CorbinFisher – Connor Owns Ellis, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 21, 2014

Connor – the tall, buff, big-dicked power top. Ellis – the lean, tight- bodied, insatiable power bottom. Get these two together, and nothing short of relentlessly hard, furious, deep, and intense fucking follows! Ellis wanted Connor’s cock from the very start – he sucks with such enthusiasm it was as if he’d been waiting to get Connor’s dick in him for ages. Connor returns that enthusiasm, manhandling Ellis while also eagerly going down on him and getting him tremendously worked up. Beyond all of the intense action in this are the visuals we get from a big and powerful Connor having his way with a smooth and boyish Ellis. Even without those visuals, though, you can probably get off to this one with just the sound alone – flesh slapping, Ellis’ hungry moans, Connor’s commands, and the wails and moans as both of these studs cum!

RawFuck – Grinning While He Takes A Double Load


Data Released: Aug 21, 2014

This stud bottom is a total fucking whore, waggling his tongue at us while he`s getting banged blank and sucking his inked tops fingers, tasting the flavours of his mancunt before hes impaled on his fuckers tool and bouncing hard to get double raw loads squirted into his hole.

ManRoyale – Jason Maddox & Anthony Verusso


Data Released: Aug 21, 2014

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!: Jason Maddox, Anthony Verusso

KristenBjorn – Manuel Olveyra, Caleb Ramble & Rainer, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 20, 2014

Men in the City – Table For Three: Manuel Olveyra, Caleb Ramble, Rainer

Manuel and Rainer have invited Caleb over for dinner. But it is not food that is being served up on this dining room table, it is cock and ass. Rainer and Manuel tag team Caleb’s huge cock before Caleb eats away at both ass’. Caleb probes his tongue nice and deep into each guy, making sure each ass is amply lubricated with his spit. Rainer then deep throats Manuel and Caleb at the same time while Caleb swallows Rainer’s hard cock. Manuel flips over and Caleb slams his hard, raw cock deep into Manuel’s wet, pink hole. …

ThickAndBig – Drake Brody & Anthony Verruso


Data Released: Aug 20, 2014

Jock Strapped: Drake Brody, Anthony Verruso

NakedSword – Connor Maguire & Paul Wagner


Data Released: Aug 20, 2014

Summer of Fuckin Scene 2: Muscle Garden

Seen foraging through the woods, these two young lumberjacks have clearly been pent up and ready to rumble for ages. Featuring Connor Maguire and Paul Wagner in a free for all, multiple positioned workout that would only satisfy a true woodsman. This Castro backyard isn’t just right or too cold, its fucking hot and you should check out the fire!

CzechHunter – 155, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 20, 2014

Today I found myself in the middle of the Jiraskuv bridge. Switched on the cam and tried my luck with the first dude passing. It was very short and I almost got punched. He got so offended that he pushed me quite hard. But luckily right the next young lad was the cutie I was hoping for. Talkative, cute, young and a sportsman. Just getting back home from his football training. Took me some time to start the conversation about sex with him. But once I did I knew he is gonna be a true catch for my little private project. Even so shy as he was, he showed me his adorable cock right there on the bridge. I knew he won’t go any further there, so I used my “money” trap and got him to agree to go to the park with me. Once again it was a great one.

The Men’s Fitness Exercise Bible


The Men’s Fitness Exercise Bible
English | 1016 pages | True PDF/EPUB/MOBI in archive | 94.6 Mb

101 Best Workouts to Build Muscle, Burn Fat, and Sculpt Your Best Body Ever!
Build muscle, burn fat, and sculpt the body you wantwherever, whenever you wantwith the worlds most respected fitness experts as your personal trainers.

Attitude Magazine – September 2014 (Issue # 248)


Attitude Magazine – September 2014 (Issue # 248)
English | 180 pages | True PDF | 128 Mb

MEN – Drill My Hole – Hump Or Bump: Antonio Paul & Tommy Defendi


Data Released: Aug 20, 2014

Tommy Defendi works as a NYC escort making fantasies come true. Antonio Paul uses his first MEN to make turn a fantasy to reality – sex in the jungle. Of course next to the size of Tommy’s gigantic boner, the jungle theme fades to the background as Antonio’s tight hole endures a rough and right pounding.

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