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EricVideos – Horny Slut, Straight To The Point, Bareback

Horny Slut, Straight To The Point at Eric Videos


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

Vincent is in heat and he decided to give his hole to just anybody. He left his door cracked open for a guy wearing a mask to come in, with a huge 9 incher, then a second one who joined them and kept this party going.


PhoeniXXX – Andro Maas & Bruno Bernal

Andro Maas & Bruno Bernal at PhoeniXXX


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

My Husband Is Gay: A Hard Fuck For Hunky Bruno

When Andro finds tanned muscled hunk Bruno slapping his cock in his hand in an abandoned workshop beneath the rail arches of Manchester the hung stud can’t hold himself back! With some amazing oral the guys feast on cock and ass, with Bruno showing he can slurp down those long and thick uncut inches Andro has, then taking a real hard and frantic fucking in his rimmed hole! Hung stud Andro really gives the guy an awesome ramming, making him cum over himself, then sharing their hot sticky cum as Andro wanks out his own!


DudesRaw – Daniel Raski & LuLu

Daniel Raski & LuLu at Dudes Raw


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

Big dicked Daniel Raski and hot Latino stud LuLu start out sucking on each others cocks and before you know it LuLu is playing with Daniel’s sexy, white, bubble butt in a jockstrap. LuLu gets his hole wet and loose and ready for a Latin meat injection. The two fuck until LuLu shoots a big load on Danel’s furry hole and fucks it in.


MEN – Str8 to Gay – Not Brothers Yet: Jarec Wentworth & Jared Summers

Jarec Wentworth & Jared Summers in “Not Brothers Yet” at Str8 to Gay


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

Jarec Wentworth is stressed after having lost his job. He is comforted by his brother-to-be, Jared Summers. All Jared really wants is to have his mouth filled with dick and to get his horny ass pounded by Jarec’s straight cock. Jared goes to town on Jarec’s big dick before having his desperate hole ravaged, doggy style.


RandyBlue – Austin Wolf & Jamie Pavel

Austin Wolf & Jamie Pavel at Randy Blue


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

Gay Porn Star Austin Wolf Feeds Bisexual Horn Dog, Jamie Pavel His Hot Cum.

Jamie heard that Austin was a big guy. But when Austin walked into the room, Jaimie was left speechless. Well almost. It is hard to get Jamie to keep it down. He started to squeal in delight as he saw the muscle bound god enter. He started to tingle in excitement knowing that this man was going to fuck the hell out of him. Jamie started the dirty talk right off the bat and they began to kiss passionately. Austin stuck his fingers in his mouth to prepare him for some deep throating. Then Austin pulled his cock out of his underwear and shoved it deep down Jamie. …

RagingStallion – David Benjamin & Shawn Wolfe

David Benjamin & Shawn Wolfe at Raging Stallion


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

America’s Finest: David Benjamin, Shawn Wolfe

Shawn Wolfe and David Benjamin meet up and leave the clothes behind for some downright filthy fucking. David’s yellow jock strap barely conceals his raging erection. Shawn eagerly rims David’s pits, and every now and them, David lifts Shawn’s chin and spits in his mouth. If you love a stud with fur, ink, muscle and a dirty mouth, David is your man. It doesn’t take long for Shawn to gravitate to David’s cock, and David makes sure he fills Shawn’s mouth and throat with his entire endowment. Shawn gets spanked and rimmed until his ass is burning to be fucked. When David makes him beg, Shawn gets a huge dildo as a reward. But you’ll never predict what follows. …

NextDoorWorld – Tyler Morgan, Derrick Dime & Jacob Ladder

Tyler Morgan, Derrick Dime & Jacob Ladder at Next Door World


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

POV Plaything: Tyler Morgan, Derrick Dime, Jacob Ladder

For bros Derrick Dime and Jacob Ladder, anticipation is killing them. Waiting for their twink to arrive, they’ve rigged the room with several cameras to film their unsuspecting bottom, and now all that’s left is waiting for the sound of the door.When the bell rings, Derrick snaps into action, bolting for the door to find supple and dirty cockpig Tyler Morgan waiting. The guys bring him in and waste no time stripping him down to his bare essentials, and immediately have him down on his knees, sucking off both of them as they pass their camera back and forth. Tyler swordfights like a champ as Derrick pulls his hair and Jacob shoves his cock down Tyler’s throat. …

MenOver30 – Rikk York & Johnny Hazzard

Rikk York & Johnny Hazzard at Men Over 30


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

Sleepy Head: Rikk York, Johnny Hazzard

Rikk woke up this morning and Johnny wasn’t in bed next to him so he walks downstairs and heads to the fridge for some juice. As he’s drinking the juice he notices the TV is one and there is Johnny passed out on the couch again. Rikk quietly walks over to him and slightly brushes up against him waking him up with kisses. They both begin to make out and Rikk quickly pulls Johnny’s cock out and takes it into his mouth for a wet early morning BJ. Johnny who is still waking up is extremely relaxed as Rikk services him balls deep. Johnny finally wakes up and has Rikk fuck him in multiple positions and his favorite which is being bent over the couch and rammed deep.


MenOfMontreal – Damien Hope & Alexy Tyler

Damien Hope & Alexy Tyler at Men Of Montreal


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

Scoring Big!: Damien Hope, Alexy Tyler

We decided to team together Alexy Tyler and Damien Hope as these guys had previously made it known to us that there was mutual interest in getting together. Weren’t we surprised though when Damien showed up sporting a Mohawk haircut that, as far as we are concerned, does not do him justice. We kinda told him to chuck that look away for next time. In any event, he set out to chill for a while before the shoot as he had arrived early. What does any warm-blooded French Canadian stud do to kill time… well, yes, have sex. But when you are waiting for that, what else to do but to watch a good old Montreal Canadiens hockey game. So he settled in the bedroom, laid back and turned the TV on. …

MenAtPlay – Denis Vega & Mateo Stanford

Denis Vega & Mateo Stanford at Men At Play


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

That’s The Way: Denis Vega, Mateo Stanford



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