MEN (Drill My Hole): Johnny Rapid, Jordan Levine (Pool Dick)

MEN (Drill My Hole): Johnny Rapid, Jordan Levine

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Johnny Rapid, Jordan Levine: Pool Dick)

It’s closing time at the bar and Jordan is taking his sweet time finishing up his pool game. When Johnny comes around for last call, Jordan’s stick ends up right between Johnny’s ass.

MEN (Drill My Hole): Bennett Anthony, Jacob Peterson, Jaxton Wheeler (Just Fuck The Third Wheel)

MEN (Drill My Hole): Bennett Anthony, Jacob Peterson, Jaxton Wheeler

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Bennett Anthony, Jacob Peterson, Jaxton Wheeler: Just Fuck The Third Wheel)

Bennett and Jaxton are in love and headed on a couples trip. They let Jacob join the trip at the last minute…but that’s not all he joins in on.

SeanCody: Regan, Lane: Bareback

SeanCody: Regan, Lane: Bareback

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (SeanCody: Regan, Lane: Bareback)

Muscle hunk Regan is already back to fuck some ass. He said he wanted a cute bottom he could throw around and use, and we thought Lane was perfect for the task! “I like him! I like his body… I love that he’s a little guy – toss him around a little bit.” Regan was ready to go for it, and he definitely used Lane’s hungry hole to his advantage. In the end, though, both guys were satisfied… especially Lane and his cum-filled hole!

CorbinFisher: Warren Feeds Barron (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Warren Feeds Barron

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Warren Feeds Barron)

“Oh, fuck, you’re big!” Barron whines as Warren slides into him. They’ve both just taken their turns with our co-ed and now it’s time for Barron’s ass to be the focus of Warren’s attention. Warren doesn’t hold back and Barron takes it like a champ, before they change positions so that Barron can fuck her while Warren fucks him. After blowing his own load, Barron sinks right to his knees to take Warren’s cum in his mouth, and everyone is left spent and sweaty at the end.

CorbinFisher: Jace Swallows Galen’s Load (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Jace Swallows Galen's Load

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Jace Swallows Galen’s Load)

This scorching scene kicks it right off with Galen and Jace hard and naked engaging in some foot play! Galen puts that hot mushroom tip of his to work – and Jace’s holes! Galen fucks Jace silly and Jace moans so loud with every single one of Galen’s big-dicked thrusts. So Galen plays Jace like an instrument, lowering and raising his cries by changing up his tempo and depth of thrusts. Watching Galen give (and have) an intense orgasm is a pretty hot sight – especially when his load is dropped in Jace’s hungry mouth!

Staxus: Bjorn Nykvist, Greg Noll (Out Of The Woods) (Bareback)

Staxus: Bjorn Nykvist, Greg Noll

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (Staxus: Bjorn Nykvist, Greg Noll: Out Of The Woods)

Those with an inclination for seeing two guys hammer it out in a stick-fight are definitely in for a treat during the early moments of this horned-up encounter between STAXUS favourite, Bjorn Nykvist, and new kid on the block, Greg Noll. But the intensity of the head-to-head is only magnified when the two buddies change weapons, so to speak – both abandoning their clothes and engaging in a dick-fight instead! It’s not exactly conventional warfare, of course, but the sight of these two beauts slugging it out with their cocks is sure to appeal to pretty much all our fans; and sets the scene up nicely for a more orthodox set-piece, as Nykvist dives down to consume Noll’s mouth-watering shaft with his lips. …

RealityDudes: Cliff Jensen (Dudes In Public 13: Dirty Driver)

RealityDudes: Cliff Jensen

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (RealityDudes: Cliff Jensen: Dudes In Public 13: Dirty Driver)

There’s nothing quite like mixing business and pleasure and Cliff Jensen is the master of doing just that. Watch him stroke & drive like a pro while his passenger is none the wiser. How long will he get away with being such a dirty driver? He’s gonna stretch this public wank out as long as possible.

RawFuckClub: Fire Island Fuck Boy, Part 1 (Bareback)

RawFuckClub: Fire Island Fuck Boy, Part 1

Data Released: Nov 15, 2017 (RawFuckClub: Fire Island Fuck Boy, Part 1)

It’s here! Reality TV star Patrick McDonald makes his porn debut as Cock-hungry Ace Arborwood. Having just got back from Fire Island and what better way to end a hot summer season then with a gang-bang fuck frenzy in New York City. Ace drops to his knees and sucks over ten massive cocks one by one before being man- handled and having every hole imaginable savagely used to his delight.

RagingStallion: Tegan Zayne, Eddy Ceetee (TSA Checkpoint)

RagingStallion: Tegan Zayne, Eddy Ceetee

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (RagingStallion: Tegan Zayne, Eddy Ceetee: TSA Checkpoint)

Tegan Zayne is traveling home to see some family for spring break when he decides to sneak into the air lounge to take a nap. Luckily for him, hot daddy pilot, Eddy Ceetee, is on his break and suddenly Tegan is no longer tired. The two studs make some frivolous small talk and then cut to the chase by making out and helping themselves out of their clothes. Tegan can’t believe his luck and goes right for the cockpit when he gets the pilot’s thick hairy rod down his open throat. Tegan gags and slobbers as the hairy muscle daddy fucks his face to get as stiff as he possibly can. …

NextDoorOriginals: Michael Del Ray, Connor Halsted (Show Me Your Moves) (Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Michael Del Ray, Connor Halsted

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (NextDoorOriginals: Michael Del Ray, Connor Halsted: Show Me Your Moves)

Bummed and broke, Michael Del Ray is moping around the house and Connor Halsted has taken notice. Asking Michael what his deal is, he learns that Michael is looking for a job and just about out of options. Michael asks Connor if his bar is hiring, and Connor tells him they’re looking for a go-go dancer. Michael thinks he’d be good at that, but Connor is having a vision problem seeing it happen, so Michael convinces him to let him audition and if Connor likes what he sees, he promises to give him a recommendation. At first, Conor seems safe, as Michael doesn’t really seem to have what it takes, but as soon as the music comes on, Michael’s clothes come off and suddenly, with Michael’s huge cock gyrating in his face, Connor can picture Michael doing very well. …


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