FrenchDudes – Carlos Celona & Brian Next


Data Released: Apr 21, 2014

Insatiable Appetite For Cock: Carlos Celona, Brian Next.

Hang on boys, there’s no “dilly-dallying” around in this video. It’s right to the action from the second you click start. Brian Next is hard at it sucking Carlos Celona while kicked back on the couch. Hey Brian… I don’t think you’re going to get that cock any harder than it already is. You gotta give credit where credit is due and Brian is one mean cocksucker. Now I know where the saying “suck a golf ball through a waterhose” came from. Now we get to watch Carlos demonstrate his oral skills, but it’s not Brians’ cock he’s interested in. Carlos turns Brian around baring a nice plump hairy ass and goes in deep, Face Deep! Burying his face in Brians’ ass he gets Brian all warmed up, well, loosened up. …

Brian goes back in for a little more cock sucking first before Carlos pulls out the condom. Now Carlos goes Balls Deep in Brians’ ass. Notice Brians’ muscular legs? And here I thought he just worked out his legs at the gym. Now we know where those muscles come from; all that bending over. As the two men take a break from the humping, Brian goes back to pumping Carlos’ cock with his mouth. This guy has an insatiable appetite for cock indeed. But Carlos wants back inside that hot ass and moves Brian up on the couch and taps that ass again “doggy style.” When it’s time to bust a nut, or the nuts in this case, Brian lays back on the couch while Carlos blows his load all over Brian’s chest. Then Brian adds his own finishing touch, or strokes I should say and lets loose of a nice creamy load that covers his stomach up to his chest.




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