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MEN – Gods Of Men – Sunkissed: Brent Everett & Luke Adams

Brent Everett & Luke Adams in Sunkissed at Gods Of Men


Data Released: Feb 14, 2015

Brent Everett is an artist and a nude Luke Adams is his subject on this tropical day by the pool. When Brent starts to get playful, Luke is all game, positioning himself perfectly for Brent’s big dick face-fuck. Brent then jams his face between Luke’s plump ass cheeks, spits in his sweet hole, and devours it with his tongue. With Luke’s ass ready for a hard pounding, Brent stuffs his huge cock into Luke’s tight hole and fucks that perfect ass hard.


CorbinFisher – Ryder & Christian’s Bi 3 Way, Bareback

Ryder, Christian & Jamie at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Feb 14, 2015

Last week, one of Ryder’s fantasies came true when, after getting himself worked up watching Jamie in some three-way action, she arrived to finish him off. Well we decided that the fantasy wasn’t yet exactly complete. This week, not only does he get Jamie, but he also gets to fuck Christian! Ryder absolutely shines when he’s in control and takes full advantage of getting two hot partners to dominate. Switching between both partners, he finally gets the full extent of his fantasy- tearing both into Jamie and Christian’s ass! As Ryder goes harder and deeper Christian trembles as he cums then offers his mouth for Ryder to unload in!


WilliamHiggins – Jindra Durak & Marek Borek, RAW

Jindra Durak & Marek Borek at William Higgins


Data Released: Feb 14, 2015

Jindra and Marek RAW – FULL CONTACT


UKHotJocks – Kayden Gray & Yoshi Kawasaki

Kayden Gray & Yoshi Kawasaki in Hot Spotter at UK Hot Jocks


Data Released: Feb 13, 2015

Hot Spotter: Kayden Gray, Yoshi Kawasaki

Yoshi is new to the area and looking for a new gym to keep his hot body in check. He has a chat with the handsome owner and a tour of the new facilities available to him. It’s the middle of the day and the gym is quiet, just one other guy training hard. Kayden is quick to notice the new recruit and decides to put him through his paces a little bit, an introduction as to what this gym is REALLY like. Asking Yoshi to spot him is just a cheeky excuse to look up his shorts, past his muscular thighs in into his briefs. …

RagingStallion – Shawn Wolfe & Nick Capra

Shawn Wolfe & Nick Capra in Cockquest at Raging Stallion


Data Released: Feb 13, 2015

Cockquest : Shawn Wolfe, Nick Capra

Shawn Wolfe is sprawled on top of Nick Capra. Their hairy chests and hard cocks press together, as do their tongues. Shawn slides down Nick’s belly to swallow Nick’s massive cock. Nick’s reactions prove just how good a cocksucker Shawn is! Once he’s satisfied his oral cravings, Shawn positions his ass over Nick’s saliva-coated dick and slowly lowers himself down, savoring every inch as it slides in. Nick’s cock is as fat as his wrist and you can see how much it stretches Shawn’s hole. …

PhoeniXXX – Hans Berlin & Edwin Sykes

Hans Berlin & Edwin Sykes in I’m Your Boy Toy at PhoeniXXX


Data Released: Feb 14, 2015

I’m Your Boy Toy: Nothing Says I Love You Like A Good Fuck!

Forget the chocolates, this is how a boy should really show his lover how much he cares! Edwin ate the chocs already, but he’s still hungry, for something else. Hans is more than pleased with his lovers planned Valentines gift, feeding the boy his impressive uncut cock and feasting on his in return. But it’s the ass-pounding fuck and the splashing of semen that really says I love you.


MilitaryClassified – Brubaker-Thalius Anal Group

Brubaker & Thalius at Military Classified


Data Released: Feb 13, 2015

Today I’m really excited because I have been trying to get these two guys together to shoot a scene but could never schedule them, their both very busy now! Ha! Regardless I did and today Brubaker and Thalius will team up to go a little ‘gay for pay’ and stroke each other’s cock, get their dick’s sucked by a gay dude (me) and finally watch Brubaker lose the bet and get bent over by Thalius and fucked him in many positions before making Brubaker nut and Thalius nut all over Brubaker’s face. Lovely!


FalconStudios – Ryan Rose & Luke Adams

Ryan Rose & Luke Adams in Cockstar at Falcon Studios


Data Released: Feb 13, 2015

Cockstar: Ryan Rose, Luke Adams

Ryan Rose teases Luke Adams about the way he eats a banana, and calls for a more graphic demonstration. Peeling their shirts off, they come together in a lustful embrace. Ryan tugs Luke’s shorts off and sucks his rock hard cock until it glistens. Ryan’s tongue dives into Luke’s hole – lapping, swabbing, licking, probing and eliciting moans of approval. Ryan’s cock goes in next and the action goes to another level. Luke spreads his legs 180 degrees to accommodate Ryan’s huge tool, utilizing the kitchen counters to reach incredible new positions. When Luke can’t contain his release any longer, he shoots an enormous load of cum across his abs. Luke slides to the floor, just in time to capture the huge wad of cum shooting from Ryan’s cock.


DebtDandy 74, Bareback

Debt Dandy 74


Data Released: Feb 13, 2015

The urge to fuck was strong. But as there were almost one week no new applicants I opened my mailbox and randomly picked an older one. Called the guy that I can help him to solve his money issues immediately. He agreed and within 30 minutes I was in front of his door. Young, phlegmatic and shy boy with huge debts. Same shit, other day! He didn’t have very masculine figure but that was exactly what I wanted today. I wanted good, dirty sex. He was slim with nice, small and tight ass. For a minute I was thinking if I should help him, cause his debt was really high. But I couldn’t resist. Made him to strip and dance for me. He was like a little bitch working hard to get the money. As soon as he started to suck me, I knew I did good to pick him.


BrokeStraightBoys – Vadim Black & Justin Riggs

Vadim Black & Justin Riggs at Broke Straight Boys


Data Released: Feb 13, 2015

Vadim Black is paired with Justin Riggs, and this scene is hot from the moment their lips meet! Vadim takes charge, pulling Justin into him as the kiss and undress, ass-grabbing and dick rubbing ensue as these boys take turns dominating each other. They get a little rough as their cocks come out and Justin satiates his craving for dick as he sucks on Vadim’s prick, feeling his body and running his hand along those strong abs as he pushes Vadim’s cock deeper down his throat. …


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