FrenchDudes – Kent Quante & Elias Roy [Full]


Data Released: Sep 15, 2014

Breaks My Ass In The Sun: Kent Quante, Elias Roy

If you like watching guys piss, you need to be quick on this on. Just as the video starts, we get to catch Elias Roy taking a piss but the scene quickly changes with Elias leaning up against the wall texting. Kent Quante comes walking by and around the corner the two go. I think I’ll follow as this looks like it might get interesting. Not to mention that I want to get a better look at these two new’cummers’. I already like Kent, he does exactly what I would of done; grabs a handful of that cute twink ass and gives it a couple squeezes; nice and tender 🙂 While Kent is checking out Elias ass, Elias is checking out Kent’s cock. …

Long, curved and slender seems to work fine for our twink. HOLY CRAP! Get a look at the size of that monster on Elias. Are we taking bets on who the bottom is in this scene? I move in to get a closer look at that big cock and Kent’s oral skills and find myself drooling; a quick wipe of the backhand takes care of that. Kent turns Elias around leaning him up against a ladder and spreads those gorgeous young cheeks exposing a beautiful pink hole just begging to be rimmed and fingered. I know I’m here to film this, but I sure want to get in on some of this action. DaaAAamn! As if it couldn’t get any better, from behind them, we all get to see a pair of gorgeous low hangers on Elias swinging back and forth as he strokes his cock; and Kent still enjoying a little “rump roast.” Elias goes back down on Kent to service his cock, but not for long. If your money was on Elias being the bottom, you’re a winner. With a foot up on the ladder, cheeks spread, Kent takes the plunge right up Elias ass. I get a good shot from the side and my eyes are glued to those gorgeous nuts on Elias. Then I move behind them and get down on the ground and get a great shot of the action. I have to stop myself from reaching up and playing with Elias balls and figure this is a good time to put the camera down. We’ll finish this a little later.

Okay, got things back under control, now back to the action with our new’cummers’ Elias Roy and Kent Quante. Right from the start, Elias knows just how to get to me turning around so we all get to watch those gorgeous balls and cock rocking as Kent pumps his ass. Then Kent wants to change it up and Elias gets on his back. I think Kent was getting jealous because we could all see Elias “junk” and he couldn’t. Can’t really blame him I suppose 🙂 Watching this young twink, it just seems as though he wants to “turn up the heat.” I get the impression that he likes things on the wild side. Never the less, it’s awesome just getting to know him on an intimate level. And yes, I just love those big smooth soft looking suckable, lickable balls; not to mention his cock. No offense Kent, but Elias has stolen the show! Without warning, Elias blows a thick creamy load all over his stomach and I just want to jump in there and give the boy a tongue bath. I can’t help but feel like Kent got left out in the cold on this one. Neither Kent or I expected Elias to blow that quick and without saying something; bad boy Elias, bad boy. But I have a feeling none of us will object having Elias back on the set.




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