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MEN – Gods Of Men – Surprise Gift: Bennett Anthony & Jacob Ladder

Bennett Anthony & Jacob Ladder at Gods Of Men


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

It is Jacob Ladder’s first time and he is offering his sweet, tight hole to Bennett Anthony as a surprise gift. Bennett works Jacob’s hole, balls, and cock with his mouth, and then he sits back as Jacob eagerly takes his fat cock deep in his throat. Jacob bounces his cute butt on Bennett’s hard dick, and then switches to doggy position and gets the pounding he craves.


CorbinFisher – Marc Drills Philip, Bareback

Marc & Philip at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

When Marc and Philip shoot some pool, Philip admires Marc’s aim, along with his hot body and handsome face. They head to the bedroom and Marc uses his cock to aim for Philip’s tight ass! Philip takes Marc’s big dick doggy-style, and rides it in a reverse – cowgirl, before finally blasting his own load while Marc fucks him missionary-style. Marc pulls out and shoots his load all over Philip’s nuts and ass, then shoves his cock back inside Philip to make sure he sinks one in!

SeanCody – Lane & Forrest: Bareback

Lane & Forrest at Sean Cody


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015


MenAtPlay – Robbie Rojo & Edu Boxer

Robbie Rojo & Edu Boxer at Men At Play


Data Released: Mar 26, 2015

Free Ride: Robbie Rojo, Edu Boxer

Newcomer Robbie Rojo has run away from home and is heading to the big city, with dreams of making it big. But its a long and cold journey, that’s until a kind business man stops and offers him a ride. But things are not all that they seem as Edu soon makes its clear that he has other interests in the young 26 year old when he stops the car, unzips his suits trousers and takes out his hard dick. Robbie is faced with the choice of giving this man a blow job, or walking all the way back so it doesn’t seem like he has much choice, after all how hard can it be? Robbie takes his dick, and gives him a long, deep blow job that has Edu moaning with pleasure and to his surprise he loves the taste this man’s dick and the sticky pre-cum in his mouth. The heat between Edu and the boy steams up the car windows and he takes the young boy outside of the car where he can get his dirty way and give his cute, little ass a hard and deep Daddy-fucking. If he carries on this way, Im sure Robbie will make it very big in the city and on Menatplay!


UKHotJocks – Alexis Belfort & Luke Vogel

Alexis Belfort & Luke Vogel at UK Hot Jocks


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

Deep Rep’s: Alexis Belfort, Luke Vogel

Alexis and Luke are training side by side, they don’t know each other but have been giving each other sly glances in the gym for weeks. Luke is a relative newbie to all this and hasn’t quite got the right technique for optimum performance, Alexis is about to fix this. Though criticism from a stranger isn’t always a welcome thing, Alexis offers his help to a slightly defensive Luke though Alexis only insists that he doesn’t know best but some tips might help him out. Cradling his shoulder, Alexis stands over Luke and shows him how to curl properly, correcting a few basics and observing the new and improved Luke. …

TimTales – Mateo Stanford & Tim Kruger

Mateo Stanford & Tim Kruger at Tim Tales


Data Released: Mar 26, 2015

This week Tim meets Mateo Stanford, a muscular portuguese who was in town to do some business. Since Mateo really needed some after-work ass relaxation and Tim can never resist a well rounded muscle butt, they found themselves soon naked on the bed, enjoying some hot ass banging.


RagingStallion – David Benjamin & Nick Capra

David Benjamin & Nick Capra at Raging Stallion


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

Auto Erotic, Part 2: David Benjamin, Nick Capra

In the Auto Erotic Motorcycle Shop, Nick Capra chews the stubble on David Benjamin’s chin. David leans in to give Nick’s hairy chest and armpits a tongue bath and tease Nick’s nipples. They lock lips, swap spit, and grapple, maximizing contact between flesh, tongues and hands. While in full body contact, they both take time to sniff and lick each other’s hairy pits! Turned on by the man smells, Nick pulls his cock out, challenging David, ‘Show me what you can do.’ He slaps David’s face with his cock and rams his throat. David goes to town on Nick’s giant dick. …

NextDoorWorld – Seth Santoro & Max King

Seth Santoro & Max King at Next Door World


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

Marriage Canceller: Seth Santoro, Max King

When Seth Santoro is having trouble getting along with his wife, he goes to the best marriage counselor in town, Max King. Seth has only heard rave reviews about Max, and is hopeful that he can inspire positive changes. But, of course, Seth’s wife is a no-show! Max knows exactly how to deal with this type of situation. After calming angry Seth down, Max insists the two take advantage of the time they have to discuss the marriage problems by doing a roleplay exercise. Seth is reluctant at first, but agrees. Max, playing the part of Seth’s wife, asks why Seth hasn’t been interested in having sex lately. …

MenOver30 – Alessio Romero & Benjamin Bronx

Alessio Romero & Benjamin Bronx at Men Over 30


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

Performance Review, Part 2: Alessio Romero, Benjamin Bronx

Alessio and Benjamin just got into the office and they are both enjoying their morning coffee when they notice a faint sound coming from the other room. They listen very closely and can hear someone fucking in the other room. They start to laugh and talk about it but then they both get really horny and Alessio begins to grab Benjamin’s cock. Hard as a rock and horny from the sounds coming from the other room they slowly take their suits off and begin to take turns sucking each other. Benjamin is hungry for that ass and bends Alessio over the break room table and buries his face deep inside. Lubed and ready he pounds that hole until Alessio explodes with oozing cum and Benjamin returns the favor with a hot load of his own.


MasqueradeMen – Adam Bryant & Marxel Rios

Adam Bryant & Marxel Rios at Masquerade Men


Data Released: Mar 26, 2015

Do you like to watch a good ass pounding? Because that’s exactly what we’ve got this week with our bang-em-hard Adam Bryant and his hole partner Marxel Rios! We learned from previous work with Adam that when given a choice he likes to fuck his guys hard until they can’t take it anymore. Marxel was a willing participant for that sort of thing, so we let these two go at it as fast and intense as they wanted. Our cameramen absorbed their energy and didn’t worry about everything being all smooth and perfect. They got up in there just like Adam’s fat dick! This scene has many awesome parts, especially if you like seeing a guy’s meaty ass clench as he’s fucking from behind, but definitely keep your eye out for the cum that slings off Adam’s cock at the last second as he flings himself on the bed after spraying his juice all over Marxel’s face and mouth. We got us a hot one here!



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