CockyBoys: Tayte Hanson, Asher Hawk


Data Released: Aug 4, 2015

Tayte Hanson & Asher Hawk have been flirting for a long time now. As we all know, Tayte likes to get rough and aggressive when he tops and Asher is famous for being a power bottom that must have his hole fucked deep and hard every time or it won’t count! Putting the two together was only a matter of time. Neither one of them needed an introduction and exactly 3.5 seconds after Tayte shoves his tongue down Asher’s throat his cock is already rock hard which of course requires deep throating immediately. …

BelAmiOnline: Kinky Angels (One More Time) (Bareback)


Data Released: Issue #31, August 2015

with Jack Harrer, Claude Sorel

Two years ago Claude and Jack filmed a scene which had to be shot with condoms. GD always regretted that necessity and so we decided to film them again – this time without condoms. The two are ideal together as Claude can handle almost any size dick and Jack enjoys topping when he can let loose. This scene is more mellow and romantic than the former and we feel you will enjoy it.

BelAmiOnline: Kinky Angels (Completing Andy’s Training) (Bareback)


Data Released: Issue #31, August 2015

with Kevin Warhol, Andy McAllister

This is the third and final part of Kevin’s training of Andy McAlister. The fact that they are still a little clumsy and inexperienced makes the scene even more endearing.

BelAmiOnline: Kinky Angels (The First Taste Of Torsten)


Data Released: Issue #31, August 2015

with Kevin Warhol, Torsten Ullman

It is Kevin’s destiny to end up with our virgins. It is a fate he bears with fortitude and without complaint. His task here is to initiate Torsten Ullman. Torsten’s debut Kinky Angel appearance will be with Joel Birkin in our next issue.

SweetAndRaw: Nick Gill, Luis Bigdog, Nick Daniels (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2015

Nick Daniels is working when Nick Gill and Luis Bigdog walk in. A moment later, Nick’s standing and he, Gill and Luis swap spit. The intruders strip Nick down but by this point Nick’s forgotten to be scared because he’s too turned on. Especially when he eyes Luis’ whopper! The gruff-looking thug’s got quite a beauty, bordering on the edge of a monster cock. He slaps Nick in the face with it and you can almost feel its weight. Nick gets shoved back down on it and takes the entire length and is “made” to suck Gill a while before going back to Luis’ much larger slab of beef. Gill does down on Nick for a while then rims his ass while spit-lubing the head of Luis’ cock. …

MEN (Big Dicks At School): Losing My Innocence, Part 2 (Johnny Rapid, Urijah)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2015

Johnny Rapid tells the story of how he loses his virginity to the beefy Urijah. Urijah has been a bully type to Johnny for a while now, but only because he was hiding his deep attraction to Johnny. He finally has the balls to act on his fantasy and takes Johnny to his room where the fun truly begins.

CorbinFisher: Tom Takes It From Chandler (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2015

Superstar Tom has come a long way in his education. When first arrived he hadn’t even considered doing something with another guy and now he’s cock-crazy! To feed that kind of an appetite, it’s a good thing we have Chandler around! Tom services Chandler’s huge cock. When they 69, I’m amazed at how far down Tom’s throat Chandler can get! But the real test comes when Tom takes Chandler’s big dick in his ass. Once Chandler gets Tom on the bed, he makes him take every inch of that big cock. Tom shoots a huge load, and Chandler follows up by cumming all over Tom’s ass and giving him a creampie! Once exclusively for CF Select, this steamy episode is now available for all members to enjoy!

RandyBlue: Ezra Finn, Brendan Philiips (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2015

Ezra Finn Finally Bottoms Breback For Brendan Phillips.

Ezra Finn is nervous guys. He has never bottomed before and this six foot three behemoth of a gorgeous man is not sure he can take it. I decided to bring in the expert in all things gay sex, Brendan Phillips. This guy loves to top in his personal life but had yet to top in a scene. So I thought let it just be a day of firsts, and let these two do a hot flip fuck. Brendan decided to warm Ezra up with some kissing. He was so gentle and kind as he guided Ezra throughout all the ways he likes to get it on with a man. …

PeterFever: Bad Reputation (Austin Keyes, Rod Peterson)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2015

Rod was just sitting there on the couch relaxing with that sexy cool carefree attitude. I just stared at him, slowly tracing the muscles bulging through his shirt. I rubbed my dick as I recounted the many stories I’ve heard from everyone else in the house. I could watch him all day, but fuck waiting! It was finally my turn and I was going to go after his ass for myself and see how much fun this fuck boy is. Austin Keyes goes after his prized possession Rod Peterson in The Asiancy S9E13 “Bad Reputation”.

IconMale: Fathers And Sons 2 (Nick Capra, Dirk Caber)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2015


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