MilitaryClassified – Thalius 2 – Anal


Data Released: Oct 23, 2014


This the second chapter in the story of Thalius! This straight laced, conservative, and very handsome Marine has returned to the MC cameras to cross over the rest of the way into the world of “gay for pay”. Today Thalius is not only going to fuck a dudes ass for the first time but he’s literally fucking any ass for the first time. Yep a complete virgin! Check out as Thalius gets to take a ass for a test drive and leaves his tip! Thalius came today eager to make money and in his uniform cause he came here directly from work. Thalius has 4 years in the corp under his belt and heading for another so this seasoned grunt was going to try something for the first time. How does one convince a straight guy to do something like this? MONEY! …

Once I told him how much he would be making, it was very tough for him to say no. As soon as the cameras started rolling, Thalius kept his mild mannered rep ore and before long I was knelt down in front of his attitude and began sucking his cock which immediately went straight up in the air. Thalius would sneak a peak every once in a while watching what I was doing and wondering why it was feeling so good. It didn’t take long before I was making him nervous so I slapped on the condom and we were off to the races. I tried to break him in since this was a new experience for him so I mounted this boy’s rock hard cock cowgirl style and he tried very hard not to look but the cameras never lie and we noticed Thalius checking out rob’s ass and didn’t seem to mind his dick going in there. I started off slow but little by little, I increased my speed and soon I was bouncing on Thalius’ cock and so much so that I rode him in a couple of other positions before I had him bend me over. In the end it was the doggie style position that gave Thalius the room to show me his stuff and that’s exactly what he did. Thalius took control and began fucking like a mad man, taking me by the hips and drawing me towards him as he thrusted his cock deep in my ass. He was the energizer bunny because he could have fucked for hours on end but I only had so much tape. After it was over, Thalius just laid there, spent, done, and ready for a nap!




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