MEN (Gods Of Men): Real Couple (Klein Kerr, Massimo Piano)

Data Released: Nov 25, 2015

Klein Kerr and Massimo Piano have passionate sex in this sexy Gods of Men scene.

ManRoyale: The Pool Boy (Wesley Woods, Trenton Ducati)

Data Released: Nov 25, 2015

CorbinFisher: Jasper Gets Fucked (Marc, Jasper) (Bareback)

Data Released: Nov 25, 2015

Jasper and Marc create a sexy contrast, Jasper with his light features serious smolder and Marc with his dark good looks and big smile. One thing the guys have in common though are their smoking hot bodies! Jasper’s curious of how it’ll feel to be on the receiving end of a dick but gauging how big and hard he gets- the curiosity also has him quite excited! Marc goes to work on Jasper’s big dick, using his mouth to get it hard and straining. Then he moves to focus on his tight hole, sucking on his balls as he slides his finger in. All this gets him pretty turned on. He lays back and Jasper climbs on top to give him head. …

MormonBoyz: Elder Sorensen, Inspection (Bareback)

Data Released: Nov 25, 2015

Elder Sorensen is one of the hottest young men The Order has ever scouted, and they have great plans for him. First, however, for any boy who desires to receive the higher priesthood, he must prove himself worthy to enter into the covenants necessary to join The Order. Thus far, Elder Sorensen has demonstrated that he is in perfect physical condition, he is good natured, he is highly affectionate toward his priesthood brethren, and he is completely obedient to authority. Further, he is happily fooling around with his companion and other missionaries. Like all recruits before him, Elder Sorensen is invited to the mission home for an inspection conducted by one of the more experienced men of the Order. …

WilliamHiggins: Wank Party 2015 #09, Part 2 (RAW, WANK PARTY) [4K Ultra HD]

Data Released: Nov 25, 2015

Model Name: Denis Develo, Laco Meido, Patrik Maly, Vaclav Chovanec

WilliamHiggins: Wank Party 2015 #09, Part 1 (RAW, WANK PARTY) [4K Ultra HD]

Data Released: Nov 11, 2015

In Wank Party 2015 #9 we have a very good line-up, Laco Meido, Vaclav Chovanec, Patrik Maly and Denis Develo. In part one we find them enjoying a smoke from a Hookah, a Turkish pipe that is filled with a flavoured tobacco. Vaclav suggests that they should try to pass the smoke from mouth to mouth. Then Laco shows his skill at blowing smoke rings. They enjoy some more passing of smoke from mouth to mouth and then Vaclav begins to kiss Denis. He runs his hands over Denis too and then they kiss again. Laco and Patrik follow that lead and they kiss as well. Soon Denis and Patrik are barechested and Vaclav follows suit. They continue with the kissing and rubbing with Laco licking Patrik’s nipples. …

TitanMen: Like Father, Like Son (Caleb King, Casey Williams, David Anthony, Luke Adams)

Data Released: Nov 25, 2015

Like Father, Like Son: Dads Fuck, Boys Watch And Make A Bet!
As they take turns sucking each other’s big jock cocks, toned Caleb King and tan Luke Adams are interrupted by Luke’s dad Casey Williams. They zip up and head out for practice, but Caleb’s dad David Anthony shows up with his son’s bag. Left alone in the kitchen, the two dads give in to their urges. David’s salt-and-pepper beard and mustache are wrapped about Casey’s thick shaft, the sucker’s nose hitting the muscle dad’s pubes. Casey snaps his cock up in David’s face, the sucker stroking his huge meat as he milks and gulps Casey’s veiny shaft. …

ChaosMen: Jet, Silas (RAW)

Data Released: Nov 25, 2015

Watching new guys work their way through their limits is erotic in its own way, but there is nothing like watching two pros go at it. I wanted a scene with two veteran ChaosMen models. Both Jet and Silas are totally versatile, plus Jet is basically an ejaculation machine. They start by sucking each other’s cocks. Getting each other hard and turned-on. They 69 and rim each other holes. Both guys work hard at pleasing their buddy’s cock until it is bone hard. Then let the flip-flop fucking begin! Silas rides Jet’s cock like a pro, sliding his ass up and down on Jet’s fat cock. Silas has gotten a lot more verbal over the years, and it is great to see him break out of his shell. …

BreedMeRaw: Luke Harrington, Aarin Asker (Bareback)

Data Released: Nov 25, 2015

Hairy Daddy and Hairy Boy. Can’t get any hotter than that. Aarin Asker desperately wanted to work with Luke Harrington and just knew he had to service that big fucking cock. While making out on the couch in his ass-less briefs, Aarin worked his way down Luke’s massive hairy chest to that big bulge in his underwear. He impressed Luke by swallowing that fucker whole, with no problem. So Luke fucked his face good giving him a hint of what was gonna happen to his ass. Putting him on all fours with his hairy slut hole hanging out of his ass-less briefs, Aarin was begging for that raw cock to be slammed into his hole and shown no mercy. Luke couldn’t hear most of that cause his face was buried in that slut hole eating him out. But when he came up for air, he slid that man meat deep in that hole and showed Aarin how to take nine inch cock with pride!

BadPuppy: Lucky Taylor, Daren Hecker

Data Released: Nov 24, 2015

When cute and cuddly Daren found out that his friend Lucky did porn, he became interested and did a solo video. Not long after, they talked and decided they would love to do a video together. In this action video, our two young studs slowly undress each other, kissing and tonguing each other’s bodies. Lucky gets an eyeful of Daren’s enormous cock and apparently gives him quite the blow-job as Daren’s cock is incredibly hard and erect. After a little face fucking Lucky stands up to let Daren work over his cock until Lucky decides he wants to face fuck Daren while shoving his fingers up his own ass. …


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