MEN (Super Gay Hero): Ex-Machina: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 2 (Paddy O’Brian, Sunny Colucci)


Data Released: Dec 1, 2016 (MEN (Super Gay Hero): Ex-Machina: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 2: Paddy O’Brian, Sunny Colucci)

With research at the facility in full-swing, it’s time for Griffin to observe two of the robots having sex while noting the believability and sensuality as compared to his experience with Jessy.

SeanCody: Jack, Sean: Bareback


Data Released: Dec 1, 2016 (SeanCody: Jack, Sean: Bareback)

Jack seems to get bigger and buffer every time we see him. “I’ve just become obsessed with lifting weights.” Sean definitely noticed too. He was shocked by the size of Jack’s muscles just as much as Jack was amazed at the size of Sean’s huge dick, so we knew they would have fun with each other. Of course, Jack wasn’t there for Sean’s dick…he was there to take control and ravage his hole! I think both parties were left satisfied given the amount of cum blown all over their bodies by the end of it all!

CorbinFisher: Nicholas Pumps Daniel (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 1, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Nicholas Pumps Daniel)

Seeing Nicholas’s tall and buff body, I immediately though about pairing those muscles with a tight, lean-bodied guy. The contrast made for some hot visuals when he was paired with Alex a bi-tag – but I wanted to see how he’d do one-on-one with just a lean and cock-hungry stud! Good thing we have Daniel around, as his love of getting fucked makes for a sexy and fun scene! That’s proven in the action here! Nicholas takes to Daniel well, and these two studs look hot as hell as Nicholas pounds Daniel’s hole. Daniel definitely feels the pressure. He moans, grunts, and yells out for more while Nicholas enjoys Daniel’s tight ass wrapped around his hard cock!

RawFuckClub: All About The Dick (Sean Duran, Fernando Esteban) (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 30, 2016 (RawFuckClub: All About The Dick: Sean Duran, Fernando Esteban)

Sean Duran loves dick. Big, thick, hard dick. But has Sean finally met his match in Latino Daddy Fernando Esteban’s massive uncut cock? The tatted up bottom has his hole stretched to the limit and finally submits completely to the merciless pounding and breeding by that huge dick.

NextDoorBuddies: Straight Therapy (Markie More, Blake Barnes)


Data Released: Dec 1, 2016 (NextDoorBuddies: Straight Therapy: Markie More, Blake Barnes)

Markie More is conflicted. Uncertain to males about his emotions towards his appeal, he is wanted out some skilled aid for his predicament. Counselor Blake Barnes has observed additional individuals with the issue of Markie, but none thus obvious and saturated in apparent refusal. Blake desires and suggests Markie must act-on more of his desires, and he understands how efficient his guidance is obtained, as Markie operates his palm up Blake’s leg and reaches out as he jots down several records. …

MenPOV: Boys Toys (Kevin Blaise, Zak Bishop)


Data Released: Nov 30, 2016 (MenPOV: Boys Toys: Kevin Blaise, Zak Bishop))

MaleReality: Gay Frathouse #03 (Ricky Boy, Todd)


Data Released: Dec 1, 2016 (MaleReality: Gay Frathouse #03: Ricky Boy, Todd)

KristenBjorn: Casting Couch #361 (Wilson Blanco, Salvador Mendoza) (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 30, 2016 (KristenBjorn: Casting Couch #361: Wilson Blanco, Salvador Mendoza)

Salvador Mendoza is home enjoying a good book when Wilson Blanco comes in the room with a better idea. Wilson leans in and begins to kiss Salvador tenderly and passionately. This immediately leads to throbbing hardon’s and sexy, naked bodies. Salvador moves in and swallows Wilson’s cock whole, choking on his long shaft, feeling it grow stronger and harder with every penetrating thrust down his throat. …

IconMale: It’s My First Time (Billie Ramos, Calvin Banks)


Data Released: Dec 1, 2016 (IconMale: It’s My First Time: Billie Ramos, Calvin Banks)

Calvin Banks is confused and curious about his sexuality, he has the biggest urge to fuck a guy for the first time. He decides he cannot contain himself any longer so he meets Billie Ramos, who he has been talking to online, at a hotel room to get down and dirty! He is extremely nervous but it doesn’t take long before Billie seduces him. They fuck each other’s tight assholes hard! Sucking each other’s thick rock hard cocks, till the two of them cum like never before!

HotHouse: Internal Specialists (Dorian Ferro, Woody Fox)


Data Released: Dec 1, 2016 (HotHouse: Internal Specialists: Dorian Ferro, Woody Fox)

Woody Fox visits Dr. Dorian Ferro for a routine physical so he can play baseball. ‘What position do you play?’ asks Dr. Ferro. ‘I’m a pitcher,’ Woody says with a wink and a smile, trying to get a rise out of his hot doctor who he expects plays for his ‘team’. Seeing just how far he can push his doctor fantasy, he continues to see if Dr. Ferro will bite. When Dr. Ferro has Woody drop trou to cup his balls, Woody’s cock swells and throbs. …


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