MEN – Drill My Hole – Retribution, Part 4: Bobby Clark, Jack King & Travis James


Data Released: Sep 30, 2014

MenOfMontreal – Mam Steele & Emilio Calabria


Data Released: Sep 30, 2014

A Public Display Of Fucking: Mam Steele, Emilio Calabria

HelixStudios – Dustin Gold & Ian Levine


Data Released: Sep 30, 2014

Real Cam: Dustin Gold, Ian Levine

Dustin Gold is on a mission to impress the Helix Fans by filming the best Real Cam yet! Dustin doesn’t waste any time taking control of the camera as well as shy little Ian for this explosive amateur sex show. The teen stud gets his bottom boy naked and smiling before putting Ian’s famous bubble butt into position to take all 8.5″ of his smooth cock. Ian lends a hand getting some closeup shots with the Real Cam to capture every inch of penetration in this intimate new scene.

FalconStudios – Paul Wagner & Billy Santoro


Data Released: Sep 30, 2014

Stunners: Paul Wagner, Billy Santoro

Beefy Billy Santoro presses his thick, black hair against Paul Wagner’s fine, blond chest hair. They’re already kissing with deep tongue and groping at their jockstrapped bulges. Billy glides his tongue across Paul’s furry chest, pauses to tease the erect nipples, and then slides down Paul’s thick meat. Paul turns around to let Billy’s tongue and beard rough up his ass. The red jockstrap that strained to conceal Billy’s boner slips to the side, and Paul takes it doggy style, gasping, ‘You’re so big.’ When it’s Billy’s turn to take it, his hole puckers in anticipation. …

GayRoom – Damien Black & Matthew Ryder


Data Released: Sep 30, 2014

Shaved Cock: Damien Black, Matthew Ryder

SweetAndRaw – Yuri & Thiago De Luxe


Data Released: Sep 30, 2014

Thiago de Luxe is taking a bubble bath when Yuri walks in on him. Dropping his robe, Yuri joins his caramel-skinned twink buddy and soon ends up with a mouthful of cock. Offering up his eager, twitchy hole, Yuri is then rimmed and primed before getting stuffed with Thiago`s thick uncut cock. It`s a fast and furious, energetic bareback fuck with positions most of us would never dream of! But it all leads to one of the most mouth-watering cum explosions we`ve seen in a long time, one that leaves Yuri`s hole coated in fresh hot seed!

NextDoorTwink – Damian Black & Tripp Townsend


Data Released: Sep 30, 2014

My Folks Are Out (Part One): Damian Black, Tripp Townsend

Damian Black is super stoked that his parents are out of town, even though they didn’t bring him with them on vacation to Hawaii. He’s taking advantage of the situation by calling up one of his favorite pals to party with, Tripp Townsend. He knows the two of them will definitely ‘turn up,’ as they say, but Damian has another idea up his sleeve too. When Tripp arrives, the two boys crank up the music and let the drinks flow. During some funky dancing around the guest house, both guys end up taking off their clothes, down to the undies. …

DarkRoom – Arno & Cristo, Bareback


Data Released: Sep 29, 2014

Pissing and Fucking: Arno, Cristo

After a grope session in a taxi cab, Cristo and Arno find themselves having a cock-sucking and waterport session indoors. After pissing all over his passive sucker, Arno rims Cristo’s hole, prepping in for a nice, hard fuck.

PeterFever – The Lost Boys – The House


Data Released: Sep 29, 2014

First our car breaks down, then all of our friends are gone, I`m just having the worst day of my life. After hours of walking and searching for help, I finally reached this house. A handsome guy opened the door and asked if I needed a place to rest. Sleep sounded like a great idea, but the bed was big and I thought it would be better if he joined me. He got the hint, we didn`t get very much sleep after all. Watch premiere of the Novella Series S3E9 “Lost Boys – The House” featuring CodaFILTHY and Matt Hart.

BangBangBoys – Diego & Marcus P


Data Released: Sep 25, 2014

After showing us what he could do on poor ol’ Ivan last month, Diego returns to put that stunning body into high gear and drive that cock into Marcos. It’s a battle of the beauties as this duo suck and fuck their way into the fantasies of all you Latin lovers out there.

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