FrenchDudes – Picwick & Clem Agde


Data Released: Apr 03, 2014

A “Dip” At The Pool: Picwick, Clem Agde

We’re at Langlade House in Nimes on a Sunday morning after spending the night partying until the wee hours of the morning. We were sitting down outside in the courtyard enjoying some peace and quiet and I had laid my head back in the chair and closed my eyes listening to Picwick and Clem Agde conversing. Things got quiet and when I opened my eyes, the guys were gone. I figured they went for a morning dip in the pool and headed that way. Well, good thing I never leave the room without my camera because the guys were “up” for more than a “dip” in the pool. …

More like Clem was ready for a “dip” in Picwick’s ass. Picwick lays back on the deck chair while Clem dives in with his tongue giving Picwick a great rim job. Clem has Picwick really horned up and Picwick wants that hard cock in his mouth while Clem continues to work his hole with a finger before bringing out a condom. Clem slides on the “raincoat” and strokes a bit to get himself to full measure. Picwick bends over on the deck chair and Clem goes for a “dip.” I got down under them to get a look at the action from below, balls slapping against Picwicks’ ass and then they switch to missionary. I got up behind Picwick shooting down over his stomach and then they switched back to the previous position. I figured that I would just back up at this point rather than try to get those close in shots. I no sooner back out and they switch up the action again with Picwick mounting Clem on deck chair. Back in I go and move in behind them. Now Clem starts pounding furiously up into Picwick. To finish things off, Clem blows his load all over Picwicks’ chin and chest followed by Picwick releasing his own load.




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