TitanMen – Dario Beck & Alex Graham


Data Released: Oct 22, 2014

Day Into Night: Dario Beck, Alex Graham
On a balcony overlooking a pool at night, Dario Beck is approached by Alex Graham—whose smooth, muscular chest catches his attention. They kiss, Alex unbuttoning Dario`s shirt and pulling the hairy-chested stud in closer as their jean bulges touch. Alex reaches down to stroke Dario`s thick boner, his own big cock soon released. He strokes them together in one hand, Dario`s foreskin sliding up. They engage in hot swordplay as they look down at their beautiful dicks, Dario dropping down to suck. Hot shots look up at Alex`s amazing body, the shaved-headed hunk whipping his slab on Dario`s face. …

MenPOV – Roman Chase & Shawn Andrews


Data Released: Oct 22, 2014

Over the Top: Roman Chase, Shawn Andrews

DirtyTony – Marten James & Gio Ryder


Data Released: Oct 22, 2014

Marten James wants to expand his sexual horizons, but he needs some pointers from a pro who knows. Particularly, Marten wants to know how he could be a better bottom for his girlfriend when she puts on the strap-on. So who better than Gio Ryder to give him some good pointers on technique and tricks of the trade. But eventually, all that instruction requires a little hands-on demonstration, and Marten is eager to get to the practical application. Within minutes, both hot studs are stripped down to their underwear and ready to demonstrate how a good bottom should do it. Marten definitely has a talent for rimming and jumps right in to show Gio that he is pretty much a natural with his tongue. …

FrenchDudes – Pti Pain & Ted TN [Full]


Data Released: Oct 20, 2014

The Show Must Go On: Pti Pain, Ted TN

As the scene opens, we find Pti Pain on the balcony having a smoke when he is joined by a hot looking stud by the name of Ted TN. The two kiss and caress before moving back inside where we pick up the action with Ted teasing Pti’s cock. Then Pti takes his turn working on Ted’s cock and we get a glimpse at Ted’s hot ass. Gotta say I love Ted’s tat among-st a few other things (wink). The two men take in some foot worship, Nike’s, socks and all while perched in front of the open window as passerby’s are welcome to enjoy the show. We hear a couple cars honking their horns in what I assume is their “seal of approval” as the two go back to sucking each other’s cock. …

FrenchDudes – Tim Costla, Lexi Toyz & Malik XXL


Data Released: Oct 13, 2014

No Hole Spared: Tim Costla, Lexi Toyz, Malik XXL.

Tim Cosla (grey pants) and Malik XXL (black pants) are headed up to Lexi Toyz place for a little action. Walking in Lexi’s apartment, Lexi is already set and ready for these two guys; perched on his knee’s and bare ass in the air. Tim and Malik waste no time pulling out their cocks and feeding them to Lexi. Working on both cocks simultaneously, Lexi gets them “up” to full measure in no time. Then Malik and Tim take turns face fucking Lexi while he lays back on the couch. …

BelAmiOnline – Ronny Lamarr & Tony Conrad, Bareback


Data Released: Oct 12, 2014

Time flies and we are coming towards the end of our exclusive contract time with Ronny, so GD is very interested in hearing from you if you think we should extend his exclusive time with us. We know he is not typically BelAmi, but his sexual energy is great and he is willing to try almost anything. Today he is with Tony Conrad, another guy that had done scenes with other studios before he came to us.

FrenchLads – Stany Falcone & Enzo Milano


Data Released: August 2014

Fucked By His Drunk Bro: Stany Falcone, Enzo Milano

After breaking into an abandoned building, Stany Falcone takes advantage of his drunk mate to finally get his trackies down and his thick, meaty cock out of his jeans and into his mouth. His wasted buddy cant hold back the bone and his monster cock is soon buried up his mates ass.

FrenchLads – Rod Malek & Martin Claus


Data Released: August 2014

Noisy Twink Fucked Against the Wall: Rod Malek, Martin Claus

Skater dudes Martin Claus and Rod Malek know just how to pass the time even when theyre out in public theyre still always horny and ready to empty their teen nuts onto each other. Verbal Rod shows off his deepthroat skills and whimpers his way through a rough fuck.

FrenchLads – Picwik & Perfect Touch


Data Released: August 2014

Dont Give A Fuck Who Catches Us: Picwik, Perfect Touch

Perfect Touch isnt living up to his name trying to fix his greasy bike out in public in his front lawn, but Picwik is passing by and helps him out by offering him a sticky deepthroat and his hungry ass to take the pressure off.

FrenchLads – Nikolas Antonio & Lake


Data Released: August 2014

Italian Stallions Show Off Their Bulges: Nikolas Antonio, Lake

Rugged and hot leather couple Nikolas Antonio and Lake are visiting Paris with a bag full of gear chains, shorts and harnesses, and are keen to show off for their mate behind the camera. They let us watch as they kit up and get off, comparing and wanking their thick fuckpoles.

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