FalconStudios – Trystan Bull & Ray Diaz

FalconStudios - Trystan Bull & Ray Diaz

FalconStudios - Trystan Bull & Ray Diaz

Data Released: Apr 19, 2013

Tahoe, Snow Packed: Trystan Bull, Ray Diaz

Every man likes playing with himself when he’s naked. It’s at such times that he’s most vulnerable to seduction. That is the basis of Latin firecracker Ray Diaz’s strategy for bedding Trystan Bull. Handsome and clean-cut, with liquid brown eyes and the hard body of a wrestler, Trystan has no idea he’s the object of Ray’s carnal desires. …

After a day on the cold slopes of Tahoe, he just wants a warm bath to take the chill out. Who could blame him for closing his eyes and indulging in a slow, sensuous, soapy wank? Ray is lurking around the corner, wrapped in a towel, watching. He savors the view of Trystan’s hard cock, abs you could slalom off of, and a bubble butt that’s high and round. When Ray reveals himself, Trystan is too heated up to say no. He asks Ray to wait until he rinses off, then join him in bed. Ray is single-minded about what he wants: that cock up his ass. So when Trystan’s butt hits the sheets, Ray’s hole lands on Trystan’s upright cock. Ray fucks himself on Trystan’s cock at every speed, every angle, and every intensity, until he’s worn a groove in his prostate. They switch to a standing position then end up in missionary, dousing themselves with simultaneous blasts of jism.

FalconStudios - Trystan Bull & Ray Diaz



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