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MEN – Jizz Orgy – The Straight Man, Part 4: Connor Halstead, Eli Hunter, Jared Summers & Tom Faulk

Connor Halstead, Eli Hunter, Jared Summers & Tom Faulk in The Straight Man at Jizz Orgy


Data Released: Feb 25, 2015

Eli Hunter is concerned that his friend, Tom Faulk, has thoughts of having sex with girls. He calls up his horny college buddies Connor Halstead and Jared Summers to help restore Tom’s love for cock. Tom sucks Jared’s big dick and rails Eli’s cute butt in this living room orgy. But was this enough to make Tom realize he is gay? Let’s take a closer look…


WilliamHiggins – Filip Cerny & Steve Peryoux, RAW

Filip Cerny & Steve Peryoux at William Higgins


Data Released: Feb 25, 2015

Filip and Steve RAW – FULL CONTACT

Filip Cerny and Steve Peryoux are walking, down by the Vlatva River and decide to go out on the water, in a rowing boat. Filip takes the oars, but their expedition is shortlived and they, instead, go inside. Once there Steve decides on what they should do next, and starts to kiss Filip. They kiss and Steve soon removes Filip’s tee shirt, running his hands over the very sexy chest. Then Filip unfastens Steve’s shirt and it comes off too. They continue to kiss each other and Steven undoes Filip’s pants, releasing his stiff cock. Steve takes hold of it and starts to wank it as he kisses Filip again. Filip pushes his pants down and Steve’s head goes down on the stiff cock, sucking it into his mouth. …

TitanMen – Eric Nero & Ricky Decker

Eric Nero & Ricky Decker at Titan Men


Data Released: Feb 25, 2015

Pacific Coast: Eric Nero & Ricky Decker
Ricky Decker knocks on a door nestled in a winery. “You’re late,” says Eric Nero, a baseball cap atop his handsome face. “We don’t have a lot of time.” They kiss, stripping their shirts off as their bristly chins meet. Ricky rubs Eric’s clipped, toned chest, taking out the lean stud’s huge cock. Ricky sucks it deep as Eric holds his head. They kiss, Eric stroking their cocks together before getting on his knees. “Play with that big dick while you do it,” says Ricky, Eric stroking his own beast as he sucks. Ricky’s boner is caught in a beautiful side shot as his muscle bod is pressed against the wall, his hairy hole soon eaten by Eric. Ricky fucks Eric from behind, the bottom then sitting down on him as his monster cock bounces. “Look at that big dick floppin’ around!” marvels Ricky, the two kissing as Eric arches back. The bottom gets on his back as Ricky slams him: “Wanna fuck that cum outta you!” moans the top, Eric’s hairy bod soon covered in cream.

TimFuck – Flooded: Kyle Ferris Bang, Bareback

Flooded: Kyle Ferris Bang at Tim Fuck


Data Released: Feb 25, 2015

FLOODED exemplifies the instinctual urge that every bottom gets to have his insides flooded with nature’s milk. Packs of dominant all encompassing tops in hostile takeovers of their breeding holes. KYLE FERRIS is featured in the pre-release in his first group fuck scene. Kyle is a man on a mission to be loaded up… and one to watch in 2015. Like a moth to a flame when it cums to getting fucked and taking seed, he is a huge Treasure Island Media fan who has fantasized about being a TIM cum whore for a long time. I told TOMMY DELUCA, LUKE HARDING and ROB YAEGER to go ahead and give the boy what we all know he wanted. …

ThickAndBig – Justin Beal & Dirk Wakefield

Justin Beal & Dirk Wakefield at Thick And Big


Data Released: Feb 25, 2015

My New Roommate: Justin Beal, Dirk Wakefield


NextDoorTwink – Trent Ferris & Juan Lopez

Trent Ferris & Juan Lopez at Next Door Twink


Data Released: Feb 25, 2015

Caught By My Stepbrother: Trent Ferris, Juan Lopez

As young, handsome Trent Ferris studies for his Geometry exam, he hears a curious noise coming from the hallway outside his room. He investigates and finds the peculiar moaning sounds are coming from his new stepbrother, Juan Lopez’s, room. He cracks the door open slowly to discover Juan jerking his swollen cock while watching a video of two men having sex. Trent is surprised to find he himself is very turned on by this entire witnessing. Just as his mouth begins to water while gazing upon his stepbrother’s fat meat being stroked, Juan catches Trent watching! …

NakedSword – Duncan Black, James Hamilton & Ryan Rose

Duncan Black, James Hamilton & Ryan Rose at Naked Sword


Data Released: Feb 25, 2015

A Wicked Game Episode 4: Fucked To Be Tied
James Hamilton is going to pay Ryan Rose and Duncan Black a little visit – and it’s not going to end well. Once inside, the young lovers are bound and gagged for a good fucking. Hamilton first turns his attention to Ryan. He drools gobs of thick spit into Ryan’s perfectly puckered hole and jams his finger in, taunting Duncan the entire time. Hamilton strips, revealing his chiseled frame and a huge, thick dick. He smacks his captives in the face and only removes their gags so he can shove his cock in their mouths. He strips Ryan naked and rolls him over so he can fuck his ass. He aggressively fucks Ryan in several positions, then Hamilton pulls out and shoots his load coating his tightly tied tough boys.

HardBritLads – Kayden Gray & Ryan Westwood

Kayden Gray & Ryan Westwood at Hard Brit Lads


Data Released: Feb 25, 2015

A really intense shoot here, with horny willing sub lad Ryan Westwood, in his first ever shoot, getting his throat and arse majorly stretched by Kayden Grays thick solid 9.5 inch monstercock. The lads start off kissing and groping each other, a little nipple-play, then Ryan drops to his knees and pulls down Kayden’s shorts to rub his big meaty bulge. He gets it hard, then takes out that huge dick. Ryan starts sucking, eager to go deep, and Kayden gets pretty forceful, forcing it down it throat till his eyes water. Ryan can’t get enoug! On the sofa now, 69 position with Kayden underneath, Ryan sucks some more, managing to get a bit deeper, whilst Kayden sucks him as well, then plays with smooth hole, pushing his finger into the lad as he sucks him. …

ExtraBigDicks – Drake Jaden & Valentin Petrov

Drake Jaden & Valentin Petrov at Extra Big Dicks


Data Released: Feb 25, 2015

Drake and Valentin are arguing over who is the better top and the only way to settle it is with a game of rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first. Valentin gets the first draw and he thinks he will be able to make Drake cry with his big dick pounding his big ass. He tries his hardest to make him cry but it never happens yet he still feeds him his fat uncut cock and he pumps his tight hole until he gives up and it’s Drake’s turn to fuck. Drake is a little sore but it won’t stop him from showing Valentin who the real power top is. Drake dives right in and Valentin rides that cock like a pro taking it all in with no problems at all. Drake ends up fucking the cum right out of Valentin yet neither one wants to acknowledge who lost the bet.


CockyBoys – Gabriel Clark & Jack Rayder

Gabriel Clark & Jack Rayder at Cocky Boys


Data Released: Feb 24, 2015

Gabriel Clark and Jack Rayder are a match made in heaven. Their chemistry was instant from the beginning and they felt so comfortable with each other as they were talking about porn, sex, rimming, kissing, and stuffing chickens. Of course, talking about all that stuff can only lead to one thing. They start by making out and before we knew it their clothes had come off and Gabriel was sucking on Jack’s rock hard cock. Of course Jack later returns the favor while Gabriel is fingering his hole and stuffing his mouth with his big cock at the same time. …


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