty: Tim II & Casey II


Data Released: May 31, 2015

Tim just loves breaking in those newbies’ buttholes, doesn’t he? It’s no easy task for them either, because Tim’s packing quite the hefty piece of meat. Casey is no exception, and by the time Tim’s done with him he’s moaning it was ‘a lot bigger than I was expecting!’ Casey puts a man’s dick in his mouth for the first time, and you can see he’s really trying to get it all down his throat, and he comes pretty damn close! But Tim knows it’ll be easier to down his whole dick into Casey’s ass than his throat, so he offers to take their muscled buns to the bed for some more vigorous action. Casey gets on his back and Tim drills into him good from a standing position, thrusting that huge cock deep into Casey’s spread legs. Next, Tim flips Casey over and pounds that big beefy behind from behind. Casey looks straight into the camera at one point, and his face is a perfect blend of stupefied and a beast in heat. A big dick’ll do that to ya! Once Tim’s satisfied that he’s got Casey hooked on that cock, he pulls out and blasts Casey’s smooth cheeks with his creamy nut.


GuysInSweatPants: Austin Fucks a Virgin Fan (Austin Wilde & Riley Gray) (Bareback)


Data Released: May 27, 2015

We get emails from guys all over the world wanting to come shoot… all with different looks and from different walks of life. Riley just happened to be a cute, hung, country boy from Texas… who’s also happens to be a big fan of Austin. The kicker? Riley has never been with another guy! He had never kissed another guy, touched another dick, or been rimmed! Not only does he want his first gay experience to be here on camera, but he wants Austin to fuck him! He said he’s definitely been curious and has wanted to experiment, but just never had the chance. “If I’m gonna do it, I may as well REALLY do it!,” he said. It took a minute to get Austin’s big cock in, but once in, they had some amazing, raw, and passionate sex— their chemistry was off the charts! Austin actually came twice while they were fucking – one all over Riley’s hole before sticking it back in, and the other got shot deep inside Riley! If you like watching someone get fucked for the first time, you will LOVE this!

GuysInSweatPants: Blake’s Welcoming Fuck (Blake Lupo & Colton Casey) (Bareback)


Data Released: May 20, 2015

This was Blake’s first time to the states from Australia, so we wanted to get him something nice upon his arrival. Getting barebacked by Colton Casey seemed like a pretty legit gift, and I think they were both pretty satisfied with that arrangement. Nothing makes a day at the park hanging out more enjoyable than knowing you’re about to go back and fuck each other senseless. Their chemistry was off the charts, but that’s pretty obvious by watching even the trailer. Aside from the hot, cum covered fucking in the video, make sure you watch the first few minutes of the video, where they compare different words for similar things from each country– it’s pretty entertaining!

GuysInSweatPants: The Loaded Massage (Austin Wilde & Joey Moriarty) (Bareback)


Data Released: May 13, 2015

We’ve all been there- you go over to someone’s place to “watch a movie and cuddle” or “just a massage”, and next thing you know, he’s balls deep inside you. Rarely does anyone complain though, am I right? Honestly, I’m surprised this massage went on as long as it did before Joey lubed up Austin’s cock and sat on it. He did more than sit on it though; he slammed down on it balls deep and rode it hard. Austin has a foreskin addiction, so he let Joey stick his inside him too! The hottest part of this video is when Joey cums into Austin’s hand, and it gets used for lube while Austin blows his load all over and in Joey’s ass…


GuysInSweatPants: Elliott Barebacks Andrew (Andrew Collins & Elliott Blue) (Bareback)


Data Released: May 6, 2015

Elliot and Andrew are both fan favorites, and both super sexual and horny, so I decided putting them together to hang out with everyone in the chatroom on cam was the perfect idea. Boy was I right! Andrew loves getting fucked, and Elliott has a nice long cock that I think he loved slamming in him. Boys will be boys, so there was some cock sucking… but they wasted to time getting to fucking. And that’s ok. After A LOT of fucking, Andrew took both loads on his stomach, and Elliott made sure his cock was nice and clean of cum by sticking it back deep inside Andrew 😉



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