CorbinFisher – Harper Breaks In Lance, Bareback


Data Released: Sep 1, 2014

Not only is Lance armed with a thick and muscular build, but his cock is so thick and hot we were eager to see him driving it in to another guy’s ass as soon as possible. Lance showed himself to be quite the passionate, fun-loving stud in his first ACS action episode, and that just made us want to see him with a guy all the more. Thankfully, Lance agreed to give it a shot and it’s Harper who’s lucky enough to bottom for Lance in the action here. …

UKNakedMen – Raff Owen & Theo Ford


Data Released: Sep 1, 2014

Brand spanking new hottie – Raf Owen is up to his nuts in strapping stud – Theo Ford – as we act out Theo’s slip-sliding-sloppy-shiny oily fantasy. The stunningly, handsome masculine men get hands on, slathering each other with baby oil until they’re toned bodies are shining and glistening. The boys slide all over each other and of course play with each others slick, uncut cocks, sliding their shiny faces into each others hot, slippy bum holes and eating out each others tight holes. …

CorbinFisher – Tyler, Colt & Jamie’s Bi 3 Way, Bareback


Data Released: Sep 1, 2014

Why not spend some of your time this holiday weekend with Colt and Tyler in a bi threeway? Heck, Colt and Tyler couldn’t think of a better way to spend the long weekend than getting in to some fun with one another and a girl and fucking one another deep while at it! In a threeway like this, it’s just naked flesh all over the place, and every hole is primed to get plugged! Colt, in particular, gets his holes used plenty – not only does Tyler fuck him hard and fast, but even while Colt returning the favor he finds a big, thick dildo sliding in to his ass. …

Staxus – Billy Rubens, Paul Ryan, Tristan Wood, Bareback


Data Released: Sep 1, 2014

Staxus – Repair-Shop Threesome Results In A Spit-Roasting, Nut-Wrenching, Cum-Firing Service!

RagingStallion – Lawson Kane & Shawn Wolfe


Data Released: Sep 1, 2014

Want It Now : Lawson Kane, Shawn Wolfe

Lawson Kane, with his bulging pecs and giant uncut cock, is an embodiment of masculinity. With a bar through one nipple, a tat above the other, and a beard accenting his self-assured face, one look at Lawson lets you know that he can satisfy any craving. Hairy, eager Shawn Wolfe wastes no time, playing with Lawson’s nipples as their lips connect with explosive sexuality. Lawson’s hands are also all over Shawn: one stroking his furry chest, the other pleasuring his ass. Shawn deep-throats Lawson with primal intensity before giving him an equally enthusiastic rim job. …

BoysOnTheProwl – Alex Silvers, Deacon Hunter & Reece Bentley


Data Released: Sep 1, 2014

An Unlucky Victim Gets A Surprise: Alex Silvers, Deacon Hunter, Reece Bentley.

After being robbed young Alex is waiting for a friend when he gets an offer of cash and a lift from these guys. But we all know it comes at a price and within moments Deacon and Reece are getting him naked. With hard uncut cocks being wanked and sucked and the juice flowing, Alex hops on to take a ride and enjoy some cock, jumping from one hard dick to the other and ending up covered in cum! The poor boy becomes a victim for the second time in a day when they drive off and abandon him!

Alphamales – Adam Dacre & Aaron Steel


Data Released: Sep 1, 2014

Day jobs can be so boring. Imagine the surprise when site foreman Adam Dacre, enters an office to find sexy officer worker Aaron Steel on all fours, arse exposed and tied to a sofa. Begging him to untie him, Adam can’t help but take full advantage of his play mate! Getting on his knees Adam devours Aaron’s ass, getting his hole nice and wet ready for a fucking! With only Spit as lube the bound playmate can do little but submit.

ActiveDuty – Jake & Niko


Data Released: Aug 31, 2014

“It’s been a while,” Jake says to director Kaden, as our scene opens. It sure has. He last did a scene with us more than a year ago, and Kaden says that the viewers are “definitely” going to be glad to see him back in action. “I’d say so!” Jake agrees with Kaden, smiling. Kaden introduces Niko to Jake, saying how Niko’s the newbie of the two of them. Jake jokes about how Niko might need to be broken in. Kaden starts laughing, saying how Niko “doesn’t need to be broken in … he done broken in everybody! Everybody we could throw at him!” “Hey, that’s what I’m here for!” Niko says, laughing along with Kaden and Jake. Kaden says that he knows with these two guys, things are going to go great, so he’s not going to get in there way. “I’m excited!” …

BrokeStraightBoys – Ayden Troy & Romeo James


Data Released: Aug 31, 2014

Ayden Troy and Romeo James are paired up in this hot scene, and they’re willing to fuck and suck for some cash! These boys don’t mess around when it comes to sex, they’re ready to bust a nut any way they can!

LucioSaints – Arnau Vila & Lucio Saints


Data Released: Aug 24, 2014

Got Talent: Arnau Vila, Lucio Saints
Last week Arnau Vilá make his debut in a solo video with us and now he´s ready for a secon round where have to prove that he can also handle with a big cock, giving him a very an intense fuck make him swallow my cock so deep and stretch that hole like never before, demonstrating that Arnau has talent!

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