MEN – The Gay Office – Executive Suite, Part 3: Jarec Wentworth & Jaxon Colt


Data Released: Nov 22, 2014

CorbinFisher – Brant Fucks Rowan & Cynthia, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Brant`s been away for some time, but he`s back now and he`s looking hotter than ever. Whatever he was up to in his time away, it`s obvious he`d been spending loads of time in the gym because he`s packed on some muscle and I think it`s safe to say he now has one of the hottest physiques at CF. It`s fitting he`s in this hot bi threeway with Rowan, as both of these guys have such incredibly hot bodies you just know they`re going to look amazing together. We ease Brant back in to things by letting him get that hot cock worked over by a girl. …

CockyBoys – Kevin Carson & Pierre Fitch


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Pierre Fitch has been topping a lot more at CockyBoys lately, but every now and then he’ll succumb to being the bottom bitch. It takes a really hot top to dominate Pierre, though, but luckily Kevin Carson was just the man for the challenge. Kevin had actually taken a four-year break from porn before his work with CockyBoys. And now it’s almost like he’s a new man — he’s more mature, more confident, and has a near-perfect physique (just look at those muscles!). And he loves to make an eager bottom moan as he’s drilling him. In fact, when Pierre first saw the “new” Kevin for the first time, he said, “Holy shit, what happened to him?!” After they sucked each other off, Pierre got pounded by Kevin in front of a mirror while doing a hand stand. And that was only the beginning! Pierre loves to switch it up so they fucked in several different positions, but Kevin was totally in control the whole way through. Hopefully Pierre will be bottoming a lot more from now on!

WilliamHiggins – Steve Peryoux & Tom Vojak


Data Released: Nov 22, 2014

Steve and Tom – FULL CONTACT

WankThis – Derek, Andrew & Matt Watson, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Derek and Andrew Double Penetrate Matt Watson.

UKHotJocks – JP Dubois & Bruno Bernal


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Boss.II, De-Briefing: JP Dubois, Bruno Bernal
Bruno has been called into JP`s grand looking office to discus a special assignment. It`s a hit and it`s big money, he hands him a gun and 10 grand, telling him ‘he`ll get the other half when the job is done`. It seems to be a deal, Bruno is on it. Though Bruno has other concerns, not about the job in hand. He`s heard rumours that some of the other guys have had their ‘private initiation` with JP when they join his organisation… and he feels as though he`s missed out. He`s flat out asking him for sex and JP doesn`t object in the slightest. They stand up and meet in a hot kiss over the old desk, the sunset streaming in through the window as they do so. …

Str8Hell – Arny Donan & Tibor Rysavy


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Arny and Tibor – DUTY BOUND

Arny Donan has Tibor Rysavy as a new slut, according to him, and he has him in a cage, shackled and gagged. Arny joins Tibor in the cage and starts to verbally torment him. He also uses his cat of nine tails pn Tibor as he continues to torment him. Then Arny pulls on Tibor’s nipples too, talking to him all the while. Arny then releases Tibor’s cock from its jockstrap, so it hangs down. He attaches some clamps as well, pulling on a nipple, before sucking on the other one. Then Arny drops down and uses his mouth to tease Tibor’s cock a little. He attaches the clamp to the foreskin and starts pulling on it, and then pulling on the balls as well. …

MasqueradeMen – Nick Cross & Marxel Rios, Flip-Flop


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Watch out for the little guys with big, uncut, pointed dicks! Marxel Rios learned his lesson when he paired up with Nick Cross for what he thought was going to be a 50/50 flip flop fuck. Sure, Nick seems like a pretty easy-going guy, but that all changed as soon as the clothes came off and he had easy access to Marxel`s pink hole. After some gentle screwing to loosen him up (Or was it to make him drop his guard?), Nick started pounding that sweet ass like he was making up for lost time. Of course, Marxel was up for whatever Nick wanted to do, including his too-brief top time with him, but he never expected what would blast out of that small body of Nick`s when he was finished… Super Soaker… Everywhere… Three times man! You gotta see this one.

HardKinks – Mikel Bosco & Aday Traun


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Fetish Pals: Mikel Bosco, Aday Traun

Two pals meets for a good fuck. For Mikel is the first time he will be dominated but can`t refuse to be tied up, forced to lick feet and spit and having an Alpha Male playing with his ass.

FuckerMate – Carlos Leao & Hugo Arias


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

A Fuckermate Welcome: Carlos Leao, Hugo Arias

It is our pleasure at to showcase our latest discovery Hugo. We knew Carlos would be the perfect mate to welcome this hot and horny boy. Hugo was so pleased to have such a huge piece of black meat all for himself. Carlos gave Hugo a lesson in how Brazilian mates play. It was hard domination and pure passion. Do not miss a second of this hot inter-racial encounter.

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