ButchDixon – Alex Marte & Kris Irons


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

Now thats a big, burly bugger, Daddy Alex Marte makes porno new boy, Kris Irons father-figure-fantasy come true as these two, hairy studs get it on on a sofa. No Blah Blah just straight down to horny, unrestrained Man-on-Man action. Kris is putting on a brave face, as much as he wants that uncut length inside him thats a fat piece of meat for such a tight hole. But he perseveres and once Alex Marte has spit lubed his tight fuck-hole and gently pressed that fat dick inside him Kris is riding that pole like a pro. And when we asked Kris where he wanted Alex’s steaming load he begged for it in the face and GOT IT.

UKNakedMen – Sandro Sanchez


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

Sandro Sanchez is a pure beef Spanish man loosing his porn cherry to us, in style. He’s got a big, weighty, uncut dick with a lot of foreskin to cover that mighty, swollen, sensitive head. You know you’d be in safe, strong arms with this masculine guy. Sandro stands in front of an erotic painting as he disrobes, revealing his hairy chest, hard muscular arse and big, weighty dick, struck with a sexualised Stendahl syndrome he plays with his long foreskin, heavy balls and thick shaft until he’s shooting a creamy, thick load of cum onto the floor.

PeterFever – Strip Poker – Poker Bitch


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

One couple is out and six guys are left and this game of strip poker was getting wilder. The cards were dealt and I lost, Fuck! I thought of the game, but I didn’t think I’d get out this early and have to strip. I was waiting to see who would lose next and become my bitch. After another round of poker, Mikoah ended up with the losing hand. I guess losing that round was not so bad after all. I get to fuck one of the sexiest men in the room. Watch Bobby Hart and Mikoah lose it all in this week’s episode of the Novella Series, “Strip Poker – Poker Bitch”.

SweetAndRaw – Mario Connery, Julian Kolp & Milano Smooth


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

Julian Kolp and his twink boyfriend, Milano Smooth, are on the express to bareback central. Especially with Mario Connery on board! When the conductor sees the two gayboys he knows that if he plays his cards right, he’ll have a hot afternoon filled with a lot of dick sucking and raw anal sex.Mario takes the studs home and sucks Milano’s cock while getting sucked by Julian. Mario then gets Julian in the middle and takes turns with Milano, both of them giving the dark-haired jock a good blow job. …

MenOver30 – David Chase & Alex Adams


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

TV Blows: David Chase, Alex Adams

Another boring Sunday afternoon and nothing is on the TV that neither Alex nor David wants to watch. After some debating they decide to suck each other off instead which makes for a great idea on a Sunday. They both trade BJs and some hot 69ing which then turns into a few different positions. Alex gets the joy of fucking David’s eager ass in a few different positions and polishes it off with a nice cum shot.

MEN – Str8 to Gay – Being Dudes About It: Dylan Roberts & John Jockson


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

CorbinFisher – Rowan Fucks Truman, Bareback


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

Arriving at CF and jumping right in to the mix is Rowan – a ripped, tanned stud with a dick that you are going to love seeing in action! Once you lay eyes on him, you just know he’s made some people happy before! Imagine getting to hook up with him – it’s that face that attracts you first, and then he starts pulling off clothes to reveal a chiseled body. The pleasant surprises just keep coming, though, as those pants slide down and a big, thick, hard dick pops out! Truman gets to experience all of that – and the fact that Rowan’s cock feels as good as it looks – in this episode. Truman’s still relatively new to CF himself, so you just know that tight hole of his felt every single inch of Rowan’s thick dick moving in and out of him. Judging by the noises Truman makes, he could not have been happier Rowan joined us at CF. Rowan’s own groans and moans make it clear a turn on Truman’s hole was the perfect way to get welcomed to CF.

TitanMen – George Ce & Josh West


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

Chain Reaction: George Ce, Josh West

“$100, right?” asks Josh West as he takes money from George Ce. “Now what do you want?” George starts filming the bearded stranger, who is adorned in a cutoff flannel and cowboy hat. “Open your shirt,” George orders, one of many that have Josh stripping down to his jockstrap—his balls peeking out as his boner throbs. “Wanna see what’s inside?” he asks, slowly releasing his monster. George films it, the tension building as Josh repeatedly lifts up his beast and lets it bounce down, the impressive weight of his heavy cock arousing George even more. George opens wide and sucks, soon feeding his own uncut beauty to Josh—who gags on it. George whips his dick on the sucker’s face, then offers his ass. Josh eats it before shoving his cock inside, working up a hot rhythm: “You like this? This is a cowboy fuck!” The bottom turns over for more—and is soon coated in cum, Josh’s hot load splitting the stud’s chest down the middle.

RandyBlue – Tyler Wolf


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

Tyler Wolf is our newest gay porn model. He is the boyfriend of Austin Wolf. But one look into those steely blue gray eyes of Tyler, and Austin becomes just a distant memory. Tyler has an amazing body, and an amazing cock. And his ass is so bubbly and and round and juicy is just boggles the mind. Watch him as he jerks off in front of a mirror. Touching his fuzzy body and letting a finger go in and out of his hole. Finally he turns over and shoots a hot geyser of cum all over himself. This is one hd hardcore porn solo that you will not forget in a long time.

NextDoorTwink – Scott Bridgeton, Tyler King, Jake Tyler & Zander Williams


Data Released: Apr 22, 2014

Cheating Boyfriend: Scott Bridgeton, Tyler King, Jake Tyler, Zander Williams

Where there’s smoke, there’s fiery hot sex. When Scott Bridgeton and his friend Zander Williams return to Scott’s place after a leisurely day at the county fair, Scott notices an unfamiliar pair of shoes left by the entryway. He’s suspicious, but the two head into the kitchen to relax. It’s not long before they experience something even more unusual. A lamentation from the bedroom rings into the kitchen, ‘Shove that cock in my mouth!’ Scott creeps over to the bedroom door to investigate. …

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