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MEN – Jizz Orgy – Stepfather’s Secret, Part 8: Asher Hawk, Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid & Trevor Spade


Data Released: Oct 24, 2014

Dirk Caber can`t stop fucking his stepsons. Part 8 of Stepfather`s Secret escalates to a triple penetration in the most intense Jizz Orgy ever! Dirk Caber is the first man in gay porn to successfully get three stepson cocks inside one daddy asshole!


UKHotJocks – Adam Nivad & Josh Jackman


Data Released: Oct 24 2014

The Informant: Adam Nivad, Josh Jackman
We have a leak and he needs to be plugged! Inside man Josh Jackman is selling the companies secrets to the highest, biggest and most well built bidder. In a secret urban location he`s asked Adam Navid to meet him to do the exchange the information for, well, something Adam is willing to sell. They are not alone; a mysterious figure observes the whole deal. Adam asks what he wants in exchange, “Just the usual payment” Josh responds Having obviously done this before Adam knows the procedure, they head down a back alley to a dark, underground space to make the final end of the trade. …

RagingStallion – Donato Reyes, Dario Beck & Alessio Veneziano


Data Released: Oct 24, 2014

The Tourist: Donato Reyes, Dario Beck, Alessio Veneziano.

Working the streets of Madrid, hustlers Donato Reyes and Dario Beck pick up a john, Alessio Veneziano. They retreat to an apartment and strip naked, reveling in the sensations of fur brushing against fur and hard cocks rubbing together. Alessio drops to his knees and helps himself to both cocks at once before lying down on the floor to get face-fucked by Donato. Dario sidles up and aligns his cock with Alessio’s, and Donato sucks them both at the same time. …

FalconStudios – Ryan Rose & Adam Wirthmore


Data Released: Oct 24, 2014

Easy Inn: Ryan Rose, Adam Wirthmore.

Adam Wirthmore has a hard on. Pumping it with quick strokes, he snaps a dick pic on his phone. With the muscles on his gymnast’s body rippling, a 5 o’clock shadow and a light dusting of body hair, he knows he’s looking hot. Adam is ready to hit send when Ryan Rose, perfectly chiseled with a close beard, walks up behind him. ‘Whatcha doin’?’ Caught and embarrassed, Adam tries to stuff his junk back in his shorts, but Ryan isn’t going to let a hot stud like Adam slip away. Ryan doesn’t waste too much time, allowing Adam to suck his dick and quickly getting his cock all up in Adam’s tight ass. They fuck in every direction; Adam works his hips to feel every angle of Ryan’s cock, and Ryan can’t get enough of Adam’s tight hole. After a marathon of fucking, they unleash their loads, Ryan’s coating Adam’s torso and face.


ChaosMen – Brenner & Jet: RAW


Data Released: Oct 24 2014

Jet is an incredible bottom. If you have seen his video with Vander, you know he came 7 times during that video. Jet looked at his reviews, and said the comment sections had people not believing he came 7 times (well 8 if you count the final one he did in the shower after the shoot). I know a lot of adult sites tend to exaggerate things, but I usually am pretty forthcoming about the info I write in these summaries. If you have seen other videos by Jet, you know he cums 2-4 times in many videos, and we are most certainly not filming over a day or two. A typical shoot takes 2 hours, and that includes prep, showering, photos etc. …

FrenchDudes – Romeo Alonzo & Kader Jawell


Data Released: Oct 23, 2014

As the scene opens, we see the young and handsome Romeo Alonzo window shopping and meets up with Kader Jawell. They head back to Kader’s place where Romeo can service his cock. Kicking back on the couch smoking a cigarette, Kader pulls out his hard cock and Romeo doesn’t need an instruction manual for this task. Of course, we already know Kader isn’t exactly the “kissy kissy” kind of guy and prefers dominating his partners as Romeo soon finds out. …

CollegeDudes – Roman Daniels & Taylor Blaise


Data Released: Oct 23 2014

Roman Daniels and Taylor Blaise are two young, fit, and well- endowed hotties looking for a little release form their hectic lives, and they`ve certainly come to the right place for that! They exchange some slow kisses before Taylor pulls Roman`s large cock out of his pants and sucks it, teasing it with his hot mouth until it`s standing straight up, hard as fuck! Taylor pulls his mouth off of Roman and the two strip down, getting completely naked before Roman sits back on the bed and goes down on Taylor, giving him some mind blowing oral, earning him some more cock-sucking and a rimjob from Taylor! …

FrenchLads – John Despe & Klementes


Data Released: 20 Oct 2014

Ass Opening by Young Cock: John Despe, Klementes

Two young, slim sports lads, hairless with huge cocks in a darkroom. First John rams his big boner into Klemente’s throat, then fucks him up the ass until his hole is glowing and both have unloaded their cum.


FrenchLads – Mathieu Lafitte & Max Lacoste


Data Released: 16 Oct 2014

Surfer Boy Fucked at Dusk: Mathieu Lafitte, Max Lacoste

Dusk on the coast, it’s almost romantic. But Max and Lucas have only one thing in mind: fuck and play! Lucas, a slim, blond surfer boy, is pounded by Max‘s monster cock so hard that his ass is still gaping long after they’ve come.


FrenchLads – Malik TN & Brian Dickers


Data Released: 13 Oct 2014

Beer and Fucking: Malik TN, Brian Dickers

During a break Malik lets Brian lick his huge dick and is eager for more. In the end he hammers his fucking trunk into Brian’s ass who can‘t refrain from cumming.



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