ActiveDuty – Andrea & Zane


Data Released: Apr 06, 2014

We’re doing things a little out of order tonight, but I’m sure you won’t mind. We just introduced you to Zane the other day in the War Chest Update, where he made his very first appearance in front of a camera – anywhere. Well tonight, we’re getting Zane in his first hard core scene with a guy – and it’s with someone you’ve never before before: Andrea. (That’s pronounced “Andre,” by the way.) Zane says he’s a little nervous – hell, wouldn’t you be? After all, he’s about to have his anal cherry taken by someone he just met. But you know, we have a way of partnering up people that we think will have some good chemistry, so I know he’s in good hands. …

In fact, he’s in the hands of directory Kaden (well, not literally, but that *would* be something, now wouldn’t it … ?). Both of the guys say they are nervous, but they’ll get over that soon enough, methinks. Kaden asks who they think might take over the “lead” in this situation, and Zane quickly volunteers that he thinks his personality will take the lead. Kaden says to Zane that Andrea told him earlier that if Zane does a good enough job, Andrea will bottom. Both of the guys have this look of “wait, what?” because clearly, nothing of the sort was said earlier, and Andrea is wide-eyed with slight panic. lol. Kaden lets the guys start to go at it, and after a bit of chit-chatting and some porn-watching, the clothes start to come off. Zane is the first to go down, as he starts sucking off Andrea – who is clearly enjoying himself. “Oh man,” he moans, throwing his head back. Andrea makes sure to jerk off Zane while he’s getting head too, reaching underneath and grabbing his dick…




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