FrenchDudes – Pti Pain & Ted TN [Full]


Data Released: Oct 20, 2014

The Show Must Go On: Pti Pain, Ted TN

As the scene opens, we find Pti Pain on the balcony having a smoke when he is joined by a hot looking stud by the name of Ted TN. The two kiss and caress before moving back inside where we pick up the action with Ted teasing Pti’s cock. Then Pti takes his turn working on Ted’s cock and we get a glimpse at Ted’s hot ass. Gotta say I love Ted’s tat among-st a few other things (wink). The two men take in some foot worship, Nike’s, socks and all while perched in front of the open window as passerby’s are welcome to enjoy the show. We hear a couple cars honking their horns in what I assume is their “seal of approval” as the two go back to sucking each other’s cock. …

Pti focuses on sucking Ted’s nipples and slapping that nice ass while the two stroke their cocks. Ready to “up” the ante, Pti gives Ted a little rimming and sucks on his cock from behind. Having a little trouble maintaining an erection today, it looks like Pti is going to take over the “bottom” position. In the porn industry, if you can’t fuck, you get fucked; “The show must go on!” LOL Join us next time to see how this hot little duo plays out. Picking back up with Ted TN and Pti Pain, we find Ted working his cock into Pti’s tight ass bent over the chair. Once Ted gets his cock in, he starts the pounding while I…err… WE enjoy looking at the fine ass on Ted. DAMN! Why am I in the mood for rump roast all of a sudden? The guys move down to the floor with Pti on his back as Ted continues to drill his ass. The cameraman gives us a few different angles of the action making sure we don’t miss a thing. Then Ted pulls out his cock and gives Pti a “hand” or rather a some fingers while he strokes his cock. Both men continue stroking their cocks until Ted blows a nice hefty load up past Pti’s head hitting the floor under the chair leaving a creamy white trail all down Pti’s chest and stomach. Either Ted hasn’t got off for a couple of days or his cocks’ nick name is “missile launcher.” Pti continues jerking off while Ted plays with his balls and sucks on his nipples to help stimulate the boy. When Pti does blow, we get to see another gusher. Pti had a tough time today, not the “norm” for him, and when he does blow, it’s a big smile of complete satisfaction.




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