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MEN – Str8 to Gay – You’re Welcome To Stay: David Adams & Troy Phillips

David Adams & Troy Phillips in You’re Welcome To Stay at Str8 to Gay


Data Released: Feb 23, 2015

David Adams is a genuine, nice guy as he offers Troy Phillips a ride home when he misses his bus. Unfortunately, David has to make a quick stop at his place when they both learn that Troy’s cunty girlfriend lost her keys to their place. Troy decides to forget about his slut girlfriend for a while and throws David’s horny ass onto the bed, and then pounds him deep with his massive cock.


SeanCody – Curtis & Tate: Bareback

Curtis & Tate at Sean Cody


Data Released: Feb 23, 2015


MormonBoyz – Elder Foster & Elder Miller – Companionship Study Part 2, Bareback

Elder Foster & Elder Miller in Companionship Study at Mormon Boyz


Data Released: Feb 22, 2015

Elder Foster has a huge crush on the very handsome Elder Miller. He has been wanting to go on splits with him for weeks. He could hardly believe when Elder Miller stripped naked and ordered him to suck his dick, Elder Foster eagerly wrapped his lips around his gorgeous cock. He had always thought he was the only closeted gay Mormon; Now he is wondering if Elder Miller is one too. But it didn’t stop there. After he had a taste of his glistening cock, Elder Miller gave him a blow job, too. And once his dick was hard and wet, Elder Miller wet his hole with a little spit and opened it up with a finger. Elder Foster watched and played with his dick, guessing that it would soon be buried in that tight ass. …

GayHoopla – Sean Costin & Jake Davis

Sean Costin & Jake Davis at Gay Hoopla


Data Released: Feb 23, 2015

Sean Costin’s First Gay Fuck Video With Jake…

The industry has definitely noticed hot muscle stud Sean Costin. Jake Davis also a very popular model was first in line to bottom for this hard-bodied male specimen. Sean is very open to messing around with guys, doing so a few times in his own personal life. When he got his hands on Jake, you could see his smile light the room. It’s really hard what to exactly concentrate on in this video. What were you looking at? Dat ass? Dat smile? Dat Cock? My favorite part was at the end when Sean wipes both Jake and his cum on Jake’s abs… Sean then continues to wipe what’s left of the cum on his hand, onto his own abs.


CockVirgins – Mike Chambers & Jacob Ladder

Mike Chambers & Jacob Ladder at Cock Virgins


Data Released: Feb 23, 2015

Teaching My Tutor: Mike Chambers, Jacob Ladder

Jacob is Mike’s tutor but Mike is not focused at all and can only think about being fucked by Jacob. Jacob is trying to get Mike to stay on track but Mike pulls down his pants and waves his booty in front of Jacob who backs away and wants him to stop what he’s doing and get back to studying. Mike knows Jacob wants that ass and so he grabs his hand and lays it right on his firm butt and now Jacob can’t resist any longer. Jacob is very unsure of what to do but Mike leads the way and gets on his knees and sucks on that meaty cock. Mike is ready to be fucked and bends his tight hole over and lets Jacob fuck him good and deep. Jacob loves this tutor session and can’t believe he finally gets to fuck Mike. He’s been watching Mike for months in the locker room and finally he gets to see his creamy nut all over the place.


BrokeStraightBoys – James Andrews & Cage Kafig, RAW

James Andrews & Cage Kafig at Broke Straight Boys


Data Released: Feb 22, 2015

James Andrews is still learning the ropes of fucking dudes, and this time we’ve brought in Cage Kafig to help! Watch as Cage takes one for the team and ends up covered in cum!


BareAdventures – Alan Craft, Luke Taylor & Raul Fox

Alan Craft, Luke Taylor & Raul Fox at Bare Adventures


Data Released: Feb 22, 2015

Caught out having a quick dildo play in the bathroom but his dark haired twinky mates, bottom boy Luke is instead treated to a harder, more intense assplay than he could have wished for. Brought to the bedroom, handsome new faces Alan and Raul get straight to work, Raul getting a blowjob and Alan working that dildo into Luke’s hungry hole. As all three twinks strip naked, it’s one hell of a hot sight to behold, especially when all their limbs intertwine and every dick is being sucked, jerked or bouncing in sheer pleasure. Raul’s dick is impressively big and nicely shaped – Luke can’t get enough of it and it’s no surprise! As Alan gets that big dildo into Luke, his leg held aloft by Raul, he’s got great access and gives us a great view of the dildo play, pulling out and giving us a gaping hole screaming for raw cock! …

BadPuppy – Erik Schaffer & Roger Gharney

Erik Schaffer & Roger Gharney at Bad Puppy


Data Released: Feb 21, 2015

Roger Gharney again joins us on Badpuppy, and this time around we’ve paired him with hot, muscle bottom, Erik Schaffer. Watch as this awesome duo ignites your screen.


FalconStudios – Brandon Jones & Luke Adams

Brandon Jones & Luke Adams at Falcon Studios


Data Released: Feb 23, 2015

Cockstar: Brandon Jones, Luke Adams

Luke Adam’s clothing can’t disguise the hot, muscular body it conceals. All is revealed when Brandon Jones wraps him in an embrace and peels off the layers. Luke’s cock, already at max hardness, practically pops into Brandon’s mouth, leaving his fat, lazily hanging balls to bump against Brandon’s chin. Brandon is equally hard, and Luke is hot to suck him. Luke swallows the entire shaft, then mashes his tongue into Brandon’s nut sack. They kiss and repeat. Luke wraps a hand around Brandon’s cock and sucks harder and faster, adding firm strokes to increase the buildup of cum in Brandon’s balls. Brandon’s breaths grow short; he shouts as he squirts multiple blasts of cum into Luke’s face and mouth. With Brandon’s load still dripping from his pecs, Luke strokes himself and pumps a load across Brandon’s lips. They lick it up together, kissing and sharing the taste.



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