Staxus: Body Heat, Scene 5 (Johan Volny, Nick Lamar) (Bareback)

Data Released: Feb 12, 2016

It’s not hard to see why sun-worshipper, Matt Woody, is quite literally swept off his feet by the legendary, Johan Volny, at the start of this horny little episode. For one thing, of course, this is one of STAXUS’s greatest stars that we’re talking about here – Volny, together with Alex Stevens, Cameron Jackson and Thomas Dyk, was part of a magical inner-core of talent that pretty much every model wanted to perform with during the mid-2000s. For another thing, it’s the manner with which Volny arrives at the start of the action – on a beach-buggy, of all things! …

MEN (Gods Of Men): Dirty Valentine, Part 1 (Colton Grey, Roman Todd)

Data Released: Feb 11, 2016

Colton Grey sets up the bedroom for some sweet romance and then joins Roman Todd in the shower to start him off with a nice, wet blowjob. The two lovebirds then move to the bed for some very hot and hard fucking.

TimTales: Jaguar, Max Toro (Bareback)

Data Released: Feb 11, 2016

Jaguar is back and stuffing his huge Pole into Max Toro’s firm Muscle Ass. First Max tries to swallow as much of Jaguar’s Cock as he can, then he submits his butt to the young masked Raw Fucker. Condom free and juicy. Cum on in.

SeanCody: Jess Tops Randy Bareback

Data Released: Feb 11, 2016

“I wasn’t kidding when I said I missed this place.” Jess let us know after he jumped on the couch with big dicked Randy. Randy right off the bat knew he was in for a workout. “Since I proved I can take a big dick you guys are just going to keep giving me huge cocks. I think you might be trying to break me!” Randy joked. “I’ll try to break you for sure!” Jess chimed in. These two went at it for a while and it ended up being a cum-filled film. “I just like to bust a nut! Who doesn’t?” Damn its good to have Jess back.

NextDoorBuddies: Pose For Me (Jake Karhoff, Johnny Riley)

Data Released: Feb 11, 2016

When Jake Karhoff approached Johnny Riley at the gym and suggested he could be a model with the right portfolio, Johnny never expected to be ass out in a jock strap in Jake’s studio, but that’s where he finds himself. Johnny can feel the hunger in Jake’s gaze as he snaps his photos, and can feel the desire in Jake’s touch as he re-positions Johnny on a rolling chair. Jake feels the work Johnny has been putting in at the gym as he runs his hands down Johnny’s back, but what he really wants is to plunge is tongue deep between the cheeks of Johnny’s hot ass. Jake makes his play, and can sense Johnny is hesitant, but he assures Johnny this is the quickest way to become a real model, taking advantage of the newbie’s naivete, and Johnny relents. …

HelixStudios: Introducing Calvin Banks (Tyler Hill, Calvin Banks)

Data Released: Feb 11, 2016

Introducing, Calvin Banks. Calvin is a well built & blue eyed beautiful piece of Mass. Recently, he met up at San Diego’s Balboa Park with Helix Superstar & exceptionally skilled bottom, Tyler Hill for his opening interview before popping his porn cherry. The two Balboa bad boys talked coming out, first times & best times before taking it behind closed doors. Watch as Tyler’s world famous fuck rump conjure a fat load from Calvin’s wide 8.5 inch wand and see why the dominant dude from the Bay State might be a Massachusetts native, but today he’d rather be in Tyler Hill.

HardKinks: Doggy Photographer (Aaron Lautner, Abraham Montenegro, Alec Loob) (Bareback)

Data Released: Feb 11, 2016

Aaron does a photo shoot with two dominant young guys. they show him who’s the boss making him clean their shoes, tying and humiliating him, spitting and fucking him. Time to serve the young Alphas.

ExtraBigDicks: Turned On By My Doctor (Alexander Greene, Matt Stevens)

Data Released: Feb 11, 2016

Alexander is here to see Doctor Stevens because of some lower ball pain he has been having. He’s not sure what it is and he hasn’t been having sex lately so he knows it’s not anything to bad but his balls really ache. Doctor Stevens takes one look at the issue and sees what the problem is instantly. He can see how big and swollen Alexander’s balls are and he tells him that they need a release. Matt tells him not to worry though and that he has the best remedy for his aches and pains. …

CorbinFisher: Breaking In Daniel (Bareback)

Data Released: Feb 11, 2016

Kennedy has become quite good at seducing young men. He starts with friendly conversation teeming with sexual undercurrents. With a smile he captures the attention and interest of anyone he’s with- which makes him perfect for breaking in new guys! Putting his skills on full blast, he has Daniel’s dick reacting to him even before it’s out of his pants. Then he sucks it rock hard and Daniel can’t believe how amazing it feels to be under Kennedy’s competent handling! Tasting cock for the first time, Kennedy challenges Daniel to see how much he can take, running the head of his member along Daniel’s tongue. …

Bromo: Stolen Identity, Part 1 (Leon Lewis, Rod Peterson) (Bareback)

Data Released: Feb 11, 2016

Handsome couple Leon Lewis and Rod Peterson have a new roommate (Sylas Swift) who is… mysterious, to say the least. But they can’t be bothered by him right now as they’re having some trouble of their own.


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