ActiveDuty – Shea & Tito


Data Released: Mar 2, 2014

Before we get started, I want you to check out our Bonus Sites area. Even if you haven’t looked in a while, you simply must give it a look this week. Specifically, our “streaming gay theater” over on the right-hand side of the Bonus Sites area. In it, you can watch dozens of full-length movies – for free – as part of your membership to Active Duty. Recently, the folks behind those feeds (over at AEBN) have gone in and revamped the whole thing. I’m super impressed by the offerings and I really want y’all to check it out. It’s totally compatible with your mobile and tablet devices, too! …

Ok, on to the update! “We got a newbie,” director Kaden says, as we start our brand new scene tonight with Tito and Shea. The newbie in question is Shea, who we have yet to see before, but tonight, he goes all-in with Tito. The two take turns sucking and fucking one another something fierce – and I’m super stoked to post it tonight for you guys. Kaden asks Shea how nervous he is, and he answers, “On a scale from 1-10? Like, a, 7?” Kaden jokes that Shea is super nervous, but he feels that Tito should be able to “relax” him a little bit, and “calm those nerves.” Kaden acknowledges how I’m working a little backwards, and throwing Shea into the mix super fast – since he hasn’t even shot a solo. Well hell, when you’ve got a guy that’s as cute as Shea, why *not* get him into some action asap? I’m doing it for you guys – the members – after all. lol. Kaden leaves the guys alone to get to know one another, and it isn’t long before the shirts and jeans come off. They start comparing tattoos . . . and their brightly-colored underwear. A handful of seconds go by before Tito starts sliding his hands up and down Shea’s inner thighs – and we’re off! “Gonna get you up and running here soon,” Tito growls at Shea, as the two guys start manhandling their briefs-clad dicks. Tito yanks off Shea’s underwear and starts going to town. Hell, Kaden has only been out of the room for a hot minute and we’re already on to blowjobs. He better get back fast before these guys carry on too far without him. lol.




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