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MEN – Drill My Hole – Trophy Boys, Part 1: Jarec Wentworth & Luke Adams

Jarec Wentworth & Luke Adams in “Trophy Boys” at Drill My Hole


Data Released: Mar 29, 2015

Luke Adams and Jarec Wentworth are in L.A. for an awards show honoring the freshest and most talented pornstars. Luke’s hotel room isn’t ready so Jarec invites him to crash in his. They want to do a scene together but both agree that they should have a practice fuck session. Luke sucks Jarec’s big cock before bending his cute ass over so Jarec can wet his sweet hole with his tongue. Jarec stays standing as Luke holds onto him and bounces on his hot cock.


CorbinFisher – Kennedy & Ryder’s Locker Room Fuck, Bareback

Kennedy & Ryder at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Mar 29, 2015

From start to end Kennedy and Ryder show just how much they enjoy blowing, rimming and fucking young, big cocked, men! Kennedy takes the alpha-male reins as Ryder sucks on his veiny dick. Ryder, who’s a pretty dominant male himself, certainly appreciates a good dose of dirty talk and gets rock hard from sucking cock and taking direction. Yet once his own dick is filling Kennedy’s mouth, he turns into the sexy stud we’ve come to know. From then on, Ryder gives the directions while vocally unreserved Kennedy begs for more until firing off his load. Only then does Ryder blasted his own load into his succumbed jock’s hungry, waiting mouth.


CorbinFisher – Clay Fucks Colt & Leah, Bareback

Clay, Colt & Leah at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Mar 28, 2015

When this insatiably horny trio gets together, they can’t keep their hands, mouths, and cocks off each other! Clay sucks on Colt’s big dick while Leah sucks on his before joining Clay to pleasure Colt while the muscled athlete lays back and takes in the attention. Soon Colt is ready to take in more than just attention though as he sucks on Clays cock with a lusty gusto that claims it for his own. Though he’s willing to share, pretty soon Colt wants Clay for his own- and he gets him! Colt shows how much of a power bottom he can be, seizing control of his own anal and working a load out of himself and Clay!


HelixStudios – Kody Knight & Matt Klein

Kody Knight & Matt Klein at Helix Studios


Data Released: Mar 29, 2015

Roommate Fantasy: Kody Knight, Matt Klein

Living in a college dorm, it can be hard to get any privacy when you feel the need to take care of business with a little self-gratification. Fortunately, when Matt comes home horny, his roommate Kody is fast asleep, or so it appears. The young blond twink climbs into bed, whips out his raging boner and begins quietly stroking it so as not to disturb his roommate. But Kody has been awake the whole time, his own big dick standing at attention as he sneaks a peak at Matt jerking off. With everything finally out in the open, Kody walks over and gives Matt a lot more than a hand. His long, hard cock filling up Matt’s tight hole makes both boys shoot huge loads. Hey, what are roommates for if not to help each other out?


MormonBoyz – Elder Miller & President Wilcox, Assistant to the President 2, Bareback

Elder Miller & President Wilcox at Mormon Boyz


Data Released: Mar 29, 2015

Elder Miller possesses all the qualities that make a Mormon missionary great: he’s humble and obedient; he’s happy and eager to please; he’s really handsome; and he has an amazing body, a gorgeous cock and he loves getting his hole stuffed. Just touching the boy’s muscles through his clothes gives the older man a boner. After stripping off the boy’s shirt and pants, he lifts up the missionary’s garments and drools over his young muscular body. Mormon missionaries are plenty sexy in their clothes–clean cut innocent young men in suits. …

BlakeMason – Alejandro Alvarez & Damien Ryder

Alejandro Alvarez & Damien Ryder at Blake Mason


Data Released: Mar 29, 2015

Who could be better for Damien’s second on-screen fuck than the handsome and tanned hottie that is Alejandro? The guys show they have some real chemistry with all the kissing and cock sucking, getting into a great 69. Alejandro gets his tanned arse rimmed out, but it’s Damien who needs a dick in his hole. He really gets it too, all over the bed, on the floor, face down and riding Alejandro too, all finishing with a great cum load in the face for the bearded hunk and his own load wanked out with a little fingering assistance from Damien!


MEN – Men of UK – Hard Knox, Part 4: McKensie Cross & Paddy O’Brian

McKensie Cross & Paddy O’Brian in “Hard Knox” at Men of UK


Data Released: Mar 28, 2015

Paddy O’Brian and McKensie Cross team up to take down their scumbag boss. Their plan succeeds but they still need to seal the deal before they split any money. McKensie starts by sucking Paddy’s fat cock, and then he sticks his butt out just right for Paddy to jam his dick into. Paddy loves to slap McKensie’s tight ass as he drills his excited hole. McKensie’s big dick and balls bounce as he rides Paddy’s meaty cock.


LucasEntertainment – Alejandro Alvarez, Dolf Dietrich, Drew Sebastian, Pedro Andreas & Rocco Steele, Bareback

Alejandro Alvarez, Dolf Dietrich, Drew Sebastian, Pedro Andreas & Rocco Steele at Lucas Entertainment


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

Jump Into Rocco Steele’s Breeding Party: Alejandro Alvarez, Dolf Dietrich, Drew Sebastian, Pedro Andreas, Rocco Steele.

Rocco Steele, the gay porn industry’s reigning daddy top, stars in a bareback orgy of epic proportions. And who better to open the scene with Rocco than Alejandro Alvarez, a champion cock whore and power bottom who unrepentantly loves sex. Joining Rocco and Alejandro are Drew Sebastian, Dolf Dietrich and the always-studly Pedro Andreas. This five-way begins their breeding party by chowing down on each other’s cocks, and judging by how focused Alejandro is, I’d say he’s enjoying the task of blowing Rocco. …

CodyCummings – Cody Cummings, Tyler Morgan, Alessandro Del Torro & Ryan B

Cody Cummings, Tyler Morgan, Alessandro Del Torro & Ryan B at Cody Cummings


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

Oral Instruction: Cody Cummings, Tyler Morgan, Alessandro Del Torro, Ryan B

It’s a special treat Alessandro Del Torro will never forget. Ryan has prepared him for a surprise to arrive at their home. To Alessandro’s chagrin, in walks Cody Cummings, accompanied by his sexy assistant, Tyler Morgan. The service Ryan has ordered is a very intimate class on perfoming top-notch fellatio. Cody, as a performer in the adult industry, has formulated a cirriculum that implements sure-fire strategies for giving the best head. And he’s brought along a few toys that will allow Cody to most effectively illustrate certain methods of sucking a hard cock. After some background about Cody himself, the four get right down to work. Ryan begins by taking out the blazing hot Alessandro’s large dick. …

DebtDandy 80, Bareback

Debt Dandy 80


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

You need money? Ok, I’ll come over and hear you out. And maybe I’ll help you out. This is how the story goes. And it would be completely acceptable by the society if… Usually banks and similar institutions will lend you cash, but with absurd interest and you end up with huge burden on your shoulders, impossible to get rid of it. Me, on the other hand, I just come over, sum up the debts and just give the money. What is my interest? Just a pleasure. I like them young, I like them naked and I like them a bit scared of what is about to happen. The tension is vibrating through their bodies and I can fell it with my once I enter them. Gents, some say that promiscuity is a sin, but I say it’s NOT! So I hope you will enjoy this young fella as much as I did.



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