FrenchDudes – Kameron Frost & Sofiane


Data Released: Mar 6, 2014

Fertilized Grounds: Kameron Frost, Sofiane.

Kameron Frost is back this week with another newcummer, Sofiane; the lucky guy! The scene starts off with what would normally be called a “face off” but in this business, I suppose we call it a “cock off.” Sofiane is down on the cruising grounds in the old abandoned house, stops, faces the wall and drops his pants awaiting a passer by. Kameron soon approaches and likes what he sees and cops a squat to take in the view with cock out and in hand. Sofiane spreads his cheeks and just looks at Kameron stroking his hard cock. Kameron just sits there not budging as Sofiane spreads his cheeks a little wider. Kameron still doesn’t budge as if to say “you want this, you’re gonna have to come and get it” and that’s exactly what Sofiane does. Just once I’d like to be the guy sucking Kameron’s gorgeous cock and licking those suck-able balls of his; not to mention bury my face in his ass. …

After some face fucking, Sofiane assumes what seems to be his favorite position, hands against the wall, butt poked out and cheeks spread. This time Kameron obliges Sofiane and slides his cock for a good fuck. While Kameron tends to matters in the rear, Sofiane takes his “matter in hand” up front stroking his cock. It would seem that Kameron hit the spot as Sofiane quickly blows his load all over the ground with Kameron still pumping hard and fast. The two men walk back over to where the scene started, Kameron sits back down on the box while Sofiane offers up a view again. Standing up, Kameron shoots one helluva nice load all over the ground as well. I think the boys did a great job fertilizing these grounds.




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