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MEN – The Gay Office – Executive Brothel, Part 3: Connor Maguire & Paul Walker

Connor Maguire & Paul Walker in Executive Brothel at The Gay Office


Data Released: Feb 24, 2015

Connor Maguire has a long night ahead of him at the office and is in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. Connor says he just wants to talk, but Paul Walker has seen this type of client before and knows that what he really needs is his big, hard cock in his mouth. Paul starts slow with some kissing, but this is enough to turn on Connor until all he wants is to suck Paul’s perfect, throbbing cock, and then drill his beautiful ass.


CorbinFisher – Russ Plays Rough, Bareback

Russ & Rough at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Feb 24, 2015

Who knew sweet and innocent-looking Russ could talk so dirty and be so rough? Dawson didn’t know but he finds out the hard way when he and Russ get together. Once Dawson starts sucking Russ’ dick, Russ doesn’t stop giving orders. He makes Dawson eat his ass, bend over and even say he’s his bitch! Russ smacks Dawson’s ass and pulls his arms behind his back as he gets fucked and Dawson loves every minute of the rough treatment! Dawson rides Russ’ big cock, then gets pounded until both of them shoot huge loads only Dawson shoots cum all the way up to his cheek while Russ cums inside Dawson! I hope we’ll see even more of Russ’ rough side!


PeterFever – Best Buds – Morning Ritual

Jessie Colter & Blake in Morning Ritual at Peter Fever


Data Released: Feb 23, 2015

I love waking up to the sight of my roommate Jessie Colter. He’s one of the sexiest guys I know with a chiseled body. Every morning I have a morning routine called the “4 S’s” which are shit, shower, shave, and stroke. I usually jack off thinking about Jessie’s huge cock pounding my tight ass but Jessie Colter thought there should be another “S” instead, for “sex”. He pulled me in close, pull down my pants, and my ass got pounded. Jessie Colter adds sex to Blake’s morning in the Novella Series S4E10 “Best Buds – Morning Ritual”.

RandyBlue – Dominic Santos & Zane Porter

Dominic Santos & Zane Porter at Randy Blue


Data Released: Feb 24, 2015

Dominic Santos Gets His Hungry Hole Fed By Bisexual Hunk Zane Porter.

Zane and Dominic were getting along pretty well. Zane had heard that Dominic had a big dick. Mostly because Dominic would not stop talking about it. Zane had to take a look at it for himself. Dominic can get hard a slight breeze, so just the near mention of Zane asking to see his cock got Dominic rock hard. He pulled out his thick black dick and Zane got to his knees to suck it. Zane had never had one like this before. Dominic bent down and self sucked along with Zane to show him how it is done. Then Dominic got a hold of Zane and began to suck his rigid pink cock. …

SweetAndRaw – Val Horner, Alan Craft & Frank Myers

Val Horner, Alan Craft & Frank Myers at Sweet And Raw


Data Released: Feb 24, 2015

Alan Craft and Val Horner are hanging out with their buddy Frank Myers. It’s his birthday and the two are there to help him celebrate. After a bit of bubbly and blowing out the candles it’s time to blow some cock. Big cock. But not before they take turns showing off what they were blessed with, stroking one another as they get all warmed up. Since it’s Frank’s special day, he gets first crack at Val’s big dick before sharing it with Alan. Frank wraps his lips around that pretty piece of meat again quick while getting serviced by Alan. The guys then take turns sucking and getting sucked, with Val delivering some terrific cock-to-face smacking, before rimming the birthday boy. …

MenOfMontreal – Ben Rose & Emilio Calabria

Ben Rose & Emilio Calabria at Men Of Montreal


Data Released: Feb 24, 2015

Breaking: Ben Rose, Emilio Calabria.


IconMale – Adam Russo & Alexander Greene

Adam Russo & Alexander Greene at Icon Male


Data Released: Feb 24, 2015

Schoolboy Fantasies, Scene 1: Adam Russo, Alexander Greene

Adam Russo is relaxing at home alone when he hears a creak in the door somewhere in his house. He goes to investigate the noise when all of a sudden a robber jumps on him from behind. Adam rips off the mask and the robber turns out to be his student, Alexander Greene. Adam is angry with his student, their affair may lead to him losing his job. In a fit of anger he tosses Alexander down on the bed and starts kissing him. He takes off Alexander’s shirt and starts kissing down his navel. …

HelixStudios – Luke Allen & Dylan Hall

Luke Allen & Dylan Hall at Helix Studios


Data Released: Feb 24, 2015

Tickle Attack: Luke Allen, Dylan Hall

We’ve always heard that laughter is the best medicine, but perhaps we’ve been overlooking its aphrodisiac qualities all this time. When an innocent tickling session gets Dylan Hall and Luke Allen a bit excited, giggling gives way to kissing, touching and moaning. Dylan’s big, hard twink cock is no laughing matter, and soon it’s plowing in and out of Luke’s tight hole, tickling him from the inside.


Eurocreme – Johan, Nic & Richard

Johan, Nic & Richard at Eurocreme


Data Released: Feb 24, 2015

Young Suits In Threesome Fuck: Johan, Nic, Richard
It’s been said that clothes make the man. There’s definitely some truth to that, judging by Johan, Nic and Richard, a trio of gorgeous young men with terrific bodies and big cocks. They look great in their business attire but look even better out of their clothes! The horny threesome treat themselves, and us, to some of the hottest mutual dick sucking, spit roasting, and fucking we’ve seen in a while. Be sure to have plenty of tissues on hand ‘cause you’re in for a treat with some H-U-G-E loads!

CollegeDudes – Tommy White & Dillon Anderson

Tommy White & Dillon Anderson at College Dudes


Data Released: Feb 23, 2015

Tommy White Dominates The Handsome Dillon Anderson.
Our little twink Tommy White finds himself in bed with the sexy Dillon Anderson, and when they start kissing, things heat up real fast! While they make out, each of these hotties lose some pieces of clothing, until finally they find themselves both naked and pressed against each other, Dillon grabbing for Tommy’s cock while their bodies touch. All this kissing and touching has given them a taste for meat and they get into the 69 position and both get a mouthful of cock at the same time, giving head as Tommy gently plays with Dillon’s asshole. …


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