FrenchDudes – Lexi Toyz & Titouan [Full]


Data Released: Mar 3, 2014

Graffiti This!: Lexi Toyz, Titouan

While Titouan is making his rounds, he spots Lexi Toyz adding more graffiti on the wall. He pauses to check out this sexy young lad while groping his cock. On approach, Lexi tries to run and stumbles and Titouan is quick to “cease” the kid. Binding his wrists while sitting on Lexi he shoves his cock in Lexi’s mouth. Lexi seems to go along with this but only for so long and then tries to get away again. Even with Titouan’s pants down around his ankles, Lexi gets nowhere fast and winds up with a sneaker duck taped over his face. …

Titouan loving a smooth tight young ass bends Lexi over and rims the young man. I’m sure you figured out where this is going. Back with Lexi and Titouan, I gotta say that I like this young lads ass as he walks behind Titouan to a secluded area where they can fuck in private. Don’t think I didn’t see that nice cock wagging back and forth in the breeze either… It damn near qualifies as a 3rd leg! Seems as though Titouan is having some trouble keeping it up as the two go back and forth between the fucking and sucking. That cockring might be a little too tight Titouan (wink). With Lexi back on all 4’s and ass in the air, Titouan does a “spit and shove” while we watch Lexi stroke that nice cock of his. Then Lexi turns on his back while Titouan keeps pounding. While Lexi tugs on his cock, Titouan bends over to suck on his nipples. Then pulls out and rims Lexi while he continues stroking and blows a nice creamy load all over his stomach. Afterwards, Titouan chases the young lad off and strokes out a nice load for us blowing his load upwards all over his shirt and hand.




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