DirtyTony – Tyler Griz & Paul Stack


Data Released: Sep 24, 2014

What’s better than two muscular, fair, tattooed studs hanging out on a couch? The same two hotties having sex! Tyler has been asking me for awhile, when he gets to fuck sexy Paul Stack. I like to keep the guys happy. So, like a fairy godfather, I granted his wish. Getting to know each other by asking silly questions gets them both smiling. But Paul has a wish of his own that he’d like to be fulfilled. His favorite place to be kissed is on the dick… “that seems to always get the party started.” Happy to put a smile on his new buddy’s face, Tyler leans over and plants one on Paul’s crotch. …

Paul’s pink dick is hard immediately and Tyler must stretch his lips to encircle it. As he tries to swallow the entire length, Tyler’s nose brushes up against the ginger pubes nestled at the base. Paul’s curious to know what Tyler’s favorite place to be kissed is. When he finds out it’s his ass, Paul dives in; tickling the perfect white globes with his reddish beard. Paul works his tongue along Tyler’s taint and pulls his dick backward through his legs, sucking his cock from behind. Now Tyler wants some of Paul’s ass. Spitting on his hand, he lubes up the straight boy’s ass before shoving his stiff dick in to the base. As he does, Paul gives a short moan, then continues moaning as his hole gets pounded. Paul flips onto his back and let’s Tyler have his way as they stare into each other’s eyes. Then Tyler lays on his back while Paul rides him, grinding the cock deep inside his anal cavity. They continue to stare into each other’s eyes while Tyler occasionally slaps Paul’s ass until he’s ready to cum. With his hole still stuffed full, Paul shoots his semen into a large white pool on Tyler’s chest. Paul then eagerly licks up his mess, making sure to lap up every drop from Tyler’s smooth chest. Like a good bottom straight boy, he gets on his knees and begins licking Tyler’s balls, waiting for the second load to get in his belly. Several giant wads of jizz leap onto Tyler’s tummy as he grunts and the veins in his neck pop. Paul happily munches his prize, slurping it up as Tyler looks on, satisfied.




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