MEN (The Gay Office): Office Dreams, Part 2 (Dani Robles & Logan Moore)


Data Released: May 26, 2015

Dani Robles’ day dreaming is not going unnoticed. His boss, Logan Moore, calls him into his office to take care of the situation. The only problem is that sitting across from his sexy superior is tuning him on. His mind starts to wander about how amazing it would be to have his ass railed by Logan’s hot cock.

BelAmiOnline: Rocco Alfieri & Billy Montague (Bareback)


Data Released: May 26, 2015

It’s time again for another night scene and also time for Rocco to get a soothing massage from his buddy, Billy. Filmed by Marty Stevens in our Bratislava studio this is certainly another scene for those of you who like it soft and romantic.

CorbinFisher: Chandler Nails Trey (Bareback)


Data Released: May 26, 2015

Power bottom, meet power top! Trey’s bottoming scenes are legendary. Rising star Chandler had the equipment (and the skills) to create some new legends. So this scene was destined to be epic! The guys kiss passionately, and Trey works hard to get all of Chandler’s cock down his throat. Chandler helps out by pushing Trey’s head down on it! Chandler attacks Trey’s cock and hole with his mouth, wetting (and whetting) both their appetites. As much as he looked forward to it, I don’t think Trey realized how amazing that much cock would feel! He rides Chandler front and back, then gets nailed in the missionary position. Trey’s climax is as explosive as his yells of ecstasy. Chandler finishes him off with a creampie- and licks up the excess!

HelixStudios: Beach Blowies (Ian Levine & Troy Accola)


Data Released: May 26, 2015

Ian brings his sexy crush Troy to his favorite beach for a day of fun in the sun. Sure the water is stunning and the sand is soft, but the real reason Ian loves this spot in particular is the secret beachside cave. The boys duck inside for a little privacy, where Ian drops to his knees to give Troy a dick-sucking preview of what’s to come later. When they get home, the worked-up boys find more dark places to explore, namely, Ian’s bubble butt, as they flip-fuck their way to an explosive finish to a perfect day.

CollegeDudes: Toby Springs & Benn Heights


Data Released: May 25, 2015

Toby Springs and Benn Heights are a delicious combination, and while they start things off slow and passionate, you can bet they pick up the pace later when Benn’s cock is buried in Toby! They heat things up with some kisses, taking their shirts off as they press their chests together and rub their dicks while they make out. When Benn is standing naked in from of Toby, he doesn’t wait to get down on his knees and suck Benn’s fat cock, licking the shaft and trying to deepthroat Benn’s impressive prick. When Toby has got Benn’s dick hard and dripping, Benn gets on his knees next to give Toby some oral back, making Toby moan as he sucks that dick then gives his ass some TLC with a rimjob. …

BulldogPIT: Saxon West & Timmy Treasure


Data Released: May 23, 2015

Desperately trying to get out of work early for a wrestling meet, red headed Saxon West manages to wrangle it and heads straight to the gym to meet his next partner Timmy. As they get changed, the small talk between them turns more and more sexual until they both get naked once more, and the cocks get turned up! Long oral worship makes way for Timmy to lay back and Saxon takes the opportunity to sit down on his long dick, working his hole all the way to the balls, grinding down hard and slow, taking his time to pleasure his own ass as much as Timmy’s pulsating dick! Having had enough of Saxon calling the shots, Timmy turns him over and fucks him from above, letting him control the speed and pace until his can’t resist any more and both muscular men spurt hard, emptying their balls all over Saxon!

BreedMeRaw: Tony Bishop & Aaron Burke


Data Released: May 20, 2015

Another nude pool game gets going with Tony Bishop and Aaron Burke but it doesn’t take long before pool balls are not the only thing bouncing around. Aaron couldn’t take it any longer seeing Tony’s heavy balls hanging their as they shot pool so he started begging to be used right there on the table. Before he knew it Tony was on top of him feeding him his cock while his ball sac was on his chin. This was too hot and he knew he had to give up his ass to Sir Tony, hoping he would slide his thick man meat in his hairy hole raw and give Aaron what he so desperately needed…a good hard raw pounding!

BarebackTwink: Bryan & Star


Data Released: May 13, 2015

Super-horny twinks Bryan and Star meet up in a hotel room for a clandestine fuck. The two kiss like crazy, touching and feeling each other up before rolling around on the bed and rubbing hard cock against hard cock. Bryan works Star’s juicy dick into his mouth and sucks him for a while before the tattooed, mohawk-wearing Star returns the oral favor and rims his tight ass. Bryan throws his legs up in the air, spreads them wide, and takes Star’s cock balls deep in his fuckhole. Bryan takes it on his side, with Star pounding him hard. Bryan eventually straddles Star and rides his cock deep, pounding himself on the throbbing dick. Bryan gets off shortly after, rims Star’s ass and gets rewarded with a really HUGE cum facial. Then he gets up, fucks Star’s face and jerks off until he gives the pierced, tattooed hottie a facial of his own.

BarebackTwink: David Begua & Lucky Taylor


Data Released: May 06, 2015

Muscled jock Dad David Begua is on the stationary bike at the gym watching slim, toned twink Lucky Taylor. Unable to resist any longer, the stud approaches the bicep-curling Lucky and shows him the proper form. He’s soon running his hand all over Lucky’s slick chest, feeling his pecs. After a bit more curling, the dad and twink are kissing and groping each other, enjoying the way their hard bodies feel. Lucky sucks on David’s beautiful fat one while jerking off and, after a while, David services Lucky’s own thick cock the way he might eat an ice cream cone; loud and noisy with lots of licking. Before long, the muscled hunk’s got his bubble butt primed and Lucky’s raw dick is fucking his ass getting a bareback workout that leads to plenty of spilled seed on both sides.

IconMale: Brothers, Scene #02 (Connor Maguire & JD Phoenix)


Data Released: May 26, 2015

Colton Grey goes to check on his new stepbrother Connor Maguire, but catches him pinning his football friend JD Phoenix against the wall in a hot make-out session. The shirtless guys quickly lose their football pants too, and JD drops to his knees to worship Connor’s cock. Connor lifts up his friend and drops him on the washing machine. JD spreads his legs and Connor starts rimming his little asshole. Then Connor starts fucking JD up against the washing machine while his teammate cries out in pleasure. While Connor pumps into JD’s ass, he reaches his head back and they make out. The guys lay back on the ground and Connor fucks JD from the side, trying to take his friend from all angles. The two guys work up a whole different kind of sweat after practice as Connor finishes all over JD’s perky ass cheeks.


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