Staxus – Alan Benfelen, Ivo Thomas & Sam Williams, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 28, 2014

Jacuzzi Duo Turns Into A Raw, Spunk-Sapping Threeway – Topped Off With A Tsunami Of Piss!

BelAmiOnline – Jason Clark & Andrei Karenin, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 27, 2014

Having bodies as great as Jason and Andrei`s isn`t just a matter of having good genes, most of our guys enjoy working out, playing sport and eating healthily to maintain their physiques, so it is appropriate that we start out this weeks primetime update with a bit of a workout. Today it is running.For a bit of a change we filmed Jason here without his glasses, not that it enhances his appeal but allows us to appreciate his beauty without distraction…..and it is hard to wear glasses in the shower anyhow.

TimTales – Rocco Steele, Esteban & Aymeric Deville


Data Released: Nov 27, 2014

A great new update on Timtales today. The two hottest bareback fuckers, Rocco Steele and Esteban from Spain, abusing Aymeric Deville´s muscle ass in turns. I (Grobes) could see in the first moment we started that this would become something really free and uninhibited. The camera didn´t matter to the guys at all, they just went on fucking under the gentle direction of Muscledaddy Rocco. Don´t miss this one!

LucasRaunch – Toby Dutch & Tomas Brand, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 27, 2014

Toby Dutch And Tomas Brand: Watersports In The Shower.

In this outtake from the upcoming “Raw Double Penetrations II,” Tomas Brand and Toby Dutch leave an exhausted Alejandro Alvarez in bed after fucking him beyond belief. While Alejandro recooperates, Toby and Tomas slip into to the shower, make out, suck some cock, and piss on each other!

HotHouse – Angelo & Ricky Decker


Data Released: Nov 27, 2014

Saddle Up, Scene 6: Angelo, Ricky Decker

Angelo’s supposed to be watering the field, but he turns his hose on Ricky Decker instead. Soaking wet, they fondle each other’s hard bodies. Ricky pulls Angelo’s thick cock out and starts sucking, his lips stretching to their limit. Angelo sinks to his knees and gives Ricky an intense deep-throating, which really gets Ricky wanting more. Leaning against the wooden fence for support, Ricky presents his inviting ass to Angelo. Without missing a beat, Angelo gets right to work on Ricky’s eager hole, and the two horny men fuck energetically, first on the fence, then with Ricky reclining on a giant tire. Thick white rivers of cum explode from both their hoses when they reach a scorching climax.

GayHoopla – Cole Money, Ken Ott & Max Summerfield


Data Released: Nov 27, 2014

Edge Of Desire, Part 4: Cole Money, Ken Ott, Max Summerfield

Ken Ott finally fell asleep after rubbing the ointment into his shredded body. Ken loved the idea of not knowing who may be fooling around with him. What would this person look like? Be like? Taste like? The mystery of it was always the hottest thing to Ken. As he drifted away, his mind took a stroll on the dark side. Ken found himself in the laundry room needing to clean some clothes. He had his head-phones in and was dancing around to the beat. Behind him was the masked man, a dominant character who’d have his way with Ken. He looked Ken in the eyes, and you could literally feel the heartbeat in the room. He turned Ken around and bent that tight Asian ass over. …

BangBangBoys – Romulo Bangs Tony D


Data Released: Nov 27, 2014

Romulo and Tony D are playing poker. They are not taking the game terribly seriously – apart from the strip part. Romulo tongues Tony’s tight naked ass and get it ready to take a pounding from his thick cock. The cards end up all over the floor as the two finish up the game with a spectacular cum shot.

BaitBuddies – Archer & Anthony Price


Data Released: Nov 27, 2014

Experiment Gone Wild: Archer, Anthony Price

RawFuckClub – Dayton O’Connor, Cy Kohen & Jeff Kendall


Data Released: Nov 27, 2014

After hours at a club, sexy pup Dayton O’Connor comes across Cy sucking pierced stud Jeff Kendall’s big cock and wants a piece of action. After smelling the place up of sex, Dayton takes them home where Cy’s ass is taken hostage and repeatedly fucked till his hole is drenched in spunk.

FrenchLads – Matt Surfer & Micka Hell


Data Released: Nov 27, 2014

Blind Date With A Surfer: Matt Surfer, Micka Hell

Micka waits on his knees with his eyes blindfolded when Matt, a slightly hairy, athletic, tanned surfer boy with a 9-inch hammer in his shorts shows up. Matt jams it deep into chocking Micka’s throat. Then he fucks him in the ass and spreads his juicy load all over Micka’s chest.

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