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MEN – Str8 to Gay – Bear Weekend, Part 3: Jaxton Wheeler & Roman Todd

Jaxton Wheeler & Roman Todd at Str8 to Gay


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Roman Todd wakes up in a stranger’s room after a long night of partying. Confused, he walks into the bathroom and finds Jaxton Wheeler, showering his furry body. Roman apologizes for the intrusion but Jaxton doesn’t mind one bit. In fact, he invites Roman to join him for a quick sprinkle. After a little convincing Roman decides to rinse off. Without fail, a horny Jaxton drops to his knees to service Roman’s straight boy cock. That’s not quite enough for Jaxton, though. He sticks his thick dick in Roman’s tight ass next.


CorbinFisher – Tom Gets Nailed: Cain & Tom, Bareback

Cain & Tom at CorbinFisher


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Hot CF superstar Tom gets nailed by muscle god Cain, and the results are explosive! Cain dominates Tom by choking him, shoving his thick uncut dick as deep as he can inside Tom and pounding him mercilessly until Tom shoots his load onto his stomach. Cain keeps up the hammering until he’s ready to cum. He fucks Tom hard, then pulls out and shoots his load on Tom’s ass. He thrusts his cock back inside to finish Tom off with a creampie!


LucasEntertainment – Michael Lachlan & Dylan James, Bareback

Michael Lachlan & Dylan James at LucasEntertainment


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Michael Lachlan Returns To Suck And Fuck Raw With Dylan James.

It’s been about one year since we’ve last seen Michael Lachlan in a Lucas Entertainment scene: he was one of the first breakthrough performers when the studio went bareback, and he’s been sorely missed since his last scene debuted. But he’s now come out of retirement, and I like to think it has something to do with Dylan James, our new exclusive model and all-around macho hunk. Both Michael Lachlan and Dylan James love sex and embrace their versatility: giving and receiving raw oral and anal sex is something they both can’t get enough of, and none of that enthusiasm is lost in this scene. But if you think I’m going to give away all of the details, you’re wrong. You’re going to have to watch it to see what these two are capable of together.


ManRoyale – John Darling & Aspen

John Darling & Aspen at ManRoyale


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Heavy Lifting: John Darling & Aspen


MenOver30 – Jake Morgan & Seth Santoro

Jake Morgan & Seth Santoro at MenOver30


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Performance Review Part 3: Jake Morgan, Seth Santoro

Seth is pacing in his office and extremely pissed off that he could hear Jake fucking his ex-boyfriend at the office. Everybody could hear them fucking in the next room and Seth was embarrassed. Jake comes into his office acting like nothing happened until Seth breaks it down on him yet Jake still denies it. Finally he comes clean and reassures Seth that it won’t happen again. Seth takes the bait and they fuck like rabbits in his office. Jake gets bent over and laid out on his back on top of the desk as Seth pounds his ass in a revengeful kind of way. Seth still loves him but he’s not sure what will happen so he gives Jake the best fucking he’s every had with a load of cum to hopefully bring him back for more.


Staxus – Pyotr Tomek & Yuri Adamov, Bareback

Pyotr Tomek & Yuri Adamov at Staxus


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Cute Yuri Gets His Arse Banged & Creamed, Then Takes The Piss!

Yes, I know, I missed out on giving you a little teaser for this new arrival yesterday, but I have good reason! I was a little ill, I spent most of the day in bed. But, I’m back and raring to go, and I have some excellent pics from a this hot new twink seeding video to share with you guys. Exclusive performers Pyotr Tomek and Yuri Adamov make an amazing couple, I think most of you guys agree. These boys are so obviously compatible you can totally imagine them being partners in real life as well as on screen. There’s some genuine lust going on in this video, its undeniably hot…


RagingStallion – FX Rios & Mike De Marko

FX Rios & Mike De Marko at RagingStallion


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Auto Erotic, Part 2: FX Rios, Mike De Marko

Furry stud Mike De Marko wraps his palm around FX Rios’ giant uncut meat, then crouches down to swallow it deep. FX’s smooth, cut torso shows through his mechanic’s jumpsuit, and his moans of pleasure echo through the cavernous auto shop. Breaking a sweat, FX drops the coveralls and lays Mike out on a toolbox to return the intense blow job. While FX is ‘under the hood,’ he can’t take his attention off Mike’s pulsating ass. It’s impossible to ignore, and first it attracts FX’s tongue, then his dick. Mike bends over the hood of a vintage muscle car and opens up his hairy hole for FX’s full-throttle thrusting. Mike coats his hairy abs with his own spunk while getting fucked then turns to take FX’s load in the face.


NextDoorWorld – Johnny Torque, Colt Rivers & Pierce Hartman

Johnny Torque, Colt Rivers & Pierce Hartman at NextDoorWorld


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Private Matters: Johnny Torque, Colt Rivers & Pierce Hartman

In the Army, authority MUST be respected. Pierce Hartman and his boyfriend, Colt Rivers, are learning that first hand. Pierce was a minor leage basketball player, just shy of making the pros. Now he and Colt have joined the Army to find a new path and start a new journey. After settling into their bunks, Colt wants to fool around. Pierce agrees, but wants to make it quick so they can make it to their first assembly meeting. As they pleasure each other orally, Seargent Johnny Torque happens upon them. He doesn’t make a sound as he watches suck their fat, swollen dicks. In fact, Seargent Torque likes the promise he sees in these new cadets. He takes out his dick from his hidden position and strokes, still silent. …

MenOfMontreal – Mam Steel & Brandon Jones

Mam Steel & Brandon Jones at MenOfMontreal


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Pounding Brandon’s Ass: Mam Steel, Brandon Jones

We know very well that Brandon Jones loves to get his ass pounded. Hence the term power bottom is often associated with him. But, we were wondering how he would handle Mam Steel’s 9 inches of fat cock. Well, the answer lies in this scene. Mam loves it when a guy takes his horse meat like a champ. And after some extended mutual cocksucking, he got his wish. Brandon delivered his ass like a pro. First, a nice ass fingering, then a very strong handed pounding. Check it out!


MenAtPlay – Adam Champ & Darius Ferdynand

Adam Champ & Darius Ferdynand at MenAtPlay


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

The Morning After: Adam Champ & Darius Ferdynan

The Monday morning alarm goes, you wake up in a groggy blur from a weekend of debauchery and yet again, there’s a complete stranger hogging most of your duvet. We’ve all done it ,and don’t deny it, you just want ‘what’s-his-name’ to get the hell out of your home right now! But we do it over and over again, chasing that rare occasion when you could strike gold. I mean, imagine you roll over and you’re laying next to the perfect, sculpted tight young beautiful body of Darius Ferdynand, his peachy, firm, cock-teasing bubble butt just laying there , waiting. …


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