FrenchDudes – ClemBoy & Karim [Full]


Data Released: Mar 13, 2014

The Nike Hookup: Clemboy, Karim

Clemboy is headed to the local club and heads inside as Karim jogs by. Karim turns around and heads in looking for ClemBoy. Next we find the two of them in a room with ClemBoy worshipping Karim’s Nikes. ClemBoy, down on the floor on his hands and knees, he pulls his runners down exposing his sexy ass for the camera (and us). Clemboy pulls off Karim’s Nike and moves up between his legs pulling Karim’s sweats down just enough for us to see Karim’s lovely big balls. ClemBoy starts sucking his cock while Karim holds the Nike close. As Karim starts getting hard, we hear a couple gags from ClemBoy. He goes back down and starts sucking Karim’s toes while still wearing his socks and Karim gives ClemBoy’s ass a few swats with his Nike. …

Karim pulls his sweats down a bit more so we get a better look at “all” of his glory. ClemBoy happily starts sucking Karim again and licking his balls. Fully hard and ready for more, join us next time to watch these two studs get it on.

Back with ClemBoy and Karim, ClemBoy is working hard on Karim’s cock and got him up to full “measure.” I sure wouldn’t mind crawling up between his legs and lending a helping hand… err, mouth. LOL Karim is one sexy young guy! Satisfied and ready to take this sneaker fetish scene to the next level, Karim bends ClemBoy over the bench and slides in. The action hard and fast and even our cameraman is trying to keep up with these two. He does manage to get down and behind Karim and grab us a nice shot from between his legs. Gotta love them balls slapping back and forth πŸ™‚ One thing for sure, if you have roomies and don’t want them knowing what you’re up to, turn down the volume. ClemBoy is very vocal and no mistaking his moans and groans for a guy getting a good fucking. When it comes to stamina, Karim is an ace. We get another look at the action from behind and then from up top looking down as Karim continues to pound hard and fast. ClemBoy clings to a Nike and and buries his mouth and nose. It didn’t seem as though this scene would ever end and when I no sooner think that, we switch to Karim jerking off in ClemBoy’s face giving him a fresh new look. One that ClemBoy is all to happy to adorn. Once Karim is done, ClemBoy puts his own finishing touch on Karim’s Nike and then licks it up putting a nice clean shine on Karim’s Nike.




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