MilitaryClassified – Sawyer 3


Data Released: July 1, 2014

As you all may know Sawyer has returned after a long ‘sabbatical” and received one of Rob’s special BJ’s but today I’ve convinced Sawyer to come back and finally cross the gay for pay line and do the ultimate… Yep Sawyer has agreed to fuck some gay ass! This tall lean white boy from Orange County has displayed the fucking skills of a straight guy and how good a tight brown ass feels confusing this boy and making my video frickin’ hot! Check it out! Sawyer is becoming a regular at MC and we don’t have a problem with that at all. Sawyer is quite conservative actually, hasn’t fucked very many girls because of his shyness but has a dirty streak that takes him on adventures with girls he meets online. …

This has become the staple for all straight guys who just want to get laid and of course that where I solicit. Sawyer really didn’t have a problem with the fucking but was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to perform… boy was he wrong! After we signed paperwork I immediately began the photo shoot because I really love all the tattoo work that Sawyer has on his body and when he’s naked, it looks so fucking sexy and masculine. This quiet straight white male was even more sexier when we actually got down to business and started the anal scene. I started with the usual and it didn’t take long before Sawyer’s 6 inch cut cock was pointing straight up in the air with two snug little nuts tightly set up against his shaft. What a beautiful sight! I began sucking his cock like I always do and Sawyer was definitely enjoying the warm wet mouth and tongue I was using on his balls and crotch area. Before long I was bobbing up and down on that rock hard cock and I knew I couldn’t continue because I was already wearing this boy down, Next I put on the condom and the mayhem began. Since this was his first male ass, he wasn’t sure how to proceed. I don’t understand why… it’s an ass for god’s sake! What else can you do with it? lol. Sawyer, well, this boy knew just how to fuck because once I warmed him up I began bouncing on his cock from several positions that eventually lead to one of the nicest little loads I’ve seen Sawyer dish out! He is a quiet kid so his expressions were the ones that really stood out for me. Sawyer was definitely impressed with the orgasm and the look on his face said it all! Check it out!




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