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MEN – Drill My Hole – Two Tops Don’t Make It Right: Diego Vena, Jake Matthews & Owen Michaels

Diego Vena, Jake Matthews & Owen Michaels at Drill My Hole


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Owen Michaels and Diego Vena put out an ad for a hot and submissive bottom who they can make their own personal slut. Before long, a timid Jake Matthews is on all fours getting his sweet ass pounded by Owen while Diego jams his cute mouth with his fat dick. Jake is the perfect bottom slut they were hoping for, as he enjoys every second of having their hard, horny cocks ravish his hungry hole.


CorbinFisher – Ryder Gives It To Quinn, Bareback

Ryder & Quinn at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Sometimes being bossed around is exactly what you need in your day, as this smoking hot video of Ryder and Quinn shows. When Quinn asks him what he’d like to get into, Ryder doesn’t hold back his dark and horny imagination. He tells Quinn exactly what to do. Which is to worship his hot body and cock and get himself ready to be filled! Ryder has a dark stare and deep voice that he uses to command his horny pleasures. Quinn, used to being the hot stud running the show is over the moon to have found a masculine and sexy hunk to take over, dominate him, and turn him into the eager sex puppet he secretly loves to be. Quinn slowly unsheathes Ryder’s big cock to deep throat it down to the balls. Face fucking and ass-pounding Ryder makes Quinn his quivering bitch. By the look of Quinn’s rock hard dick and the amount of cum that gushes out of his throbbing cock, you can tell he absolutely loves the abuse!


MenPOV – Lenox Gray & Damian Black

Lenox Gray & Damian Black at Men POV


Data Released: Jan 28, 2015

Popcorn and Cock: Lenox Gray, Damian Black


CzechHunter 178, Bareback

Czech Hunter 178


Data Released: Jan 28, 2015

This cold weather is starting to bother me. Only way how to relax for me these days is to fuck young, moneyless dudes, who are willing to do anything for the money. This day I’ve met two young boys, both students and classmates. They didn’t go for my offer so all freezing I’ve sent them away. Soon after I was lucky and spotted a much cuter, young fella passing by. I’ve approached him and started my little interview. He was desperately in need of money. It was just a few moments and I saw him running bare ass in the middle of the square. Didn’t take me long and I was with him in a hallway in an office building. He was eating my cock like he didn’t eat for a month. Money can be fun here in Czech Republic. Here straight boys are willing to do it all.


HelixStudios – Jacob Dixon & Tyler Hill

Jacob Dixon & Tyler Hill at Helix Studios


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Feels So Good: Jacob Dixon, Tyler Hill

You think of big dick twinks, Jacob Dixon comes to mind. Taking his nine-incher is something of a right of passage for Helix models. You think of the perfect round, firm, athletic booty, Tyler Hill’s has to be at or near the top of the list. So, Jacob’s long cock probing Tyler’s luscious bubble butt is a no-brainer, and it’s kind of a wonder these two have never hooked up until today. After freeing their hard cocks from the tight confines of their jeans, Jacob has to warm up Tyler’s hole with his tongue so that his endless dick will fit inside. Then he gives Tyler a powerful, deep dicking that has both boys moaning with pleasure until Tyler’s rock-hard dick explodes a load of hot cum over his ripped abs.


GuysInSweatPants – Andrew Collins & Colton Grey

Andrew Collins & Colton Grey at Guys In Sweat Pants


Data Released: Jan 28, 2015

Winner Gets His Dick Sucked: Andrew Collins, Colton Grey
“The winner gets his dick sucked” is a motto we should all live by. For those who don’t, you can live (and masturbate) vicariously through these two who do. It’s always a good day when a friendly game of Mario Kart ends with someone getting fucked. Colton has a nice fat cock, which Andrew had no problem sucking and getting plowed by after he “lost.” Colton didn’t hold back with the fucking, choking, and man-handling… and topped it off with pulling out and blowing his load all over Andrew’s face.

DirtyTony – Alessio Romero & Max Cameron, Bareback

Alessio Romero & Max Cameron at Dirty Tony


Data Released: Jan 28, 2015

There is only one other way to get to know your partner besides sex, and that is with a little question and answer game. Both our studs agree that the best thing about being the opposite sex would be having three holes instead of two, and of course the tits are not bad either. They are also both afraid of being trapped in a dark cramped cave more than on a rope bridge over a canyon. But when it comes to guilty pleasures, that is where they start to separate paths. Alessio Romero loves to suck cock, while Max Cameron really loves getting gang banged with a group of hot guys. And with that, the clothes start coming off as Alessio goes down on Max’s already ragging hard-on. …

Staxus – Sam Williams & Troy Vara, Bareback

Sam Williams & Troy Vara at Staxus


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Troy Vara Gets All Wrapped Up – But It’s Sam Williams Who Gets Fucked & Fisted Like A Bitch!

MEN – Drill My Hole – Desperate Teens, Part 3: Jay Rising & Travis Stevens

Jay Rising & Travis Stevens in “Desperate Teens” at Drill My Hole


Data Released: Jan 28, 2015

Travis Stevens is having car trouble and is stranded on the side of the road. Just when he thought nobody would stop to help, Jay Rising drives up and makes him an offer he cannot refuse. Jay says he will help Travis, just as long as he can stuff his mouth with his enormous cock and then ravage the desperate teen’s hole until he delivers a massive load to his face.


DylanLucas – Jed Athens & Casey Everett

Jed Athens & Casey Everett at Dylan Lucas


Data Released: Jan 28, 2015

Can’t Look Away: Jed Athens, Casey Everett

I knew Casey from college and called him up when I was moving into town and he let me crash with him while I looked for a place, which I was grateful for. What Iwasn’t grateful for was that he literally never wore anything besides his underwear. Not that itwasn’t a great view, I mean, he was gorgeous, nice legs, tight ass, amazing abs. Watchinghim strut around in practically nothing was certainly not unpleasing… and that was sort of theproblem. I was a guest so I was trying to be polite and respectful but I was constantly catchingmyself staring at him. I never got used to it, and I’m sure he noticed, because he’d catch myeyes, or smile at me wryly. …


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